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N-Scale Model Trains

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N-Scale Train Modeling is a hobby concerned with the recreation, display and operation of railway equipment in miniature. N-Scale is sometimes also referred to as N-Gauge.

N-Scale is a group of similar dimensional relationships including (but not limited to) 1/160, 1/150 and 1/148. All share in common a railroad gauge of 9mm (0.354 in). The earliest model trains to use this scale were made by Lone Star in the United Kingdom in their OOO (Treble-O) line. Interestingly, the Lone Star models use a dimensional relationship of 1/152. The first models to use a 1/160 scale were made by Arnold of Germany in the 1960s. The most common dimensional relationship in the United States and Europe is 1/160. Japanese manufacturers make a mix of 1/150 and 1/160 products but for the most part use 1/150. Model manufacturers in the United Kingdom prefer 1/148.

When it comes to track, N Scale always uses a standard 9mm distance between the two rails. The track height, however, can vary. Common heights are 0.08 inches high (Code 80) and 0.055 inches (Code 55). For narrow gauge modelers, track is 6.5mm between the rails (Z-Scale), but the dimensional ratio of the models is still typically 1/160, 1/150 or 1/148.

Worldwide, N Scale is the second most popular model railroading Scale after HO, but in certain geographical regions (Japan in particular) it exceeds even HO in popularity.

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Body Style

CodeBody StyleCollection Count
ATL-ACC Atlas Accessories 3
ATL-ASSRT Atlas Body Style Assortment 2
ATL-AUTOART Atlas Autorack Articulated Carrier 52
ATL-BC-40ARA Atlas Boxcar 40 Foot ARA 1932 98
ATL-BC-40DD Atlas Boxcar 40 Foot Double Door 92
ATL-BC-40PLG Atlas Boxcar 40 Foot Plug Door 167
ATL-BC-40PS1 Atlas Boxcar 40 Foot PS-1 241
ATL-BC-40PS1-MASTER Atlas Boxcar 40 Foot PS-1 (Master) 158
ATL-BC-40SWS Atlas Boxcar 40 Foot USRA Single Wood Sheath 120
ATL-BC-40USRADWS Atlas Boxcar 40 Foot USRA Double Wood Sheath 88
ATL-BC-40USRASR Atlas Boxcar 40 Foot USRA Steel Rebuilt 97
ATL-BC-50-PD Atlas Boxcar 50 Foot Precision Design 128
ATL-BC-50ACF Atlas Boxcar 50 Foot ACF Single Door 104
ATL-BC-50DD Atlas Boxcar 50 Foot Freight Double Door 179
ATL-BC-50FGE Atlas Boxcar 50 Foot Fruit Growers 141
ATL-BC-50FMC-5077 Atlas Boxcar 50 Foot FMC 5077 60
