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N Scale Model Trains Database

Engines, Rolling Stock, Structures, and Accessories

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N-Scale Model Trains

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N-Scale Train Modeling is a hobby concerned with the recreation, display and operation of railway equipment in miniature. N-Scale is sometimes also referred to as N-Gauge.

N-Scale is a group of similar dimensional relationships including (but not limited to) 1/160, 1/150 and 1/148. All share in common a railroad gauge of 9mm (0.354 in). The earliest model trains to use this scale were made by Lone Star in the United Kingdom in their OOO (Treble-O) line. Interestingly, the Lone Star models use a dimensional relationship of 1/152. The first models to use a 1/160 scale were made by Arnold of Germany in the 1960s. The most common dimensional relationship in the United States and Europe is 1/160. Japanese manufacturers make a mix of 1/150 and 1/160 products but for the most part use 1/150. Model manufacturers in the United Kingdom prefer 1/148.

When it comes to track, N Scale always uses a standard 9mm distance between the two rails. The track height, however, can vary. Common heights are 0.08 inches high (Code 80) and 0.055 inches (Code 55). For narrow gauge modelers, track is 6.5mm between the rails (Z-Scale), but the dimensional ratio of the models is still typically 1/160, 1/150 or 1/148.

Worldwide, N Scale is the second most popular model railroading Scale after HO, but in certain geographical regions (Japan in particular) it exceeds even HO in popularity.
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Total items in collection: 66000. Total items on page 42

First Image Brand Stock Number Road or Company Name Reporting Marks Road or Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
The Freight Yard 2010A Georgia Pacific USLX 16004 Boxcar, 53 Foot, Evans Double Plug Door 2009-04-01 152321
The Freight Yard 2027C United States Postal Service 437846 Trailer, 40 Foot, Box H:$6.00 143514
The Freight Yard 2101A Missouri Farmers Association MFA 14333 Covered Hopper, 3-Bay, PS2-CD 4750 154229
The Freight Yard 2101B Missouri Farmers Association PTLX 14931 Covered Hopper, 3-Bay, PS2-CD 4750 154230
The Freight Yard 2101C Missouri Farmers Association PTLX 14940 Covered Hopper, 3-Bay, PS2-CD 4750 154231
The Freight Yard 2211A Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac RFP 2603 Boxcar, 53 Foot, Evans Double Plug Door 2002-02-01 150990
The Freight Yard 2222C Union Refrigerator Transit URTC 53506 Reefer, Ice, Wood $25.75 2002-04-01 96921
The Freight Yard 2233A/2234A Various ABTX and RHBX 55908 and 90867 Boxcar, 40 Foot, Steel Plug Door $47.70 96923
The Freight Yard 2415B White House NATX 28278 Tank Car, Single Dome, 50 Foot 2004-03-01 159781
The Freight Yard 2415C White House NATX 28281 Tank Car, Single Dome, 50 Foot 2004-03-01 159771
The Freight Yard 2702E Boston & Maine BM 74418 Boxcar, 40 Foot, PS-1 101197
The Freight Yard 846 Nickel Plate Road 846 Caboose, Bay Window 151321
The Freight Yard 9301 Brach's Candy GACX 43467 Covered Hopper, 2-Bay, GATX Airslide 2600 E:$14.50 C:$14.50 121757
The Freight Yard 9302 Nebraska Consolidated Mills GACX 42396 Covered Hopper, 2-Bay, GATX Airslide 2600 H:$17.00 121758
The Freight Yard 9303A Southern Pacific SP 96483 Boxcar, 40 Foot, PS-1 E:$10.00 C:$10.00 121759
The Freight Yard 9303BCD Southern Pacific SP 97105, 97572, 96247 Boxcar, 40 Foot, PS-1 E:$17.00 H:$17.00 121760
The Freight Yard 9304 Spokane Portland & Seattle SP&S 14451 Boxcar, 50 Foot, Double Door E:$18.00 C:$18.00 121761
The Freight Yard 9305 Spokane Portland & Seattle SP&S 14463 Boxcar, 50 Foot, Double Door E:$12.50 C:$12.50 121762
The Freight Yard 9306 Minneapolis and St. Louis MStL 70304 Covered Hopper, 2-Bay, GATX Airslide 2600 E:$22.00 C:$22.00 121770
The Freight Yard 9309 Wisconsin Central WC 83062 Covered Hopper, 4-Bay, ACF Centerflow E:$12.50 C:$12.50 121772
The Freight Yard 9312ABC Colonel Barnum Shows CBS Flatcar, 50 Foot H:$14.00 121773
The Freight Yard 9408 United States Navy USN 61-02480 Boxcar, 40 Foot, PS-1 1994-06-01 96920
The Freight Yard 9412B Hershey Foods HERX 787 Reefer, Ice, Wood 96922
The Freight Yard 9511A Libby's LMLX 1622 Reefer, Ice, Wood 1995-09-01 96919
The Freight Yard 9511C Libby's LMLX 1693 Reefer, Ice, Wood 1995-09-01 96918
The Freight Yard 9601A Southern Pacific SP 230726 Boxcar, 50 Foot, PS-1 E:$8.50 C:$8.50 115004
The Freight Yard 9601AB Southern Pacific SP 230726, 230624 Boxcar, 50 Foot, PS-1 115005
The Freight Yard 9601B Southern Pacific SP 230624 Boxcar, 50 Foot, PS-1 E:$10.00 C:$10.00 115003
The Freight Yard 9605A Arctic Oil Works 562 Boxcar, 40 Foot, PS-1 E:$8.50 C:$8.50 115008
The Freight Yard 9607A Oregon Short Line 4104 Boxcar, 40 Foot, PS-1 E:$21.00 C:$21.00 115007
The Freight Yard 9607B Oregon Short Line 4113 Boxcar, 40 Foot, PS-1 E:$16.50 C:$16.50 115006
The Freight Yard 9915A Safety-Kleen SAFX 25000 Tank Car, Single Dome, 50 Foot 160907
The Freight Yard 9915B Safety-Kleen Tank Car, Single Dome, 50 Foot 144403
The Freight Yard 9917 The Freight Yard Ten Year Anniversary TFYX 1999 Boxcar, 50 Foot, PS-1 1999-04-01 96915
The Freight Yard 9948A Delaware & Hudson D&H 28000 Boxcar, 50 Foot, Steel, Plug Door 1999-10-01 162239
The Freight Yard 9961/1 Happy New Year TFYX 2000 Boxcar, 50 Foot, Steel, Plug Door 1999-12-01 96917
The Freight Yard fy2 Mid Iowa Corp RRRX 2143 Covered Hopper, 3-Bay, Thrall 4750 $8.98 95208
The Freight Yard fy3 Canadian National CN 384520 Covered Hopper, 3-Bay, Thrall 4750 $8.98 95206
The Freight Yard RAS-150 Royal American Shows RAS Mixed Freight Consist 141971
The Freight Yard Special Run Union Tank Car UTLX 61537 Tank Car, Single Dome, 50 Foot 2002-06-01 123463
The Freight Yard Special Run N Scale Club ONC 91574 Tank Car, Single Dome, 50 Foot 96916
The Freight Yard TST FY-11-01 N Scale Convention Olde Frothingslosh Pale Stale Ale Tank Car, Single Dome, 50 Foot E:$4.99 2011-01-01 159780