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Warships Throughout Time

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Warship Class:
Total items in database: 1485. Total items on page 228.

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Image Nationality Name Pennant/Designation Warship Class Type ID
United States USS Alaska (CB-1) Alaska Cruiser 157134
United States USS Astoria (CA-34) CA-34 New Orleans Cruiser 158784
United States USS Atlanta (CL-51) CL-51 Atlanta Cruiser 157138
United States USS Augusta (CA-31) CA-31 Northampton Cruiser 167056
United States USS Baltimore (CA-68) CA-68 Baltimore Cruiser 157140
United States USS Biloxi (CL-80) CL-80 Cleveland Cruiser 167872
United States USS Birmingham (CL-62) CL-62 Cleveland Cruiser 167866
United States USS Birmingham (CS-2) CS-2 Chester Cruiser 158211
United States USS Boise (CL-47) CL-47 Brooklyn Cruiser 157142
United States USS Boston (CA-69) CA-69 Baltimore Cruiser 158788
United States USS Brooklyn (CL-40) CL-40 Brooklyn Cruiser 158082
United States USS Chester (CA-27) CA-27 Northampton Cruiser 167053
United States USS Chester (CS-1) CS-1 Chester Cruiser 158209
United States USS Chicago (CA-29) CA-29 Northampton Cruiser 167055
United States USS Cincinnati (CL-6) CL-6 Omaha Cruiser 158202
United States USS Cleveland (CL-55) CL-55 Cleveland Cruiser 157145
United States USS Columbia (CL-56) CL-56 Cleveland Cruiser 157146
United States USS Concord (CL-10) CL-10 Omaha Cruiser 158205
United States USS Dayton (CL-105) CL-105 Cleveland Cruiser 158931
United States USS Denver (CL-58) CL-58 Cleveland Cruiser 167864
United States USS Detroit (CL-8) CL-8 Omaha Cruiser 158204
United States USS Flint (CL-97) CL-97 Atlanta Cruiser 158078
United States USS Guam (CB-2) Alaska Cruiser 157238
United States USS Helena (CL-50) CL-50 St. Louis Cruiser 157153
United States USS Honolulu (CL-48) CL-48 Brooklyn Cruiser 158089
United States USS Houston (CA-30) CA-30 Northampton Cruiser 157157
United States USS Houston (CL-81) CL-81 Cleveland Cruiser 194487
United States USS Indianapolis (CA-35) CA-35 Portland Cruiser 157159
United States USS Juneau (CL-52) CL-52 Atlanta Cruiser 157164
United States USS Louisville (CA-28) CA-28 Northampton Cruiser 167054
United States USS Manchester (CL-83) CL-83 Cleveland Cruiser 194489
United States USS Marblehead (CL-12) CL-12 Omaha Cruiser 157169
United States USS Memphis (CL-13) CL-13 Omaha Cruiser 158207
United States USS Milwaukee (CL-5) CL-5 Omaha Cruiser 158200
United States USS Minneapolis (CA-36) CA-36 New Orleans Cruiser 158785
United States USS Mobile (CL-63) CL-63 Cleveland Cruiser 167867
United States USS Montpelier (CL-57) CL-57 Cleveland Cruiser 157177
United States USS Nashville (CL-43) CL-43 Brooklyn Cruiser 158087
United States USS New Orleans (CA-32) CA-32 New Orleans Cruiser 157181
United States USS Northampton (CA-26) CA-26 Northampton Cruiser 157183
United States USS Oakland (CL-95) CL-95 Atlanta Cruiser 158076
