Login to TroveStar

Why Google?

Simply because it is more secure for you. Please remember that the Google login process does not share your password with TroveStar. Click here to read more about this on our help page.

Furthermore, TroveStar has a strict NO-SPAM policy. Your email address is only used to verify you are human and is never shared, sold or otherwise abused.


Why Login?

You might wish to visit our About TroveStar page to better understand why we would like you to log in.

Logins are only necessary if you wish to add or edit content in TroveStar. You are welcome to browse the collections without any need to log in at all.

We genuinely wish we could allow folks to contribute data without needing to identify themselves, but there are many bad actors out there who will inject spam adverstising into any website that permits this. The developers cannot be spending all their time mucking out the database everytime a new pirate system attacks TroveStar.

If you do choose to login, your email address will need to be enabled to edit any collections you wish to contribute to. Once you are logged in, visit your profile page to get access to the various collections.