NEW Models from Atlas: 60 Ft Passenger Cars

Published: 2017-05-28 - By: Jenna
Last updated on: 2018-01-18
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A few weeks ago, Atlas Model Railroad Co. issued a Surprise Announcement: the release of a completely new set of models, Atlas N Trainman 60' Passenger Cars. These cars are all modeled after ACF (American Car & Foundry) prototypes.

With an estimated arrival date of 1st Quarter 2018, the five new available cars will be: Baggage car, RPO car, Combine car, Passenger coach and Observation Car. Single cars will be available painted for $36.95 and unlettered for $28.95. There will also be 5-packs in each paint scheme for $174.95. There will be no overlap in road numbers between the 5-packs and single cars, so collectors will want both.

Paint Schemes & Road Numbers
Each car type will be available in five paint schemes and unlettered (green/black). The road names are: C&O, C&NW, Lackawanna, New Haven and Santa Fe.

Where Atlas REALLY got it right was in offering coaches in FOUR different road numbers (five if you count the one in the 5-pack) for each road name; whereas Observation cars come only in one number (plus a second in the 5-pack). Remember, every modeler only needs ONE observation car in their consist, but always needs a bunch of coaches.

These cars are based upon C&NW and CNJ prototypes manufactured by ACF. They feature: full-scale dimensions and details; separately applied window glazing; detailed interiors (excluding baggage car); and diaphragms and roof vents. The Observation car includes separately applied end railing details and a drumhead. The cars come shipped with AccuMate® operating knuckle couplers.

There is a pre-order deadline of June 7th 2017.

Here's a link to the Atlas product description.

In the past, Atlas released passenger cars produced by Rivarossi, an Italian manufacturer of model railways, which was acquired by Hornby Railways in 2004. These cars represent a new path for the New Jersey-based company.

To see some of the older Atlas/Rivarossi models for comparison, you can click this TroveStar link: other Atlas passenger car releases.