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Vehicles of all kinds

Vehicles of all kinds. This list includes planes, trains automobiles, ships and equipment related to transportation such as trailers and containers.

Total items in collection: 559. Total items on page 16

ImageGallery Name Manufacturer Region Era ID
Aircraft, Propeller, Junkers Ju-52 Junkers Europe Epoch II (1920-1945) 141629
Boxcar, 2-Axle, Wood-Sheathed Various Europe Epoch II (1920-1945) 141664
Locomotive, Diesel, WR 360 Various Europe Epoch II (1920-1945) 149162
Locomotive, Electric, E44 Various Europe Epoch II (1920-1945) 148777
Passenger Car, DRG, Hechtwagen Pike Car Various Europe Epoch II (1920-1945) 147860
Passenger Train, Diesel, SVT 137 155 Various Europe Epoch II (1920-1945) 146620
Railcar, Diesel, Renault ABJ Renault Europe Epoch II (1920-1945) 143877
Railcar, Electric, ET 91 Various Europe Epoch II (1920-1945) 144509
Railcar, Propeller, Rail Zeppelin Various Europe Epoch II (1920-1945) 146458
Railway Gun, Krupp K5 Krupp Europe Epoch II (1920-1945) 144832
Tank Car, Wine Barrel Various Europe Epoch II (1920-1945) 150025
Open Hopper, 2-Bay, Offset Side Various North America Epoch II (1920-1945) 144495
Open Hopper, 2-Bay, Offset Side, Arch End Various North America Epoch II (1920-1945) 141826
Open Hopper, 2-Bay, Rib Side, Arch End Various North America Epoch II (1920-1945) 146613
Railcar, Diesel, Budd RDC Budd North America Epoch II (1920-1945) 144872
Railcar, Gasoline, Galloping Goose Rio Grande Southern North America Epoch II (1920-1945) 146330