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Strategy & Tactics - Game - 28 - Dark Ages - Military Systems Profile: 500 - 1200 AD

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Strategy & Tactics - Game - 28 - Dark Ages - Military Systems Profile: 500 - 1200 AD
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Title Dark Ages
Subtitle Military Systems Profile: 500 - 1200 AD
Issue 28
Has Game Yes
Publisher Strategic Publications Inc.
Game Name Lost Battles
Circulation 2,500
Solitaire No
Scale Tactical
MSRP $3.00
Page Count 40
Edition Game
Editor Jim Dunnigan
Contributor James F. Dunnigan, Sid Sackson, Stephen B. Patrick
Artist Redmond A. Simonsen
Designer James F. Dunnigan
Game Tags Europe, World War II
Strategy & Tactics - Game - 28 - Dark Ages - Military Systems Profile: 500 - 1200 AD Copyright Held by TroveStar

Description: This game allows for the simulation of Regiment to Battalion sized units fighting in the Soviet Union from 1942 - 1944. The game has that essay quality of many Dunnigan designs. It intentionally does not try to be all encompassing but consciously focuses on specific strands of the story as simply and straight forwardly as possible. Good advice for storytellers and game designers. While a bit primitive by today's standards Lost Battles is nevertheless complete and playable presenting many interesting problems to be solved. Though only four scenarios are provided with game, the highly variable victory conditions actually make the game extremely re-playable. The game also provides brief tools to design many scenarios of your own. In fact you could say that it is this that the game does most best. It is likely that many early designers played a game or two of this before going their own way taking with them the bits and pieces of the simulacrum that suited them.

  • Military Systems Profile: The Dark Ages, 500-1200 by Stephen B. Patrick
  • Eastfront Analysis, Part III: Soviet & German Weapons & Tactics in the East by James F. Dunnigan
  • Outgoing Mail
  • Sackson on Games by Sid Sackson
  • Game Review
  • Pass in Review

Notes: The GAGE review system was replaced with a more standard review format starting in this issue. Authors for the reviews and for the 'Pass in Review' columns are no longer credited. Issue price now at $3.00.

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