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N Scale Model Trains Database

Engines, Rolling Stock, Structures, and Accessories

The Annual ARS Show in West Springfield MA draws many N Scale Enthusiasts
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Total items in database: 81613. Total items on page 82.

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First Image Brand Stock Number Road or Company Name Reporting Marks Road or Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
N Scale Architect 10001 Railroad Structures Alto Tower Interlocking Tower $69.95 E:$29.95 H:$54.65 117926
N Scale Architect 10002 Railroad Structures Branchville Station Structure, Building, Railroad, Station $69.95 E:$69.95 182833
N Scale Architect 10003 Commercial Structures Williamstown Coal Structure, Building, Commercial, Industrial, Coal $89.95 E:$99.95 182824
N Scale Architect 10004 Industrial Structures Long Valley Lumber Structure, Building, Industrial, Mill $145.95 E:$125.99 182851
N Scale Architect 10005 Railroad Structures New Haven Tower Structure, Building, Railroad, Tower $45.95 E:$45.95 182855
N Scale Architect 10006 Industrial Structures Cal Fame Packing Structure, Building, Industrial, Packing Plant $89.95 E:$89.95 182835
N Scale Architect 10007 Railroad Structures Waterville Freight House Structure, Building, Railroad, Freight House $59.95 E:$59.95 182826
N Scale Architect 10008 Railroad Structures Waterville Switchman's Shanty Structure, Building, Railroad, Shanty $10.95 E:$10.95 182825
N Scale Architect 10009 Railroad Structures Lehigh Valley Tower Structure, Building, Railroad, Tower $49.95 E:$49.95 182850
N Scale Architect 10010 Industrial Structures Hanaford Mills Structure, Building, Industrial, Mill $69.95 E:$69.98 182847
N Scale Architect 10011 Railroad Structures MG Tower Structure, Building, Railroad, Tower $69.95 182854
N Scale Architect 10012 Railroad Structures Reading Company Tower Structure, Building, Railroad, Tower $59.95 E:$59.95 182862
N Scale Architect 10013 Railroad Structures CNJ Two-Story Station Structure, Building, Railroad, Station $89.95 E:$89.95 182836
N Scale Architect 10014 Railroad Structures AR Tower Interlocking Tower $79.95 E:$29.95 174076
N Scale Architect 10015 Railroad Structures Cranston Station Structure, Building, Railroad, Station $59.95 E:$44.96 182838
N Scale Architect 10016 Industrial Structures Burlington Marble & Slate Structure, Building, Industrial, Mill $155.95 E:$110.00 182834
N Scale Architect 10017 Industrial Structures Gruber Wagon Works Structure, Building, Industrial, Factory,Warehouse $79.95 E:$79.95 182846
N Scale Architect 10018 Industrial Structures X-Cel Feed Mill Feed Mill $189.95 E:$189.99 H:$164.99 I:$164.99 2016-11-01 118516
N Scale Architect 10019 Railroad Structures Harris Tower Structure, Building, Railroad, Tower $79.95 182848
N Scale Architect 10020 Railroad Structures Worcester Union Station Structure, Building, Railroad, Station $299.95 2021-01-07 182785
N Scale Architect 10021 Residential Structures Maple Sugar House Structure, Building, Residential, House, Cottage $21.95 E:$21.95 182852
N Scale Architect 10022 Railroad Structures Rockingham Junction Station & Freight House Structure, Building, Railroad, Station, Freight House $69.95 182863
N Scale Architect 10023 Residential Structures Maple Sugaring Box Set Structure, Building, Residential, House, Cottage $59.95 E:$59.95 182853
N Scale Architect 10024 Railroad Structures Conway Roundhouse Structure, Building, Railroad, Roundhouse $69.95 E:$69.95 182837
N Scale Architect 10025 Industrial Structures Bishop Creek Power & Light Power Plant $119.95 E:$119.95 174077
N Scale Architect 10026 Industrial Structures Bishop Creek Power & Light Substation Structure, Building, Industrial, Substation $39.95 182832
N Scale Architect 10028 Railroad Structures Locomotive Sanding Facility Structure, Building, Railroad, Sanding Facility $35.95 182871
N Scale Architect 10029 Commercial Structures Baggage Car Diner Structure, Building,Commercial, Diner $49.95 E:$49.95 182875
N Scale Architect 10030 Commercial Structures Gravel & Coal Company Structure, Building,Commercial, Industrial, Gravel, Coal $35.95 182872
N Scale Architect 10031 Railroad Structures Diesel Fueling Depot Structure, Building, Railroad, Fuel Depot $35.95 182873
N Scale Architect 10032 Railroad Structures NYCS/B&A Wooden Tower Structure, Building, Railroad, Tower $59.95 E:$59.99 182857
N Scale Architect 10033 Railroad Structures NYCS 'Lines East' Tower Structure, Building, Railroad, Tower $69.95 E:$69.99 182856
N Scale Architect 10034 Railroad Structures Box Car Storage Structure, Building, Railroad, Box Car Storage $45.95 182874
N Scale Architect 10035 Railroad Structures Ash & Coal Loader Structure, Railroad, Loader $39.95 182876
N Scale Architect 10036 Commercial Structures Caboose Motel Structure, Building, Commercial, Motel $37.95 182868
N Scale Architect 10037 Commercial Structures Bus Camp Structure, Building, Camp House $45.95 E:$45.95 182870
N Scale Architect 10038 Painted/Lettered Bus Camp Transit Vehicle, Bus. GMC TD 3610 $10.95 182869
