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N Scale Model Trains Database

Engines, Rolling Stock, Structures, and Accessories

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Total items in database: 91313. Total items on page 117.

Market Information: C = Classified Ad, H = Historical Data Available, E = Available for purchase Online, I: Collector Valuation Available.

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First Image Brand Stock Number Road or Company Name Reporting Marks Road or Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
Osborn Models RRA-1118 Railroad Structures Lumber Shed with Cutting Station Wood Shed $19.99 170120
Osborn Models RRA-3004 Railroad Structures Crossing Signals Cross Bucks, Canadian,United States $3.75 170381
Osborn Models RRA-3005 Scenery 16’ Fishing Boat Wood Row Boat $6.99 170383
Osborn Models RRA-3006 Scenery 16’ Canoe Wood Canoe $6.99 170384
Osborn Models RRA-3008 Undecorated Highway Guard Rails Road Guard Rails $7.75 170560
Osborn Models RRA-3009 Railroad Structures Transition Cross Bucks Cross Bucks, Canadian $3.75 170377
Osborn Models RRA-3010 Railroad Structures Current Cross Bucks Cross Bucks, Canadian $3.75 170378
Osborn Models RRA-3011 Undecorated Road Signs Signage, Modern Road Signs $4.75 170581
Osborn Models RRA-3012 Undecorated Assorted Road Signs Signage, Modern Road Signs $5.75 170580
Osborn Models RRA-3013 Undecorated Commercial Fence 10 Foot, Commercial Fence $5.25 170555
Osborn Models RRA-3014 Undecorated Residential Fence Wooden Residential Fence $5.25 170556
Osborn Models RRA-3015 Undecorated Wrapped Lumber Lumber, Wood $5.75 170535
Osborn Models RRA-3016 Undecorated Skids Wooden Skids, Pallets $3.75 E:$7.39 170536
Osborn Models RRA-3017 Scenery Boat Dock Wood Boat Dock $6.25 170385
Osborn Models RRA-3018 Undecorated Large Wire Reels Wooden Wire Reel $5.25 170538
Osborn Models RRA-3019 Undecorated General Purpose Whistle Post Wooden Whistle Post $2.75 170567
Osborn Models RRA-3021 Undecorated Welcome Sign Signage, Welcome, Flower Box $4.25 170576
Osborn Models RRA-3022 Undecorated Park Benches Wood Park Bench $3.75 170541
Osborn Models RRA-3023 Undecorated V-Shaped Billboard Signage, V-Shaped Billboard $7.75 E:$10.95 170578
Osborn Models RRA-3024 Undecorated Standard Billboard Signage, Standard Billboard $6.25 170579
Osborn Models RRA-3025 Residential Structures Lake Side Cottage Cabin $29.99 2017-01-01 138513
Osborn Models RRA-3026 Residential Structures Garage Garage $19.99 2017-01-01 138512
Osborn Models RRA-3027 Railroad Structures Branch Line Station Passenger Station $34.99 E:$32.32 2017-01-01 138508
Osborn Models RRA-3028 Railroad Structures Freight Shed Warehouse $34.99 2017-01-01 138511
Osborn Models RRA-3029 Agricultural Structures Barn Barn $34.99 2017-01-01 138507
Osborn Models RRA-3030 Religious Structures Church Church $34.99 2017-01-01 138506
Osborn Models RRA-3031 Railroad Structures Bilingual Crossbucks Cross Bucks,Bilingual,French Canadian $3.75 170379
Osborn Models RRA-3032 Undecorated Small Wire Reels Wooden Wire Reel $3.75 170537
Osborn Models RRA-3033 Undecorated Canadian National Whistle Signs Wooden Whistle Post, Canadian National $2.75 170568
Osborn Models RRA-3035 Undecorated Mail Boxes Mail Box $3.75 E:$6.84 170542
Osborn Models RRA-3036 Undecorated 45 Degree Level Crossing Boards Wooden Level Crossing Boards, 45 Degree $4.25 170564
Osborn Models RRA-3037 Railroad Structures First Generation Cross Bucks Cross Bucks, Canadian $3.75 170376
Osborn Models RRA-3038 Undecorated Rail Stops Rail Stops $3.75 170386
Osborn Models RRA-3039 Undecorated Flange Way Signs Signage, Flange Way, Canadian $2.75 170572
Osborn Models RRA-3040 Undecorated Road Barricades Wood Barricades $3.25 E:$7.49 170559
Osborn Models RRA-3041 Undecorated Post and Derailer Post and Derailer $3.75 170575