United States USS Omaha (CL-4) CL-4 Omaha Cruiser 158199
United States USS Pasadena (CL-65) CL-65 Cleveland Cruiser 167869
United States USS Philadelphia (CL-41) CL-41 Brooklyn Cruiser 158084
United States USS Phoenix (CL-46) CL-46 Brooklyn Cruiser 157186
United States USS Portland (CA-33) CA-33 Portland Cruiser 158780
United States USS Providence (CL-82) CL-82 Cleveland Cruiser 194488
United States USS Quincy (CA-39) CA-39 New Orleans Cruiser 158783
United States USS Quincy (CA-71) CA-71 Baltimore Cruiser 157188
United States USS Raleigh (CL-7) CL-7 Omaha Cruiser 158203
United States USS Reno (CL-96) CL-96 Atlanta Cruiser 158077
United States USS Richmond (CL-9) CL-9 Omaha Cruiser 157189
United States USS Salem (CS-3) CS-3 Chester Cruiser 158212
United States USS San Diego (CL-53) CL-53 Atlanta Cruiser 157192
United States USS San Francisco (CA-38) CA-38 New Orleans Cruiser 157193
United States USS San Juan (CL-54) CL-54 Atlanta Cruiser 158075
United States USS Santa Fe (CL-60) CL-60 Cleveland Cruiser 167865
United States USS Savannah (CL-42) CL-42 Brooklyn Cruiser 158086
United States USS Springfield (CL-66) CL-66 Cleveland Cruiser 167870
United States USS St. Louis (CL-49) CL-49 St. Louis Cruiser 158080
United States USS Topeka (CL-67) CL-66 Cleveland Cruiser 167871
United States USS Trenton (CL-11) CL-11 Omaha Cruiser 158206
United States USS Tucson (CL-98) CL-98 Atlanta Cruiser 158079
United States USS Tuscaloosa (CA-37) CA-37 New Orleans Cruiser 158786
United States USS Vincennes (CA-44) CA-44 New Orleans Cruiser 158787
United States USS Vincennes (CL-64) CL-64 Cleveland Cruiser 167868
United States USS Wichita (CA-134) CA-134 Wichita Cruiser 158782
United States USS Wichita (CA-45) CA-45 Wichita Cruiser 158781
Canada HMCS Ontario C53 Minotaur Cruiser 156919
Canada HMCS Quebec Crown Colony Cruiser 165675
Canada HMCS Uganda Pennant Number 66 Crown Colony Cruiser 156923
Germany Admiral Graf Spee Deutschland Cruiser 156829
Germany Admiral Hipper Admiral Hipper Cruiser 156831
Germany Admiral Scheer Deutschland Cruiser 156832
Germany Blücher Admiral Hipper Cruiser 156854
Germany Deutschland/Lutzow Deutschland Cruiser 156874
Germany Emden Emden Cruiser 156880
Germany Karlsruhe Königsberg Cruiser 157021
Germany Koln Königsberg Cruiser 157027
Germany Konigsberg Königsberg Cruiser 157029
Germany Leipzig Leipzig Cruiser 157036
Germany Moltke P-Class Cruiser 157051
Germany Nürnberg Leipzig Cruiser 157064
Germany Prinz Eugen Admiral Hipper Cruiser 157079
Germany Seydlitz Admiral Hipper Cruiser 159944
Germany Von der Tann P-Class Cruiser 157212
Germany Z40 Z40 Spahkreuzer Cruiser 157227
France Algérie Algérie Cruiser 156837
France Dupleix Suffren (CA) Cruiser 156878
France Duquesne Duquesne Cruiser 156879
France Emile Bertin Émile Bertin Cruiser 156881
France Gloire La Galissonniere Cruiser 156893
France Montcalm La Galissonniere Cruiser 157052
France Pluton Pluton Cruiser 157076
France Suffren Suffren (CA) Cruiser 157106
