TroveStar Database News

This page lists the latest changes to the TroveStar database.

General Information

Available! Premium Subscriptions


Dear TroveStar Users:

Our Premium subscription is now available.

In our article Keeping the Lights On, we requested your generosity to support us continue operating this unique website.
We consider that your generosity needs to be rewarded, and therefore we will distinguish our donators as Premium users.

A Premium user will not be just an honorific title, it ... [more] ...

New Collector Features


We just added two cool new features to assist people with managing their collections.

Collector Valuation. Now, when you view an item, you can see what other collectors think it is worth. We won't tell you who has it, because that information is private, but we will tell you the average value computed across all other collectors who own that item. This can help you determine how much you should pay for an item when shopping on eBay, or how much you might get if you decide to ... [more] ...

Prototype description


We have just rationalized the usage of two Prototype fields that you will find on the various model train databases (N, Z and HO, to date).

See here our article on the subject.

Collections sorted properly


Collections are now properly sorted based on their main fields, such as Brand and Stock number for the train collections.

The collection editor also displays the very same columns as in view mode, and the items are shown in the same order as in view mode.

It is possible to modify the sort order by clicking on the title of a column.

Signature for messages


It is now possible to define in your user profile a signature that will be automatically applied to all messages that you'll compose using our internal messaging system.

In order to define your signature, edit your profile and fill in the "User Signature" field, then press the "Update User" button at the bottom of the page.
Note that your signature can contain several lines. For now, t ... [more] ...

Collection Upload - now available


Our upload tool for personal inventory is now available for N and Z scale model train collections.

If you have your inventory already available in an electronic format, you might very understandably be reluctant to input it again manually in TroveStar.
This is why TroveStar now offers you the possibility to upload it in order to avoid this.

Click here for all details on the way to proceed.
... [more] ...

Resources & Links - Winter overhaul


What's this ?

You may already have noticed in the Database menu an option named Resources, now renamed Resources & Links for clarity.

Did you already visit this page? If not, well you should!

We have made a serious overhaul of the resources pages for all Model Trains databases lately.
All Query Pages that were only available for N scale model train database, are now all available for Z and HO model train databases.
The Quer ... [more] ...

Collection Uploads Imminent


We are in the final phases of testing our new collection upload function for N Scale model trains. Stay tuned !

The upload function will also be available for Z Scale model trains, and soon after for HO Scale model trains.

Classified Updates


When items are placed up for sale, often the seller can (and should) take a photo of the actual item for sale.

However, often the TroveStar classified would show the stock image even when a specific image was made available for the classified item in question. I modified the classified image presentation so that in most cases the image of the specific item being sold was displayed in lieu of the stock photograph, as long as the seller provided one.

Guest Users Can Now Shop


I finished a major cleanup of the guest user shopping code. This means you do not need to register on the TroveStar site to BUY items. You still cannot edit or create items unless you are a registered user with the appropriate permits, but this should be a relief to folks who see cool items in the classified ads, but don't like the idea of site registration.

New features in TroveStar - Help page


We have just added a new Help page: What's New?
This will give you the latest news about new features and changes to the TroveStar website.

New databases in TroveStar: Merchant Ships and associated classes


Databases and Collections


For clarity, the following terms are now used in the user interface:

  • Database: one of the many checklists hosted by TroveStar whether for scale trains or watches or many others. Was formerly referred to as 'Collection'.
  • Collection: a selection of items from a given database, either owned by an individual or associated to a specific theme. Collections can be public or private.

New databases in TroveStar: Books, Writers and Publishers