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Bob Pawlak's Award Winning 'Canyons' N-Trak Module
Micro-Trains' beginnings go back to when Kadee Quality Products first began producing an N-Scale version of their successful HO Magne-Matic knuckle coupler system. This coupler was superior to the ubiquitous 'Rapido' style coupler due to two primary factors: superior realistic appearance and the ability to automatically uncouple when stopped over a magnet embedded in a section of track. The success of these couplers in N-Scale quickly translated to the production of trucks, wheels and in 1972 a release of ready-to-run box cars.

Micro-Trains Line Co. split off from Kadee in 1990 to form a completely independent company. For this reason, products from this company can appear with labels from both enterprises. Due to the nature of production idiosyncrasies and various random factors, the rolling stock from Micro-Trains can have all sorts of interesting variations in both their packaging as well as the products themselves. When acquiring an MTL product it is very important to understand these important production variations that can affect the value of your purchase.

For an in-depth guide to the history and collecting information for Micro-Trains products, please consult our Micro-Trains History and Collector's Guide.

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N Scale - Micro-Trains - 88010 - Hopper, Open, 2-Bay, Offset Side, Peaked Notched End - Frisco - 90243

Model Type

Drill Down Show Me All Count
Autorack Autorack 77
Boxcar Boxcar 2064
Boxcar High Cube Boxcar High Cube 72
Boxcar Standard Steel Boxcar Standard Steel 169
Bridges Bridges 2
Buildings Buildings 67
Caboose Caboose 202
Container Car Container Car 14
Covered Hopper Covered Hopper 318
Details Details 1
Diesel Diesel 109
Display Display 7
Flatcar Flatcar 560
Freight Cars Freight Cars 183
Gondola Gondola 296
Grab Bag Grab Bag 5
Horse-Drawn Horse-Drawn 1
Intermodal Intermodal 38
Loads Loads 11
Log Car Log Car 64
Mixed Mixed 3
Mixed Freight Cars Mixed Freight Cars 1
Open Hopper Open Hopper 487
Passenger Passenger 324
Passenger Cars Passenger Cars 4
Reefer Reefer 491
Ship Ship 2
Steam Steam 15
Stock Car Stock Car 87
Tank Car Tank Car 334
Test Car Test Car 9
Trailer Trailer 68
Train Set Train Set 65
Wheels Wheels 3

Body Style

CodeBody StyleCollection Count