Osborn Models RRA-3042 Railroad Structures Out House Wood Out House $6.75 170400
Osborn Models RRA-3043 Railroad Structures Loading Dock Branch Line Loading Dock $7.75 170176
Osborn Models RRA-3044 Undecorated Scenic Ties Railroad Wooden Ties $4.75 170389
Osborn Models RRA-3045 Commercial Structures Gas Station Gas Station $34.99 2017-01-01 138505
Osborn Models RRA-3047 Undecorated Canadian Pacific Whistle Signs Wooden Whistle Post, Canadian Pacific $2.75 170569
Osborn Models RRA-3048 Undecorated 9.75" Radius Crossing Boards Wooden Level Crossing Boards, 9.75 " $4.25 170565
Osborn Models RRA-3049 Undecorated 11" Radius Crossing Boards Wooden Level Crossing Boards, 11 " $4.25 170566
Osborn Models RRA-3050 Undecorated 4'x8' Billboard Signage, 4'x8' Billboard $3.75 170577
Osborn Models RRA-3051 Undecorated Mile Posts Wooden Mile Post $2.75 170573
Osborn Models RRA-3052 Undecorated Speed Limit Signs Signage, Speed Limit $3.75 170570
Osborn Models RRA-3053 Undecorated Yard Limit Signs Signage,Yard Limit $3.75 E:$3.99 170571
Osborn Models RRA-3054 Undecorated Railway Crossing Sign Signage, Railway Crossing $3.99 170574
Osborn Models RRA-3055 Undecorated Concrete Bridge Concrete Bridge, Railings $4.50 E:$4.62 170552
Osborn Models RRA-3056 Undecorated Wind Vane Farm, Wind Vane $3.25 E:$6.89 170553
Osborn Models RRA-3057 Undecorated Semaphore Semaphore $7.75 170391
Osborn Models RRA-3058 Undecorated Ladders Wood Ladder $3.99 170540
Osborn Models RRA-3059 Railroad Structures Canadian National Swatch Posts Switch Stands $6.99 170399
Osborn Models RRA-3060 Railroad Structures Canadian Pacific Switch Posts Switch Stands $6.99 170398
Osborn Models RRA-3061 Railroad Structures U.S. Cross Bucks Cross Bucks, United States $3.75 170380
Osborn Models RRA-3062 Commercial Structures Pete's Market Small Retail Shop $14.99 2017-01-01 138504
Osborn Models RRA-3063 Undecorated 20' Intermodal Containers 20' Intermodal Container $5.25 170332
Osborn Models RRA-3064 Undecorated 40' Intermodal Containers 40' Intermodal Container $8.25 170333
Osborn Models RRA-3065 Undecorated Wooden Crates Wooden Crates $5.99 E:$6.99 170533
Osborn Models RRA-3066 Railroad Structures Water Tower Wood Water Tower $9.99 170402
Osborn Models RRA-3067 Agricultural Structures Grain Elevator Grain Elevator $49.99 2017-01-01 138453
Osborn Models RRA-3068 Undecorated Telephone Posts Wood Telephone Posts $3.25 170390
Osborn Models RRA-3069 Undecorated Roof Trusses Roof Trusses Railcar Load $3.75 170330
Osborn Models RRA-3070 Undecorated Lumber Load Lumber Railcar Load $7.75 170329
Osborn Models RRA-3071 Undecorated Chain Link Fence Chain Link Fence $4.75 170557
Osborn Models RRA-3072 Commercial Structures Snack Shack Shack $12.50 H:$12.89 2017-01-01 138445
Osborn Models RRA-3073 Various DHC-2 Beaver DHC-2 Beaver $10.50 H:$11.79 2017-01-01 138689
Osborn Models RRA-3074 Various P-51D Mustang P-51D Mustang $10.50 H:$11.79 2017-01-01 138690
Osborn Models RRA-3075 Royal Air Force Supermarine Spitfire Supermarine Spitfire $10.50 H:$11.28 2017-01-01 138691
Osborn Models RRA-3076 Various Cessna 172 Cessna 172 $10.50 H:$11.80 2017-01-01 138695
Osborn Models RRA-3078 Commercial Structures World War Two era hangar Aircraft Hanger $49.99 2017-01-01 138503
Osborn Models RRA-3079 Various DHC-2 Beaver Landing Gear DHC-2 Beaver $3.99 2017-01-01 173239
Osborn Models RRA-3080 Undecorated 120" Hydro Towers Accessories, Details, Hydro Towers $16.99 2021-01-01 190571
Osborn Models RRA-3081 Railroad Structures Gazebo Wood Gazebo $7.75 170401
Osborn Models RRA-3082 Undecorated Log Fence Wood Log Fence $5.25 170558
Osborn Models RRA-3086 Railroad Structures General Purpose Switch Stand Switch Stands $6.99 170397
Osborn Models RRA-3087 Undecorated Concrete Barriers Concrete Barriers $3.75 170561
