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Name Year ImageURL Edition Size Series Edition Type Type ID
Hemingway199225000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31681
Lorenzo de Medici19924810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31680
Agatha Christie19934810Writers Editions4810Fountain Pen31687
Agatha Christie199330000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31684
Imperial Dragon1993888Asia Editions888Fountain Pen31691
Imperial Dragon19935000Asia EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31688
Octavian19934810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31683
Louis XIV19944810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31692
Oscar Wilde199420000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31693
Prince Regent1995888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31697
Prince Regent19954810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31696
Voltaire199515000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31698
Alexandre Dumas199620000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31701
Semiramis1996888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31704
Semiramis19964810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31705
Catherine the Great1997888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31708
Catherine the Great19974810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31709
Fyodor M. Dostoevski199717000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31710
Peter the Great1997888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31706
Peter the Great19974810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31707
Alexander the Great1998888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31714
Alexander the Great19984810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31715
Edgar Allen Poe199817000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31716
Friedrich the Great1999888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31719
Friedrich the Great19994810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31720
Marcel Proust199921000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31721
Friedrich Schiller200018000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31727
Karl der Grosse2000888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31725
Karl der Grosse20004810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31726
Year of the Golden Dragon2000888Asia Editions888Fountain Pen31724
Year of the Golden Dragon20002000Asia EditionsLimitedFountain Pen90548
Charles Dickens200118000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31732
Marquise de Pompadour2001888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31730
Marquise de Pompadour20014810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31731
Sakura2001333Asia EditionsLimitedFountain Pen90547
Andrew Carnegie20024Patron of ArtDiamondFountain Pen31739
Andrew Carnegie20024Patron of ArtRubyFountain Pen31737
Andrew Carnegie20024Patron of ArtSapphireFountain Pen31738
Andrew Carnegie2002888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31735
Andrew Carnegie20024810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31736
F. Scott Fitzgerald200218500Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31740
Sakura20028Asia EditionsLimitedFountain Pen90546
Jules Verne200318500Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31748
Nicolaus Copernicus2003888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31743
Nicolaus Copernicus20034810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31744
Nicolaus Copernicus (Diamond)20033Patron of ArtDiamondFountain Pen31747
Nicolaus Copernicus (Ruby)20033Patron of ArtRubyFountain Pen31745
Nicolaus Copernicus (Sapphire)20033Patron of ArtSapphireFountain Pen31746
Franz Kafka200418500Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31751
J.P. Morgan20048Patron of Art8Fountain Pen31755
J.P. Morgan2004888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31754
J.P. Morgan20044810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31756
Magical Black Widow20043Skeleton3Fountain Pen31757
Magical Black Widow20048Skeleton8Fountain Pen31758
Magical Black Widow200488Skeleton88Fountain Pen31759
Cervantes200517000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31762
Pope Julius II2005888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31760
Pope Julius II20054810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31761
Sir Henry Tate2006888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31766
Sir Henry Tate20064810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31765
Virginia Woolf200620000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31767
Alexander Von Humboldt2007888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31770
Alexander Von Humboldt20074810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31771
William Faulkner200720000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31772
Francois I2008888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31775
Francois I20084810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31776
George Bernard Shaw200820000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31777
Max Von Oppenheim2009888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31780
Max Von Oppenheim20094810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31781
Thomas Mann200915000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31782
Elizabeth I2010888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31786
Elizabeth I20104810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31787
Mark Twain201012000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31788
Carlo Collodi201115000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31794
Gaius Maecenas2011888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31792
Gaius Maecenas20114810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31793
Alfred Hitchcock20123000Great CharactersLimitedFountain Pen80371
Jonathan Swift201212800Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31800
Joseph II2012888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31798
Joseph II20124810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31799
Albert Einstein201399Great CharactersLimitedFountain Pen79916
Albert Einstein20133000Great CharactersLimitedFountain Pen79917
Honore de Balzac201311800Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31805
Leonardo da Vinci20133000Great CharactersLimitedFountain Pen80178
Ludovico Sforza Duke of Milan2013888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31803
Ludovico Sforza Duke of Milan20134810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31804
Daniel Defoe201420000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen31811
Henry E. Steinway2014888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31809
Henry E. Steinway20144810Patron of Art4810Fountain Pen31810
Andy Warhol2015100Great CharactersLimitedFountain Pen80177
Andy Warhol20151928Great CharactersLimitedFountain Pen80176
John F. Kennedy201583Great CharactersLimitedFountain Pen79933
John F. Kennedy20151917Great CharactersLimitedFountain Pen79931
John F. Kennedy (Lapis)20153Great CharactersLapisFountain Pen79936
John F. Kennedy (Stone)20153Great CharactersStoneFountain Pen79935
John F. Kennedy (Wood)20153Great CharactersWoodFountain Pen79934
Leo Tolstoy20151868Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen79915
Leo Tolstoy20159000Writers EditionsLimitedFountain Pen79911
Luciano Pavarotti201598Patron of Art98Fountain Pen31815
Luciano Pavarotti2015888Patron of Art888Fountain Pen31814
Total items in selection (/database): 121 (/183) - Showing: 1 - 100 - Pages:
Items 1 - 100
Items 101 - 121
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