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N Scale Model Trains Database

Engines, Rolling Stock, Structures, and Accessories

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Total items in database: 91860. Total items on page 51.

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First Image Brand Stock Number Road or Company Name Reporting Marks Road or Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
JL Innovative 120 Commercial Structures Hubermill Warehouse Structure, Building, Commercial, Industrial, Warehouse $28.95 E:$20.79 182242
JL Innovative 140 Commercial Structures LaBosky's Auto Repair Structure, Building, Commercial, Auto Repair Shop $21.95 E:$18.85 182243
JL Innovative 190 Commercial Structures Brookside Icehouse Structure, Building, Commercial, Railroad, Icehouse $29.95 182238
JL Innovative 2001 Undecorated Heavy Duty A-4 Speeder & Crew Car Equipment, MOW, Speeder, Crew Car $10.95 182265
JL Innovative 2007 Undecorated Crawler with Blade and Canopy Vehicle, Truck, Construction, Crawler $10.95 182257
JL Innovative 2008 Undecorated Crawler with Side Boom - Railroad Wrecking Crane Vehicle, Truck, MOW, Railroad, Crane $13.95 182256
JL Innovative 2009 Undecorated Compressor - Generator Trailer with HY-Rail Wheels Equipment, MOW, Generator Trailer $7.49 182264
JL Innovative 2010 Undecorated Crane Boom Equipment, MOW, Crane Boom $8.49 182321
JL Innovative 2011 Undecorated Kershaw Tie Crane & Tie Car Equipment, MOW, Tie Crane $12.49 182266
JL Innovative 2012 Undecorated Fairmont Tie Cart Equipment, MOW, Tie Cart $6.49 182273
JL Innovative 2013 Undecorated Fairmont Derrick Crane Equipment, MOW, Utility Crane $5.95 182271
JL Innovative 2014 Undecorated Track Inspection Car Velocipede Equipment, MOW, Inspection Car $5.95 182275
JL Innovative 2021 Undecorated MOW Utility Crane Equipment, MOW, Utility Crane $11.49 182267
JL Innovative 2031 Undecorated Box Van High Rail Inspection Equipment, MOW, Inspection Van $13.95 182269
JL Innovative 2041 Undecorated Burro Crane Equipment, MOW, Utility Crane $18.95 182270
JL Innovative 2042 Undecorated Bucket Hook and Magnet Equipment, MOW, Bucket Hook and Magnet $4.95 182320
JL Innovative 2043 Undecorated Dragline Bucket/Wrecking Ball/Grapple Equipment, MOW, Dragline Bucket,Wrecking Ball,Grapple $5.95 182319
JL Innovative 2051 Undecorated Swingmaster with Loading Bucket Equipment, MOW, Swingmaster $14.95 182274
JL Innovative 2061 Undecorated Bantam Excavator Truck Vehicle, Truck, Construction, Excavator $12.95 182261
JL Innovative 2071 Undecorated American High Cab Dragline Crane Vehicle, Truck, MOW, Railroad, Crane $18.95 182259
JL Innovative 2081 Undecorated MOW Gondola Crane Equipment, MOW, Tie Crane $13.49 182272
JL Innovative 2091 Undecorated Bantam Dragline Crane Vehicle, Truck, MOW, Railroad, Crane $16.95 182260
JL Innovative 210 Commercial Structures Woody's Structure, Building, Commercial, Bar, Pub $32.95 E:$24.79 182249
JL Innovative 2101 Undecorated 100 Ton Electra-Haul Mine Truck Vehicle, Truck, Mining, 100 Ton $21.95 182251
JL Innovative 2111 Undecorated Euclid Mine Dump Truck Vehicle, Truck, Construction, Dump $13.49 182254
JL Innovative 2121 Undecorated Bucyrus Excavator Shovel Vehicle, Truck, Construction, Excavator $17.95 182253
JL Innovative 2131 Undecorated Hydraulic High Rail MOW Crane Equipment, MOW, Utility Crane $11.95 182268
JL Innovative 2141 Railroad Structures Railroad Yard Detail Set Structure, Building, Railroad, Yard Details $10.49 182250
JL Innovative 2151 Railroad Structures Railroad Mainline Detail Set Structure, Building, Railroad, Mainline Details $9.49 182262
JL Innovative 2161 Undecorated Bantam Backhoe Excavator Vehicle, Truck, Construction, Excavator $12.49 182252
JL Innovative 2171 Undecorated Euclid Tank Truck Vehicle, Truck, Construction, Tank $13.49 182255
JL Innovative 2181 Painted/Unlettered Gas Station Detail Set 20-Pack Accessory. Gas Station Details $11.95 182291
JL Innovative 2191 Painted/Unlettered Soda Machine Set 8-Pack Accessory. Soda Machine, Vending $9.49 182289
JL Innovative 2192 Undecorated Recreational Detail Set 10-Pack Accessory. Recreational, Boat, Snowmobile, Lawn Mower $8.49 182296
JL Innovative 225 Commercial Structures Telephone Pole Billboard Structure, Signage, Billboard $8.49 182263
JL Innovative 240 Railroad Structures Avon St. Elevated Crossing Gate Tower Structure, Building, Railroad Tower $19.95 182237
JL Innovative 260 Railroad Structures East Junction Section House Structure, Building, Railroad, Section House $19.95 E:$15.99 182240
JL Innovative 290 Railroad Structures Bagwell Junction Tower Structure, Building, Railroad Tower $26.95 E:$20.98 182236
JL Innovative 310 Commercial Structures McLeod Super Service Structure, Building, Commercial, Gas Station $27.95 E:$20.99 182244
JL Innovative 320 Commercial Structures Saw Pit Store Structure, Building, Store $26.95 162477
JL Innovative 325 Commercial Structures Fence Based Billboard Structure, Signage, Billboard $8.98 182258
JL Innovative 330 Commercial Structures McSoreley's Old Ale House Structure, Building, Commercial, Industrial, Ale House $36.95 E:$32.29 182245
JL Innovative 430 Commercial Structures Storm Lake Mobil Structure, Building, Commercial, Gas Station $32.95 182248
JL Innovative 450 Railroad Structures East Junction Yard Office Structure, Building, Railroad, Yard Office $19.95 E:$23.69 182241
JL Innovative 470 Commercial Structures D.C. Cochran Confectionary Structure, Building, Commercial, Industrial, Confectionary $36.95 182239
JL Innovative 520 Municipal Structures Red Rock Water Tower Structure, Municipal, Water Tower $24.95 E:$25.03 182247
JL Innovative 570 Railroad Structures Michigan Ave. Tower Structure, Building, Railroad Tower $24.95 E:$22.21 182246
JL Innovative 634 Painted/Lettered Soda Machine Set 7-UP Accessory. Soda Machine, Vending $7.98 182285
JL Innovative 635 Painted/Lettered Soda Machine Set RC Cola Accessory. Soda Machine, Vending $7.98 182288
JL Innovative 636 Painted/Lettered Soda Machine Set Pepsi Accessory. Soda Machine, Vending $7.98 182287
JL Innovative 637 Painted/Lettered Soda Machine Set Dr. Pepper Accessory. Soda Machine, Vending $7.98 182286