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N Scale Model Trains Database

Engines, Rolling Stock, Structures, and Accessories

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Total items in database: 89212. Total items on page 44.

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First Image Brand Stock Number Road or Company Name Reporting Marks Road or Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
Artitec 316.088 Painted/Unlettered Car Ferry Boat, Ferry, Car, Auto 58.80€ 2021-01-01 186437
Artitec 54.107 Undecorated Rowing Boats - 6 pcs Vehicle, Boat, Row 11.70€ 186458
Model Tech Studios D1049 Undecorated Pile of Boats - 2 Pack Boat $6.00 195039
Model Tech Studios D1177P Painted/Unlettered Scrap Metal Transport Barge Boat, Barge $47.99 195044
Model Tech Studios D1178P Painted/Unlettered Coal Transport Barge Boat, Barge $47.99 195045
Model Tech Studios D1231P Painted/Unlettered Fisherman's Dory Boat, Fishing $7.99 2017-11-01 194849
Model Tech Studios D1232P Painted/Unlettered Wooden Rowboat Boat, Rowboat $7.99 194852
Model Tech Studios D1234 Undecorated Fisherman's Skiff Boat $9.99 2017-11-01 139234
Model Tech Studios D1235 Undecorated Runabout Boat $9.99 2017-11-01 139235
Model Tech Studios D1236 Undecorated Runabout Boat $9.99 2017-11-01 139236
Model Tech Studios D1239 Undecorated The Sportsman Runabout #3 Boat, Runabout $9.99 194853
Model Tech Studios D1244P Painted/Unlettered Canoes Boat, Canoe $7.99 2017-11-01 139233
Model Tech Studios D1251 Undecorated Cabin Cruiser #1 Boat, Cabin Cruiser $13.99 194847
Model Tech Studios D1254P Painted/Unlettered Small Tug Boat Boat, Tug $34.99 194851
Model Tech Studios JN1009 Undecorated Fishing Stern Dragger Workboat Boat, Dragger $55.00 195041
Model Tech Studios JN1011 Undecorated Fishing Workboat #2 Boat, Fishing $55.00 195042
Model Tech Studios JN1047 Undecorated Clipper Workboat Boat, Clipper $55.00 195043
Model Tech Studios JN1056P Painted/Unlettered Lobster Boat Boat, Lobster $55.99 194960
Model Tech Studios JN1077 Undecorated Masted Schooner Workboat Boat, Schooner $59.99 195040
Model Tech Studios JN1099 Undecorated Sloop Sailboat Boat, Sailboat $16.99 194850
Model Tech Studios JN1100 Undecorated Waterline Day Cruiser Boat, Day Cruiser $13.99 194848
Osborn Models RRA-3005 Scenery 16’ Fishing Boat Wood Row Boat $6.99 170383
Osborn Models RRA-3006 Scenery 16’ Canoe Wood Canoe $6.99 170384
Osborn Models RRA-3017 Scenery Boat Dock Wood Boat Dock $6.25 170385
Osborn Models RRA-3123 Undecorated Northumberland Strait 45' Lobster Boat Lobster Boat $14.99 2020-12-01 190567
Osborn Models RRA-3124 Undecorated Northumberland Strait 45' Lobster Boat Hull Lobster Boat, Hull $5.99 2020-12-01 190568
Osborn Models RRA-3129 Undecorated Dinghy Sailboat Dinghy Sailboat $7.00 2020-12-01 182154
Sea Port Model Works H110-1-N Undecorated Square Bow Barge with SA-6 Cabin Boat, Barge $22.95 191757
Sea Port Model Works H110-2-N Undecorated Square Bow Barge with SA-5 Cabin Boat, Barge $22.95 191758
Sea Port Model Works H113-1-N Undecorated Pointed Bow Barge with SA-6 Cabin Boat, Barge $22.95 191624
Sea Port Model Works H113-2-N Undecorated Pointed Bow Barge with SA-5 Cabin Boat, Barge $22.95 191623
Sea Port Model Works H114-N Undecorated Sardine Carrier Boat, Sardine Carrier $49.95 191620
Sea Port Model Works H117-N Undecorated Work Boat Boat, Harbor Work $49.95 191621
Sea Port Model Works H121-N Undecorated 80' Lighter Barge Boat, Barge $59.95 2021-01-01 191625
Sea Port Model Works H122-N Undecorated Derrick Barge Boat, Barge $69.95 191622
Sea Port Model Works M44 Undecorated Square Bow Barge Hull Boat, Barge $16.95 196602
Sea Port Model Works M45 Undecorated Schooner Sloop Hull - 85' Boat, Schooner $16.95 196601
Sea Port Model Works M46 Undecorated Coaster Fishing Hull - 75' Boat, Coaster $16.95 196604
Sea Port Model Works M47 Undecorated Pointed Bow Barge Hull Boat, Barge $16.95 196603
Sea Port Model Works M48 Undecorated Sardine Carrier Hull Boat, Sardine Carrier $29.95 196605
Tomytec 009-2 Painted/Unlettered Fishing Boat A2 Fishing Boat 1,296¥ H:$12.56 2017-06-01 133639
Tomytec 010-2 Painted/Unlettered Fishing Boat B2 Fishing Boat 1,296¥ H:$12.89 2017-06-01 133640
Tomytec 011-2 Painted/Unlettered Fishing Boat C2 Fishing Boat 1,296¥ H:$12.43 2017-06-01 133641
Tomytec 064-2 Painted/Unlettered Barge Boat, Barge 1,320¥ 2015-08-01 193016