Spain Canarias Canarias Cruiser 156859
Spain Galicia Cervera Cruiser 156889
Japan Abukuma Nagara Cruiser 163091
Japan Agano Agano Cruiser 156833
Japan Aoba Aoba Cruiser 156842
Japan Ashigara Myōkō Cruiser 163219
Japan Atago Takao Cruiser 156847
Japan Chikuma Tone Cruiser 156864
Japan Chōkai Takao Cruiser 164879
Japan Furutaka Furutaka Cruiser 156887
Japan Haguro Myōkō Cruiser 156898
Japan Idzumo Idzumo Cruiser 157009
Japan Jintsu Sendai Cruiser 157016
Japan Kako Furutaka Cruiser 168371
Japan Kinugasa Aoba Cruiser 157024
Japan Kiso Kuma Cruiser 159223
Japan Kitakami Kuma Cruiser 159222
Japan Kuma Kuma Cruiser 159220
Japan Kumano Mogami Cruiser 157033
Japan Maya Takao Cruiser 157047
Japan Mikuma Mogami Cruiser 156828
Japan Mogami Mogami Cruiser 157049
Japan Myōkō Myōkō Cruiser 157058
Japan Nachi Myōkō Cruiser 157059
Japan Nagara Nagara Cruiser 157060
Japan Naka Sendai Cruiser 157062
Japan Noshiro Agano Cruiser 158011
Japan Ōi Kuma Cruiser 157065
Japan Oyodo Oyodo Cruiser 157071
Japan Sakawa Agano Cruiser 158012
Japan Suzuya Mogami Cruiser 157109
Japan Takao Takao Cruiser 164878
Japan Tama Kuma Cruiser 159221
Japan Tatsuta Tenryū Cruiser 172112
Japan Tenryū Tenryū Cruiser 157116
Japan Tone Tone Cruiser 157119
Japan Yahagi Agano Cruiser 157215
Japan Yubari Yubari Cruiser 157218
The Netherlands Hr. Ms. Jacob van Heemskerck Tromp Cruiser 156995
The Netherlands Hr. Ms. Java Java Cruiser 156996
The Netherlands Hr. Ms. Sumatra Java Cruiser 158339
The Netherlands Hr. Ms. Tromp Tromp Cruiser 156998
United Kingdom HMS Ajax 22 Leander Cruiser 156928
United Kingdom HMS Belfast C35 Town Cruiser 156932
United Kingdom HMS Berwick County Cruiser 185034
United Kingdom HMS Birmingham C19 Town Cruiser 168115
United Kingdom HMS Black Prince 81 Dido Cruiser 156933
United Kingdom HMS Carlisle Carlisle Cruiser 156934
United Kingdom HMS Cornwall County Cruiser 185036
United Kingdom HMS Cumberland County Cruiser 185035
United Kingdom HMS Devonshire 39 County Cruiser 185032
United Kingdom HMS Dorsetshire County Cruiser 185039
United Kingdom HMS Dunedin D Class (C/E/F) Cruiser 156938
United Kingdom HMS Edinburgh C16 Town Cruiser 168111
United Kingdom HMS Enterprise Emerald Cruiser 156940
United Kingdom HMS Euryalus Dido Cruiser 156941
United Kingdom HMS Exeter York Cruiser 156942
United Kingdom HMS Glasgow C21 Town Cruiser 168114
United Kingdom HMS Gloucester C62 Town Cruiser 168117
United Kingdom HMS Hawkins D86 Hawkins Cruiser 156947
United Kingdom HMS Jamaica Crown Colony Cruiser 156952
United Kingdom HMS Kent County Cruiser 156955
United Kingdom HMS Liverpool C11 Town Cruiser 158327
United Kingdom HMS London C69 County Cruiser 185033
United Kingdom HMS Manchester C15 Town Cruiser 168116
United Kingdom HMS Neptune 20 Leander Cruiser 158933
United Kingdom HMS Newcastle C76 Town Cruiser 168112
United Kingdom HMS Norfolk County Cruiser 185038
United Kingdom HMS Norfolk 78 County Cruiser 163180
United Kingdom HMS Orion 85 Leander Cruiser 158932
