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Companies and other entities involved in Transportation

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Company Logo Company Name Country Category ID
4-Aces CitrusUnited StatesFood Products207426
7 UpUnited StatesFood Products208485
A&W Root BeerUnited StatesFood Products166265
A.1. Steak SauceUnited KingdomFood Products209271
A.E. StaleyUnited StatesFood Products135255
No ImageAbbotts DairiesUnited StatesFood Products137872
No ImageAbe's Split Rail Root BeerUnited StatesFood Products143875
No ImageAbraham Bros PackingFood Products136611
No ImageAdams & SonFood Products135264
AG ProcessingUnited StatesFood Products136434
No ImageAgar PackingFood Products135266
AgwayFood Products136613
No ImageAlbert City FarmersFood Products136617
No ImageAlderney DairyFood Products136619
No ImageAlfred PackerUnited StatesFood Products153303
No ImageAllen PackingFood Products135280
Allied MillsUnited StatesFood Products135283
AmaizoUnited StatesFood Products135290
Amber MillingFood Products135291
American Beef Packers Inc.United StatesFood Products136435
American Cranberry ExchangeUnited StatesFood Products136385
American Maize ProductsUnited StatesFood Products137266
Archer Daniels MidlandUnited StatesFood Products135319
Armour and CompanyFood Products135324
Arthur Farmers Elev. CoUnited StatesFood Products159498
No ImageAsco MilkFood Products135329
Atlantic & Pacific (Food)United StatesFood Products135335
Aurora CooperativeUnited StatesFood Products154227
AZ-KempenGermanyFood Products147077
Baker's ChocolateUnited StatesFood Products136369
Banner DairiesUnited StatesFood Products171962
Bautz'nerGermanyFood Products185459
Bay State MillingUnited StatesFood Products136656
BazookaUnited StatesFood Products135355
No ImageBellows Falls CreameryFood Products136371
No ImageBertrand Coop ExchangeUnited StatesFood Products143035
No ImageBest FoodsFood Products136664
No ImageBlack Hills PackingFood Products135370
Blue GooseFood Products135381
Bookey Packing CoUnited StatesFood Products166689
No ImageBoone Valley CoopUnited StatesFood Products158865
No ImageBoote's HatcheriesUnited StatesFood Products136447
Borden's Farm ProductsUnited StatesFood Products135384
Bowman Dairy CompanyUnited StatesFood Products135387
Brach's CandyUnited StatesFood Products136682
Brooklyn BreweryUnited StatesFood Products213671
Bubba Gump ShrimpUnited StatesFood Products203754
B├╝hler-HofGermanyFood Products163601
No ImageC.F. SimoninUnited StatesFood Products141635
No ImageCalifornia Fruit ExpressUnited StatesFood Products137893
No ImageCalifornia Fruit GrowersUnited StatesFood Products213995
Canada DryCanadaFood Products136709
Canada MaltingCanadaFood Products155068
No ImageCanadian DoughnutFood Products135411
CargillUnited StatesFood Products135425
Carnation MilkFood Products135427
No ImageCentral SoyaFood Products135437
No ImageChas Wolff PackingUnited StatesFood Products136455
Chiquita Brands InternationalSwitzerlandFood Products171142
CHSUnited StatesFood Products135463
No ImageCincinnati AbattoirFood Products135465
No ImageClicquot Club Ginger AleFood Products136740
Coca-ColaUnited StatesFood Products137909
No ImageCollege InnFood Products136743
No ImageColumbia Grain GrowersFood Products135489
No ImageColumbia SoupsFood Products136744
ConAgra FoodsUnited StatesFood Products136750
ConAgra MillsUnited StatesFood Products136751
No ImageConsolidated Dressed BeefFood Products135502
Consolidated Grain and BargeUnited StatesFood Products153352
No ImageConsumers DairyFood Products135505
No ImageContinental BakingFood Products135506
Continental GrainUnited StatesFood Products146640
Corn ProductsUnited StatesFood Products135512
No ImageCorn SweetenersFood Products135513
Cracker JackUnited StatesFood Products177171
No ImageCriscoFood Products136758
No ImageCross Bros. Meat PackersFood Products135520
Cudahy Refrigerator LineUnited StatesFood Products136464
Curtiss CandyUnited StatesFood Products179173
Custom CutsUnited StatesFood Products212701
Dad's Root BeerUnited StatesFood Products136380
No ImageDairy QueenFood Products136767
No ImageDairy Shippers DespatchFood Products136769
No ImageDairymen's LeagueFood Products135526
DarigoldUnited StatesFood Products203755
Dave's Coffee ShopUnited StatesFood Products138688
Decker Meat Refrigerator LineUnited StatesFood Products136465
Del Monte FoodsUnited StatesFood Products149155
No ImageDependable Feed ServicesFood Products136781
Deseret Hive SupplyUnited StatesFood Products145395
No ImageDiamond SugarFood Products136786
No ImageDingfelder and BalishUnited StatesFood Products163321
No ImageDominion SugarFood Products135561
Domino FoodsUnited StatesFood Products135562
Domino's PizzaUnited StatesFood Products138680
Dorman Cheese Co.United StatesFood Products171964
Dr. OetkerGermanyFood Products205255
Dubuque PackingFood Products135569
No ImageEastern States Farmers ExchangeFood Products136469
Total items in selection (/database): 307 (/4630) - Showing: 1 - 100 - Pages:
Items 1 - 100
Items 101 - 200
Items 201 - 300
Items 301 - 307
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