About TroveStar

TroveStar is an online collection management tool for collectors by collectors.

The TroveStar database provides collectors with accurate, up-to-date reference data on a variety of collectibles, including fine arts, antiques, coins and model scale trains.

We created TroveStar because of the lack of good quality reference data on collectibles. Before TroveStar, collectors eager for information about some of their collectibles often times faced some of the following frustrating scenarios: lack of data, stale data, costly subscriptions or advertisement-infested sites. Now, with TroveStar, collectors have a cost-free way to readily access and share information with other collectors.

Share your expertise and become a contributor

Initially, TroveStar began with one checklist (U.S. coins). With the help of contributors, the TroveStar database currrently contains more than two dozen collections / 50,000+ items and is growing every day. We know TroveStar is only as good as our contributors make it, so we have made it really easy to log-in and contribute. Here's how:

To help collect, edit and maintain data in an existing checklist, please take the following two simple steps:

  1. Log in. The website will ask for a valid Google e-mail address. TroveStar tracks all data edits made by a contributor's email and uses the Google single-sign-on mechanism (so it never needs to know your password). We use this mechanism because it is easier to remember your Google password than to create yet another user/password combination and worry that this information is going to another potentially unsecure website. With the Google mechanism, TroveStar only knows your e-mail i.d., not your Google password.
  2. Visit your Profile Page. Scroll down to the Checklist you want to access. Click the Request User Access or the Request Admin Access options. Both levels allow you to edit items. Admin Access allows you to modify the fields available in the checklist itself as well as approve edits made by users.

To add a new collection or checklist, please e-mail us at admin@trovestar.com.

TroveStar is a genuine Massachusetts-based LLC. Contact us at admin@trovestar.com. Team TroveStar would love to hear from you!