United Kingdom HMS Penelope Arethusa Cruiser 156963
United Kingdom HMS Raleigh Hawkins Cruiser 185040
United Kingdom HMS Sheffield C24 Town Cruiser 156974
United Kingdom HMS Shropshire County Cruiser 156913
United Kingdom HMS Southampton C83 Town Cruiser 168113
United Kingdom HMS Suffolk County Cruiser 156976
United Kingdom HMS Sussex County Cruiser 185037
United Kingdom HMS York 90 York Cruiser 156988
Australia HMAS Adelaide Birmingham Cruiser 156905
Australia HMAS Australia County Cruiser 156909
Australia HMAS Canberra County Cruiser 156910
Australia HMAS Hobart D63 Leander Cruiser 158934
Australia HMAS Perth D29 Leander Cruiser 156912
Australia HMAS Sydney D48 Leander Cruiser 156915
Finland Ilmarinen Ilmarinen Cruiser 157010
Finland Väinämöinen Ilmarinen Cruiser 157209
Greece Elli Chao Ho Cruiser 170684
Greece Georgios Averof Pisa Cruiser 157233
Italy Alberto da Giussano Condottieri Cruiser 159599
Italy Amalfi Pisa Cruiser 158033
Italy Bolzano Bolzano Cruiser 156855
Italy Duca degli Abruzzi Condottieri Cruiser 156876
Italy Emanuele Filiberto Duca d'Aosta Condottieri Cruiser 156875
Italy Eugenio di Savoia Condottieri Cruiser 156882
Italy Fiume Zara Cruiser 156884
Italy Giovanni Delle Bande Nere Condottieri Cruiser 156890
Italy Giuseppe Garibaldi Condottieri Cruiser 156892
Italy Gorizia Zara Cruiser 156895
Italy Luigi Cadorna Condottieri Cruiser 157041
Italy Pisa Pisa Cruiser 157234
Italy Pola Zara Cruiser 157077
Italy Raimondo Montecuccoli Condottieri Cruiser 157086
Italy Trento Trento Cruiser 159596
Italy Trieste Trento Cruiser 159597
Italy Zara Zara Cruiser 157228
New Zealand HMNZS Achilles 70 Leander Cruiser 156927
New Zealand HMNZS Gambia Crown Colony Cruiser 156924
New Zealand HMNZS Leander 75 Leander Cruiser 156926
Norway HNoMS Eidsvold Eidsvold Cruiser 163573
Norway HNoMS Norge Eidsvold Cruiser 156989
Poland ORP Dragon Danae Cruiser 157069
Soviet Union Admiral Makarov Leipzig Cruiser 158325
Soviet Union Chervona Ukraina Profintern Cruiser 156863
Soviet Union Kaganovich Kirov Cruiser 169217
Soviet Union Kalinin Kirov Cruiser 169218
Soviet Union Kirov Kirov Cruiser 157026
Soviet Union Krasni Krym Profintern Cruiser 157031
Soviet Union Krazny Kavkaz Krasnyi Kavkaz Cruiser 157032
Soviet Union Maxim Gorky Kirov Cruiser 169216
Soviet Union Molotov Kirov Cruiser 157050
Soviet Union Murmansk Omaha Cruiser 158201
Soviet Union Petropavlovsk Admiral Hipper Cruiser 157075
Soviet Union Stalingrad Z15 Condottieri Cruiser 159598
Soviet Union Voroshilov Kirov Cruiser 169215
Thailand HTMS Sri Ayudhya Sri Ayudhya Cruiser 181879
Thailand HTMS Thonburi Sri Ayudhya Cruiser 181878
Argentina ARA General Belgrano C-4 Brooklyn Cruiser 164121
Argentina ARA Nueve de Julio C-5 Brooklyn Cruiser 158030
Brazil Almirante Barroso CL-11 Brooklyn Cruiser 158085
Brazil Tamandare C-12 St. Louis Cruiser 158081
Chile Capitán Prat CL-03 Brooklyn Cruiser 158088
Chile O'Higgins CL-02 Brooklyn Cruiser 158083
India INS Delhi C74 Leander Cruiser 158935