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N Scale - Micro-Trains - 993 01 540 - 16-Unit Tank Car Set - Various - Listed in Item Details

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N Scale - Micro-Trains - 993 01 540 - 16-Unit Tank Car Set - Various - Listed in Item Details Image Courtesy of Micro-Trains Line

Stock Number 993 01 540
Secondary Stock Number 993 01 540
Original Retail Price $479.95
Brand Micro-Trains
Manufacturer Micro-Trains Line
Image Provider's Website Link
Body Style Micro Trains Runner Pack
Prototype Description 16-Unit Tank Car Set
Road or Company Name Various (Details)
Reporting Marks Multi
Road or Reporting Number Listed in Item Details
Coupler Type MT Magne-Matic Knuckle
Wheel Type Injection Molded Plastic
Wheel Profile Standard
Body Material Plastic
Multipack Yes
Multipack Count 16
Multipack ID Number 993 01 540
Announcement Date 2017-02-01
Release Date 2017-08-01
Item Category Rolling Stock (Freight)
Model Type Freight Cars

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Specific Item Information: It is common today to see miles of similarly marked tank cars snaking their way from the refineries to major distribution centers. As a safety measure, Buffer Cars, generally older covered hoppers, are placed at the head of the consist and at the rear providing crush space in case of an accident. This new 16-car set features two BNSF Airslide Hoppers converted to Buffer Cars and 14 modern CTCX tank cars giving the modeler a ready-to-run, movable pipeline for their layouts.

Boxcars: 094 51 045, 808076 and 094 52 045. Tank Cars: 110 53 320, 730843; 110 54 320, 730847; 110 55 320, 730849; 110 56 320, 730850; 110 57 320, 730852; 110 58 320, 730859; 110 59 320, 730862; 110 60 320, 730868; 110 61 320, 730876; 110 62 320, 730882; 110 63 320, 730883; 110 64 320, 730895; 110 65 320, 730897; 110 66 320, 730900.

Model Information: Many times since Micro-Trains/Kadee first started producing cars in 1972, they have sold 'multipacks' of cars in shrink-wrapped bundles. These releases have bundles several different items with the same theme together in a single shrink-wrapped packaged. However, in April of 2007, due to demand for groups of cars with the same paint scheme yet with different road numbers, the "Runner Pack" was born.

Runner pack number one got a special presentation box instead of simple shrink wrap and contained four different Pennsy boxcars with identical paint schemes yet different road numbers. These releases were intended for people who like to "run" their cars yet like each car to have a different road number. The 4-car runner packs have been very successful and were joined later by 8-car packs as well as 3-packs of larger, more expensive cars. Over 100 different box sets in this series have been produced by MTL as of 2017.

Road Name History: This set of items is comprised of more than one name. Please look at the component items for details on the specific roadnames and/or manufacturers.

Brand/Importer Information: Micro-Trains is the brand name used by both Kadee Quality Products and Micro-Trains Line. For a history of the relationship between the brand and the two companies, please consult our Micro-Trains Collector's Guide.

Manufacturer Information: Micro-Trains Line split off from Kadee Quality Products in 1990. Kadee Quality Products originally got involved in N-Scale by producing a scaled-down version of their successful HO Magne-Matic knuckle coupler system. This coupler was superior to the ubiquitous 'Rapido' style coupler due to two primary factors: superior realistic appearance and the ability to automatically uncouple when stopped over a magnet embedded in a section of track. The success of these couplers in N-Scale quickly translated to the production of trucks, wheels and in 1972 a release of ready-to-run box cars.

Micro-Trains Line Co. split off from Kadee in 1990 to form a completely independent company. For this reason, products from this company can appear with labels from both enterprises. Due to the nature of production idiosyncrasies and various random factors, the rolling stock from Micro-Trains can have all sorts of interesting variations in both their packaging as well as the products themselves. When acquiring an MTL product it is very important to understand these important production variations that can greatly enhance (or decrease) the value of your purchase.

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