ATL-BC-50FMC-5077-DBL Atlas Boxcar 50 Foot FMC 5077 Double Doors 19
ATL-BC-50NSCPLUG Atlas Boxcar 50 Foot NSC Plug Door 50
ATL-BC-50PLUG Atlas Boxcar 50 Foot Plug Door 10
ATL-BC-50SDT Atlas Boxcar 50 Foot Single Door 112
ATL-BC-53ET Atlas Boxcar 53 Foot Evans Dbl Plug Door 168
ATL-BC-60AP Atlas Boxcar 60 Foot Auto Parts 117
ATL-BC-85HC Atlas Boxcar 85 Foot Hi-Cube 4
ATL-BC-BX-177 Atlas Boxcar 62 Foot Insulated Bx-177 24
ATL-CAB-CNO Atlas Caboose Cupola C&O 151
ATL-CAB-CUP Atlas Caboose Cupola Standard 83
ATL-CAB-CUPE8 Atlas Caboose Cupola Offset 8-Window 234
ATL-CAB-CUPEXV Atlas Caboose Cupola Extended Vision 252
ATL-CAB-CUPNE5 Atlas Caboose Cupola NE-5 16
ATL-CAB-CUPNE6 Atlas Caboose Cupola NE-6 102
ATL-CH-2BAS Atlas Covered Hopper GATX Airslide 109
ATL-CH-2BCF Atlas Covered Hopper 2-Bay Centerflow 179
ATL-CH-2BPS2 Atlas Covered Hopper 2-Bay PS-2 239
ATL-CH-3B-PS2 Atlas Covered Hopper 3-Bay PS 2 21
ATL-CH-3B-THRALL Atlas Covered Hopper 3-Bay Thrall 4750 165
ATL-CH-3B3560 Atlas Covered Hopper 3-Bay ACF 3560 109
ATL-CH-4B5250 Atlas Covered Hopper 4-Bay ACF 5250 (Chinese Version) 116
ATL-CH-4B5250R Atlas Covered Hopper 4-Bay ACF 5250 (Austrian/US Version) 24
ATL-CH-4B5701 Atlas Covered Hopper 4-Bay ACF 5701 95
ATL-CH-4BACF5800 Atlas Covered Hopper 4-Bay ACF 5748/5800 17
ATL-CH-4BPACF Atlas Covered Hopper 4-Bay Pressureaide 93
ATL-CON-20-TRASH Atlas Container 20 Foot Trash 34
ATL-CON-40 Atlas Container 40 Foot Corrugated 31
ATL-CON-45 Atlas Container 45 Foot Corrugated 9
ATL-CON-53 Atlas Container 53 Foot Corrugated 9
ATL-DE-B237 Atlas Diesel Engine B23-7 173
ATL-DE-B307 Atlas Diesel Engine B30-7 64
ATL-DE-B367 Atlas Diesel Engine B36-7 23
ATL-DE-C420 Atlas Diesel Engine C-420 140
ATL-DE-C628 Atlas Diesel Engine C-628 134
ATL-DE-C630 Atlas Diesel Engine C-630 145
ATL-DE-DASH8-32 Atlas Diesel Engine Dash 8-32BHW 37
ATL-DE-DASH8-B Atlas Diesel Engine Dash 8-40B(W) 269
ATL-DE-DASH8-C Atlas Diesel Engine Dash 8-40C(W) 198
ATL-DE-F9 Atlas Diesel Engine F9 (A+B) 6
ATL-DE-FMCL Atlas Diesel Engine Fairbanks Morse C-Liner 10
ATL-DE-GP15-1 Atlas Diesel Engine GP15-1 71
ATL-DE-GP30 Atlas Diesel Engine GP30 177
ATL-DE-GP35 Atlas Diesel Engine GP35 213
ATL-DE-GP38 Atlas Diesel Engine GP38 271
ATL-DE-GP38-2 Atlas Diesel Engine GP38-2 260
ATL-DE-GP39-2 Atlas Diesel Engine GP39-2 22
ATL-DE-GP40 Atlas Diesel Engine GP40 243
ATL-DE-GP40-2 Atlas Diesel Engine GP40-2 118
ATL-DE-GP7 Atlas Diesel Engine GP7 303
ATL-DE-GP9 Atlas Diesel Engine GP9 285
