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N Scale - Lemke - H 23504 - Maintenance of Way, Track Maintenance, Ballast Tamper, Plasser & Theurer, Duomatic, 07-32 - Deutsche Reichsbahn (East Germany)

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N Scale - Lemke - H 23504 - Maintenance of Way, Track Maintenance, Ballast Tamper, Plasser & Theurer, Duomatic, 07-32 - Deutsche Reichsbahn (East Germany)

Stock Number H 23504
Original Retail Price $191.00
Brand Lemke
Manufacturer Hobbytrain
Body Style Hobbytrain Plasser & Theurer 07-32 Tamper
Prototype Description Maintenance of Way, Track Maintenance, Ballast Tamper, Plasser & Theurer, Duomatic, 07-32
Road or Company Name Deutsche Reichsbahn (East Germany) (Details)
Reporting Marks DR
Paint Color(s) Blue
Coupler Type Rapido Hook
Wheel Type Chemically Blackened Metal
Wheel Profile Deep Flange
DCC Readiness No
Release Date 2012-03-01
Item Category Passenger Trains
Model Type Maintenance of Way Equipment
Model Subtype Track Maintenance Ballast Tamper
Model Variety Plasser & Theurer Duomatic 07-32

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Model Information: Maintenance of Way Plasser & Theurer Duomatic 07-32 Multiple Tie Ballast Tamper. Factory assembled and decorated, with non-operating ballast tamper mechanisms, these models are motorized and unlit.

Although the German firm Lemke has partnered with Kato to produce European train models under the brand name Hobbytrain, the N-Scale Plasser & Theurer Duomatic 07-32 Ballast Tampers were not manufactured by Kato.

Prototype Description: As they travel, trains generate enormous forces that will eventually change track geometry, which compromises both safety and ride comfort. To overcome this eventuality, the Austrian firm, Plasser & Theurer, developed its line of mechanized, hydraulic, measuring, track laying and railway maintenance of way leveling, lifting, lining and tamping machines.

Designed to produce stable road bed, using a squeezing movement, ballast tamping machines such as the Plasser & Theurer Duomatic, 07-32 utilize vibrating tamping tines to pack ballast underneath existing ties or sleepers.

Viewable here, Plasser & Theurer has produced a fascinating promotional video of one of the firm's Dynamic Tamping Express 09-4X railway maintenance machines in action.

Additional information can be garnered from the official Plasser & Theurer website.

Road Name History:
From 1949, the new governments assumed authority for railway operations. The DRG's (or DR's) successors were named Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB, German Federal Railways) in West Germany, and Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR, German State Railways) in East Germany kept the old name to hold tracking rights in western Berlin.

Unlike the DRG, which was a corporation, both the DB and the DR were federal state institutions, directly controlled by their respective transportation ministries. Railway service between East and West was restricted; there were around five well-controlled and secure checkpoints between West and East Germany, and about the same number between East Germany and West Berlin. Four transit routes existed between West Germany and West Berlin; citizens of West Berlin and West Germany were able to use these without too much harassment by the East German authorities.

The DB started in 1968 with changing the locomotive and passenger car serial numbers to the UIC norm. In 1970 the DR followed. The DB started experimenting with the Intercity trains in a new livery (bright orange).

From Wikipedia

Brand/Importer Information:
Wolfgang Lemke GmbH is located in the city of Haan in the Rehinland region of Germany. They produce models in HO, N and TT scales. Their range includes rolling stock, locomotives and vehicles including specialty models such as World War II rail guns and Maintenance of Way equipment.

Lemke also has an extensive marketing/importing arrangement with Kato. They also own the manufacturing firm Hobbytrain which they purchased.

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