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Rail - Locomotive - Electric - Bombardier TRAXX

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Name Locomotive, Electric, Bombardier TRAXX
Region Europe
Category Rail
Type Locomotive
SubType Electric
Variety Bombardier TRAXX
Manufacturer Bombardier (Details)
Era Epoch IV (1968-1985)
Year(s) of Production 1996-2018

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History: Bombardier TRAXX is a modular product platform of electric and Diesel-electric mainline locomotives built by Bombardier Transportation, built in both freight and passenger variants. The first version was a dual voltage AC locomotive built from 2000 for German railways; later versions include DC versions, as well as quadruple voltage machines, able to operate on most European electrification schemes: 1.5/3.0 kV DC and 15/25 kV AC. The family was expanded to include diesel powered versions in 2006. Elements common to all variants include the steel bodyshells, the two bogies with two powered axles each, the three-phase asynchronous induction motors, the cooling exhausts on the roof edges, and the wheel disc brakes.

The TRAXX brand name itself was introduced in 2003. The acronym stands for Transnational Railway Applications with eXtreme fleXibility. Locomotives were primarily made for the railways of Germany, with orders coming from other countries including France, Israel, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain, Hungary, South Africa and the Netherlands.

From Wikipedia

Bombardier supplies rail vehicles, systems and services to major transit and airport authorities across the United States. We are a market leader in rail transportation manufacturing with a broad range of products in service. Our installed fleet includes high-speed trains, commuter trains, locomotives, light-rail vehicles, subway vehicles, monorails, signaling systems, and fully automated transit systems.

Bombardier entered the U.S. rail transportation market in 1976 and won its first major U.S. contract for 825 subway cars in New York City in 1982. Today, Bombardier's rail business employs U.S. workers in locations across 12 states. This includes two manufacturing sites outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that build rail products for both domestic and export markets, and one in Plattsburgh, New York, that builds rail vehicles for U.S. customers.

Bombardier also operates a network of maintenance centers supporting commuter rail fleets in Baltimore, Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, and San Diego. We provide operations and maintenance services for a light rail fleet in southern New Jersey as well. We manage operations and maintenance services for driverless transit systems in 14 U.S. cities, and have a vehicle and component refurbishment center in New York. Our U.S.-based parts distribution center for rail is in Plattsburgh, New York.

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