ATL-DE-H1544 Atlas Diesel Engine H-15-44 74
ATL-DE-H1644 Atlas Diesel Engine H-16-44 156
ATL-DE-SD24 Atlas Diesel Engine SD24 135
ATL-DE-SD26 Atlas Diesel Engine SD26 46
ATL-DE-SD35 Atlas Diesel Engine SD35 237
ATL-DE-SD50 Atlas Diesel Engine SD50 134
ATL-DE-SD60 Atlas Diesel Engine SD60 328
ATL-DE-SD7 Atlas Diesel Engine SD7 77
ATL-DE-SD9 Atlas Diesel Engine SD9 143
ATL-DE-TMASTER Atlas Diesel Engine Trainmaster 169
ATL-DE-U23B Atlas Diesel Engine U23B 73
ATL-DE-U25B Atlas Diesel Engine U25B 176
ATL-DE-VO1K Atlas Diesel Engine VO-1000 208
ATL-DEDAVENPORT Atlas Diesel Engine Davenport Switcher 1
ATL-DERS-RS1 Atlas Diesel Road Switcher RS-1 128
ATL-DERS-RS11 Atlas Diesel Road Switcher RS-11 175
ATL-DERS-RS12 Atlas Diesel Road Switcher RSD-12 5
ATL-DERS-RS3 Atlas Diesel Road Switcher RS-3 156
ATL-DERS-RSC2 Atlas Diesel Road Switcher RSC-2 5
ATL-DERS-RSD45 Atlas Diesel Road Switcher RSD-4/5 48
ATL-DES-MP15 Atlas Diesel Switcher MP15 301
ATL-DES-PWDT-ROCO Atlas Diesel Switcher Plymouth WDT 5
ATL-DES-S2 Atlas Diesel Switcher S2 126
ATL-FC-42PW Atlas Flatcar 42 Foot Pulpwood 67
ATL-FC-502TOFC Atlas Flatcar 50 Foot TOFC 148
ATL-FC-50FB Atlas Flatcar 50 Foot with Stakes 94
ATL-FC-85TR Atlas Flatcar 85 Foot Trash 69
ATL-FC-89TOFC Atlas Flatcar 89 Foot 4 Inch Intermodal ACF 97
ATL-FC-FRUNNER Atlas Flatcar Front Runner 6
ATL-FC55CON Atlas Flatcar 55 Foot Container 4
ATL-GN-THRALL Atlas Gondola 52 Foot Thrall 2743 113
ATL-GON-42 Atlas Gondola 42 Foot 92
ATL-GON-52EVANS Atlas Gondola 52 Foot Evans 138
ATL-GON-BTCV Atlas Gondola Bathtub Coalveyor 59
ATL-GON-COIL Atlas Gondola Coil Steel 124
ATL-OH-2B-55T Atlas Open Hopper 2-Bay 55 Ton Fishbelly 190
ATL-OH-2BOS Atlas Open Hopper 2-Bay Offset Flat Ends 186
ATL-OH-2BOSPE Atlas Open Hopper 2-Bay Offset Peaked End 22
ATL-OH-3B-PS Atlas Open Hopper 3-Bay PS 2750/2960 74
ATL-OH-90T Atlas Open Hopper 3-Bay 90 Ton 450
ATL-OH-BA70T Atlas Open Hopper Ballast 70 Ton 64
ATL-OH-ORE70T Atlas Open Hopper Ore Car 70 Ton 264
ATL-PA-60ACF-ASET Atlas Passenger Car ACF 60 Foot Box Set 5
ATL-PA-60ACF-BA Atlas Passenger Car ACF 60 Foot Baggage 11
ATL-PA-60ACF-CO Atlas Passenger Car ACF 60 Foot Coach 21
ATL-PA-60ACF-COM Atlas Passenger Car ACF 60 Foot Combine 6
ATL-PA-60ACF-OBS Atlas Passenger Car ACF 60 Foot Observation 6
ATL-PA-60ACF-RPO Atlas Passenger Car ACF 60 Foot RPO 11
ATL-RE-40WS Atlas Reefer 40 Foot Wood Side 240
ATL-RE-50PDM Atlas Reefer 50 Foot Plug Door Mechanical 94
