Walthers to Release SW1500 Switchers

Published: 2017-06-27 - By: gdm
Last updated on: 2018-07-30
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Updated with corrections from MTL on 6-30. We are glad to know that Micro-Trains reads our blog. We regret this mistake and sincerely apologize for the misleading information contained in our original post. As always, we appreciate feedback on our blogs, especially when they contain errors.

As many of us know, the SW1500 that is being produced by Micro-Trains both within their train sets and as individual units has a mechanical mechanism that is provided by Walthers. The shell of the MTL products, of course, is designed, tooled, produced, decorated and assembled by Micro-Trains, but the power chassis is a Walthers product.

The unit is a high-quality locomotive and a serious upgrade from the mechanism used with older Life-Like and Micro-Trains switchers. Naturally therefore, Walthers has decided to make their own shells for this excellent mechanism and market these locos directly to hobbyists. We can only assume that Walthers will work with MTL to provide an even wider selection of road names and paint schemes for N Scale enthusiasts to choose from. The Walthers rep told us we can look forward to seeing Walthers switchers (with Walthers-made shells) available in the next year.

--Team TroveStar