Rapido Announces 8600-Series Lightweight Coach

Published: 2017-06-27 - By: gdm
Last updated on: 2018-01-18
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Rapido will be producing the 8600-Series lightweight passenger coach in N Scale. The prototype is a streamlined lightweight coach firs produced starting in 1945 and remained in service until 1988. The cars will list at $59.95/car cad the order deadline is September 15th, 2017. Expect delivery is early 2018. This is the first time this prototype has been modeled in N Scale.

Available road names will be: New Haven, Penn Central and MBTA. The New Haven models will be available in two paint schemes and one of the paint schemes comes either with or without side skirts.

The model features:
  • Accurately scaled from original blueprints
  • Designed with input from NHRHTA
  • Correct tubular cross section with accurate Pullman-Standard stainless steel fluting profile
  • Rapido’s renowned stainless steel finish at the correct color temperature for New Haven’s cars
  • Partial skirting or no skirting as appropriate
  • All-new 41-BNO-11 outside swinghanger trucks with metal wheelsets
  • