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Axis & Allies Air Force

Angels 20 and Bandits High

On February 21, 2012 Wizards of the Coast released the latest Axis & Allies collectible miniatures game, Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures: Angels 20. The Angels 20 set has both a starter as well as boosters. The starter is essential as it contains the rules, maps, and everything required to start playing.

In 2013, WotC released an expansion for Angels 20, called Bandits High. This expansion introduced the IL-2 and Ju-87. This expansion had more of a Pacific theme and therefore introduced many Japanese and American models. Australian, Polish and Canadian models were also introduced in thise set.

As with all the Axis & Allies miniatures games, production was halted due to rising labor costs in China.
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SetID ID Name Pilot Nation Type Points Model Image MarketData ID
Angels 20 1 A6M2 Zeke Veteran Japan LR Naval Fighter 37 35166
Angels 20 5 Bf109F Friedrich Veteran Germany Fighter 38 35170
Angels 20 11 Channel Front Fw190A Veteran Germany Fighter 55 35176
Angels 20 12 Expeditionary C.200 Saetta Veteran Italy Fighter 23 35177
Angels 20 14 Guards Yak-I Veteran Russia Fighter 37 35179
Angels 20 19 Kosciuszko Hurricane Mk I Veteran UK Fighter 31 35184
Angels 20 21 Ms.406 Matimaha Veteran Finland Fighter 31 35186
Angels 20 23 Navy F4F-3 Wildcat Veteran USA Naval Fighter 39 35188
Angels 20 25 P-40C Flying Tiger Veteran China Fighter 42 35190
Angels 20 29 Typhoon Interceptor Veteran UK LR Fighter 43 35194
Bandits High 8 F4U-1 USMC Corsair Veteran United States Fighter 57 35204
Bandits High 12 Fw190D Dora Veteran Germany Fighter 53 35208
Bandits High 17 Ki-43 Oscar Veteran Japan LR Fighter 29 35213
Bandits High 18 Ki-44 Tojo Veteran Japan Fighter 42 35214
Bandits High 21 Ms.406 Veteran Veteran France Fighter 24 35217
Bandits High 24 P-39 Lend-Lease Veteran Soviet Union Fighter 39 35220
Bandits High 26 P-51D Mustang Veteran United States LR Fighter 48 35222
Bandits High 27 Re.2001 Falco II Veteran Italy Fighter 33 35223
Bandits High 29 Spitfire F. Mk IX Interceptor Veteran United Kingdom Fighter 50 35225