Osborn Models RRA-3088 Undecorated Phone Booth Modern Phone Booth $6.75 170539
Osborn Models RRA-3089 Various Piper J-3 Cub Piper J-3 Cub $10.50 H:$11.95 2017-01-01 138696
Osborn Models RRA-3090 Various L4 Grasshopper Decal Kit L4 Grasshopper $3.99 2017-01-01 173240
Osborn Models RRA-3091 Various Piper Cub Float Kit Piper J-3 Cub $3.99 2017-01-01 173241
Osborn Models RRA-3092 Various Windsock Windsock $3.99 2017-01-01 173242
Osborn Models RRA-3093 Undecorated Canadian Flag and Pole Canadian Flag and Pole $3.99 170543
Osborn Models RRA-3094 Undecorated United States Flag and Pole American Flag and Pole $3.99 170544
Osborn Models RRA-3095 Undecorated Bundle of Ties Railroad Wooden Ties $5.75 E:$6.29 H:$5.50 170388
Osborn Models RRA-3096 Undecorated Rail End Bumpers Rail End Bumpers $3.75 170387
Osborn Models RRA-3097 Undecorated Parking Bumpers and Lot Lines Parking Bumper $3.75 170551
Osborn Models RRA-3098 Undecorated Street Lamps Street Lamp $3.75 170550
Osborn Models RRA-3099 Undecorated Utility Poles Wooden Utility Pole $4.25 170547
Osborn Models RRA-3102 Residential Structures Two Bedroom Bungalow House $29.95 E:$29.99 2017-01-01 138439
Osborn Models RRA-3103 Residential Structures Four Bedroom Home House $29.95 2017-01-01 138364
Osborn Models RRA-3105 Undecorated Discarded Rails Railroad Wooden Ties $4.75 170392
Osborn Models RRA-3106 Undecorated Transformers for Utility Poles Transformer, Utility Pole $4.25 170548
Osborn Models RRA-3107 Undecorated Railroad Hand Car Hand Car $3.75 170562
Osborn Models RRA-3108 Railroad Structures Maintenance of way shed Speeder Shed $14.99 2017-01-01 138519
Osborn Models RRA-3109 Railroad Structures Mainline Electrical Boxes Electrical Box $6.75 170374
Osborn Models RRA-3110 Railroad Structures Branch Line Electrical Boxes Electrical Box $4.75 170375
Osborn Models RRA-3111 Undecorated Canadian Red Ensign Flag and Pole Canadian Red Ensign Flag and Pole $3.99 170546
Osborn Models RRA-3112 Undecorated British Union Jack Flag and Pole British Flag and Pole $3.99 170545
Osborn Models RRA-3113 Undecorated Camping Scene Camping, Tents, Benches $5.75 170549
Osborn Models RRA-3114 Railroad Structures Crossing Gates Crossing Gate $3.75 170382
Osborn Models RRA-3115 Residential Structures Tool Shed Structures $6.75 2017-01-01 122868
Osborn Models RRA-3116 Undecorated Air Conditioner Load Air Conditioner Railcar Load $4.75 170331
Osborn Models RRA-3116 Undecorated Lumber Assortment Lumber, Wood $5.75 170534
Osborn Models RRA-3119 Railroad Structures Paul’s Depot General Purpose Station $14.99 170116
Osborn Models RRA-3120 Undecorated 90 Degree Level Crossing Boards Wooden Level Crossing Boards, 90 Degree $4.25 170563
Osborn Models RRA-3121 Railroad Structures General Purpose Freight Shed Freight Shed $14.99 170114
Osborn Models RRA-3122 Railroad Structures Diesel Fuelling Station Diesel Fuelling Station $14.99 170175
Osborn Models RRA-3123 Undecorated Northumberland Strait 45' Lobster Boat Lobster Boat $14.99 2020-12-01 190567
Osborn Models RRA-3124 Undecorated Northumberland Strait 45' Lobster Boat Hull Lobster Boat, Hull $5.99 2020-12-01 190568
Osborn Models RRA-3126 Undecorated Travel Trailer Travel Trailer $9.99 173237
Osborn Models RRA-3127 Undecorated Pallet Load Accessories, Details, Pallet $6.75 2021-01-01 190572
Osborn Models RRA-3128 Industrial Structures Heavy Duty Forklift Forklift $9.99 2020-07-01 174895
Osborn Models RRA-3129 Undecorated Dinghy Sailboat Dinghy Sailboat $7.00 2020-12-01 182154
Osborn Models RRA-3130 Undecorated CF105 Avro Arrow Aircraft, CF105 Avro Arrow $14.99 2021-01-01 190569
Osborn Models RRA-3132 Undecorated Garbage Dumpster Accessories, Details, Dumpster $4.75 2021-01-01 190570
Osborn Models RRA-3133 Undecorated Pedestrian Bridge Pedestrian Bridge, Overpass, Piers $7.75 E:$7.99 170554