N Scale Architect 10039 Railroad Structures Johnsonville Tower Structure, Building, Railroad, Tower $69.95 182849
N Scale Architect 10040 Industrial Structures Elkton Creek Smelter Smelter $149.95 E:$125.99 H:$135.13 2016-11-01 117922
N Scale Architect 10041 Bridges and Piers Flat Car Bridge Structure, Bridges and Piers, Flat Car $35.95 E:$35.98 182877
N Scale Architect 10042 Commercial Structures Picker's Paradise Structure, Building, Commercial, $45.95 182829
N Scale Architect 10043 Industrial Structures Patterson's Pickle & Brine Pickle Factory $199.00 E:$199.95 I:$199.00 162476
N Scale Architect 10044 Industrial Structures Pattersons Pickle & Brine Pickle Vat Expansion Structure, Building, Industrial, Vat $59.95 E:$59.95 182858
N Scale Architect 10045 Industrial Structures Offices Job Site Job Site $45.95 E:$45.95 149734
N Scale Architect 10046 Industrial Structures Job Site Modular Office Structure, Building, Industrial, Modular Office $24.95 E:$24.95 182878
N Scale Architect 10047 Industrial Structures Job Site Storage Container Structure, Industrial, Storage Container $22.95 182879
N Scale Architect 10048 Commercial Structures Bus Stop Bus Stop $49.95 1968-01-01 149733
N Scale Architect 10049 Railroad Structures New York Central Lines West Station Station $89.98 E:$80.96 2019-08-01 163418
N Scale Architect 10050 Commercial Structures Roadside Eats Kit Smelter $45.95 E:$45.95 2019-11-01 166723
N Scale Architect 10051 Railroad Structures Flag Stop Station Station $45.95 E:$45.95 2019-08-01 179336
N Scale Architect 10054 Industrial Structures C&H Brick and Block Company Brick & Block Company $249.95 E:$249.95 179248
N Scale Architect 10101 Railroad Structures Greendel Station & Tower Structure, Building, Railroad, Station $59.95 E:$59.98 182840
N Scale Architect 10102 Railroad Structures Greendel Tower Structure, Building, Railroad, Tower $39.95 E:$39.95 182841
N Scale Architect 10103 Railroad Structures Somerville Junction Structure, Building, Railroad, Junction $68.95 182867
N Scale Architect 10204 Industrial Structures Grover Cleveland Mine Structure, Building, Industrial, Mine $45.95 182845
N Scale Architect 10304 Railroad Structures East Stroudsburg Tower Interlocking Tower $39.95 E:$39.99 141917
N Scale Architect 10404 Commercial Structures Andrew's Auto & Gas Structure, Building, Commercial, Gas Station $45.95 E:$45.95 182830
N Scale Architect 10502 Industrial Structures Sheffield Farms Creamery Structure, Building, Industrial, Creamery $69.95 E:$69.99 182866
N Scale Architect 10503 Railroad Structures Rode-A-Way Transfer Company Structure, Building, Railroad, Transfer $59.95 E:$59.99 182864
N Scale Architect 10603 Industrial Structures Quality Meat Packers Structure, Building, Industrial, Packing Plant $133.95 182859
N Scale Architect 10702 Industrial Structures Shue Cement Company Cement Factory $79.95 E:$69.96 141918
N Scale Architect 10703 Industrial Structures Quality Meat Stock Yard Structure, Building, Industrial, Stock Yard $54.95 E:$51.99 182860
N Scale Architect 10900 Railroad Structures Union City Station Structure, Building, Railroad, Station $85.95 E:$85.95 182828
N Scale Architect 10901 Railroad Structures Union Station Platforms Structure, Building, Railroad, Platform $29.95 E:$24.95 182827
N Scale Architect 10902 Industrial Structures Eagle River Mine Structure, Building, Industrial, Mine $72.95 182839
N Scale Architect 10999 Railroad Structures Racquette Lake Navigation Company Structure, Building, Railroad, Tower $59.95 E:$59.99 182861
N Scale Architect 20093 Railroad Structures Roof Top Water Tank Structure, Building, Water Tank $19.95 182865
N Scale Architect 20099 Various Tank Pickle Car Kit Pickle Car $43.95 2018-01-01 140888
N Scale Architect 20103 Undecorated Detail Assortment Job Site Job Site $14.95 E:$14.95 149732
N Scale Architect 20105 Undecorated Buggy Horses with Harness Horse-Drawn Buggy $11.95 185211
N Scale Architect 20117 Industrial Structures Beehive Kiln & Chimneys Structure, Building, Commercial, Industrial, Kiln $29.95 182831
N Scale Architect 50068 Undecorated Curtain Wall Panel System (Twin Pack) Structure, Panel Kit, $69.95 182881
N Scale Architect 50088 Undecorated Curtain Wall System All Window Structure, Panel Kit, $39.95 182882
N Scale Architect 50089 Undecorated Curtain Wall System Window/Loading Door Panel Structure, Panel Kit, $39.95 182883
N Scale Architect 50098 Undecorated Stone Wall Panel System Structure, Panel Kit, Stone Wall $59.95 E:$59.95 182880
N Scale Architect 797PFE Industrial Structures Perishable Food Enterprises $42.20 E:$30.99 I:$40.00 162475
N Scale Architect 799L VL Industrial Structures Lehigh Valley Lumber Lumber Mill $79.95 168800
N Scale Architect 96614 Undecorated Market Cart Kits Market Cart $7.95 2019-08-01 163417
N Scale Architect 96615 N/A Luggage Trolly Kits Luggage Trolly $6.95 2019-08-01 163419
N Scale Architect 96618 Undecorated Luggage Cart Luggage Cart $8.95 E:$8.95 2019-08-01 163421
N Scale Architect 96706 Undecorated Farm Wagon Horse-Drawn Wagon $16.95 128668
N Scale Architect 96707 Painted/Unlettered Wind Mill Wind Mill $22.95 E:$24.99 128669