ATL-SC-40 Atlas Stock Car 40 Foot 23
ATL-SC-50 Atlas Stock Car 50 Foot 38
ATL-SC-85HC Atlas Stock Car 85 Foot HiCube 4
ATL-SCENIC-ACC Atlas Scenic Accessory 2
ATL-ST-260M Atlas Steam Engine 2-6-0 Mogul 20
ATL-ST-2882M Atlas Steam Engine 2-8-8-2 USRA Mallet 10
ATL-ST-440A Atlas Steam Engine 4-4-0 American 19
ATL-ST-462PAC Atlas Steam Engine 4-6-2 Pacific 4
ATL-STEAM-SHAY Atlas Steam Engine Two Truck Shay 21
ATL-STRUCT Atlas Structure 5
ATL-STRUCT-HIGH Atlas Structure Hi-Rise 7
ATL-STRUCT-RH Atlas Structure Roundhouse 1
ATL-TC-11KLPG Atlas Tank Car 11,000 Gallon LPG 158
ATL-TC-14KKAO Atlas Tank Car 14,000 Gallon Kaolin 100
ATL-TC-173K Atlas Tank Car 17,360 Gallon 110
ATL-TC-176 Atlas Tank Car 17,600 G Trinity Corn Syrup 124
ATL-TC-255K Atlas Tank Car Trinity 25,500 Gallon 114
ATL-TC-33KLPG Atlas Tank Car 33K, LPG 73
ATL-TC-BCS Atlas Tank Car Beer Can Shorty 177
ATL-TC-VIN Atlas Tank Car 57 Foot Vinegar 4
ATL-TC207K Atlas Tank Car 20,700 Gallon 63
ATL-TC235K Atlas Tank Car 23,500 Gallon 119
ATL-TC94WB Atlas Tank Car 94 Foot Whale Belly 4
ATL-TRACK55 Atlas Track Code 55 51
ATL-TRACK65 Atlas Track True-Track 23
ATL-TRACK80 Atlas Track Code 80 44
ATL-TRAINSET Atlas Train Set 16
ATL-TT Atlas Turntable 2
ATL-VEH-FORD-EXPLORER Atlas Vehicle Automobile Ford Explorer SUV 1993 22
ATL-VEH-FORD-FAIRMONT Atlas Vehicle Automobile Ford Fairmont 1978 26
ATL-VEH-FORD-TAURUS Atlas Vehicle Automobile Ford Taurus 1996 14
ATL-VEH-T-F100 Atlas Vehicle Truck Ford F-100 Pickup Truck 20
ATL-VEH-T-F150 Atlas Vehicle Truck Ford F-150 Pickup Truck Super Cab 1997 39
ATL-VEH-TR24 Atlas Vehicle Trailer 24 Foot 10
ATL-VEH-TR40 Atlas Vehicle Trailer 40 Foot 9
ATL-VEH-TR45 Atlas Vehicle Trailer 45 Foot Pines 141
ATL-VEH-TR48 Atlas Vehicle Trailer 48 Foot Pines 46
ATL-VH-TRK-FORD-LNT9000 Atlas Ford Vehicle Truck Ford LNT 9000 Tractor Cab 34
BLM-CH-3B-3500DRYFLO BLMA Covered Hopper 3-Bay Dry-Flo 3500 18
BLM-CH-3B-PS4000 BLMA Covered Hopper 3-Bay PS-2 4000 17
BLM-CH-5B5660 BLMA Covered Hopper 5-Bay Trinity 5660 PD 43
BLM-FC-60GS BLMA Flatcar 60 Foot General Service 24
BLM-GON-52ACF BLMA Gondola 52 Foot ACF 70 Ton 17
BLM-GON-BATG BLMA Gondola Bathtub TopGon 38
BLM-RE-64TRINITY BLMA Reefer, 64 Foot, Trinity 22
BLM-SCENIC BLMA Scenic Accessories 1
BLM-TC-31KCO BLMA Tank Car TrinityRail 31K Crude Oil 48
CON-DE-E8 Con-Cor Diesel Engine E8 5
MEH-DE-GP40 Mehano Diesel Engine GP40 5
MEH-DE-SD45 Mehano Diesel Engine SD45 4
MEH-DES-PWDT Mehano Diesel Switcher Plymouth WDT 4
MOT-ACC Model Tech Studios Accessories 6
RIV-BC-40STEEL Rivarossi Boxcar 40 Foot Steel 8
RIV-CAB-BAY Rivarossi Caboose Bay Window 9
RIV-DES-SW1500 Rivarossi Diesel Switcher SW-1500/1200 10
RIV-FC-40ST Rivarossi Flatcar 40 Foot with Stakes 4
RIV-GON-42 Rivarossi Gondola 42 Foot 7
RIV-OH-4BOS Rivarossi Open Hopper 4-Bay Offset Side 4
RIV-PA-COST-CO Rivarossi Passenger Corrugated Coach 3
RIV-PA-COST-COM Rivarossi Passenger Corrugated Combine 3
RIV-PA-COST-OBS Rivarossi Passenger Corrugated Observation 3
RIV-PA-HWCOM Rivarossi Passenger Heavyweight Combine 3
RIV-PA-HWDIN Rivarossi Passenger Heavyweight Diner 3
RIV-PA-HWOBS Rivarossi Passenger Heavyweight Observation 3
RIV-PA-HWSL Rivarossi Passenger Heavyweight 12-1 Pullman Sleeper 3
RIV-PA-SS-COM Rivarossi Passenger Smoothside Combine 3
RIV-PA-SS-OBS Rivarossi Passenger Smoothside Observation 3
RIV-PA-SS-SL Rivarossi Passenger Smoothside Pullman Sleeper 10-6 3
RIV-RE-40STEEL Rivarossi Reefer 40 Foot Steel 8
RIV-SC-40DES Rivarossi Stock Car 40 Foot Despatch 8
RIV-ST-040 Rivarossi Steam Engine 0-4-0 1
RIV-ST-080SHUNT Rivarossi Steam Engine 0-8-0 Shunter 2
RIV-ST-282MIK Rivarossi Steam Engine 2-8-2 Mikado 1
RIV-TC-40CHEM Rivarossi Tank Car 40 Foot Chemical 4
ROC-AUT-TRI Roco Autorack Tri-Level Open 4
ROC-BC-40PS1 Roco Boxcar 40 Foot PS-1 7
ROC-BC-40STDD Roco Boxcar 40 Foot Steel Double Door 4
ROC-BC-50DD-ATLAS Roco Boxcar 50 Foot Double Door Atlas Version 4
ROC-CAB-CUPE6 Roco Caboose Cupola Offset 6-Window 4
ROC-CH-3B-PS2-ATLAS Roco Covered Hopper 3-Bay PS 2 (Atlas Version) 5
ROC-DE-E7 Roco Diesel Engine E7 9
ROC-DE-FA1 Roco Diesel Engine FA-1 10
ROC-FC-40BH Roco Flatcar 40 Foot Bulkhead 2
ROC-FC-50DE Roco Flatcar 50 Foot Depressed Center 2
ROC-FC-60LOG Roco Flatcar 60 Foot Bulkhead Log 4
ROC-GON-40-BRACED Roco Gondola 40 Foot Outside Braced 4
ROC-OH-2BRS Roco Open Hopper 2-Bay Ribside 5
ROC-RE-40STPLUG Roco Reefer 40 Foot Steel with Plug Door 4
ROC-RE-50MECH-ATLAS Roco Reefer 50 Foot Plug Door Mechanical (Atlas) 5
ROC-SC-40CAT Roco Stock Car 40 Foot Cattle 4
ROC-ST-060-SDL-TNK Roco Steam Engine 0-6-0 Saddle Tank 1
ROC-ST-060-TANK Roco Steam Engine 0-6-0 Tank 1
ROC-TC-33LPG Roco Tank Car 33K Gal LPG 3
ROC-TC-3DSTD Roco Tank Car 3-Dome 7
ROC-TC-HELIUM Roco Tank Car 40 Foot Helium 4
ROC-TC-SD-ATLAS Roco Tank Car Single Dome Atlas 4
TMX-TRACKCLEAN Tomix Track Cleaning Car 4
WAL-MOW-SNOW Walthers MOW Russell Snow Plow 8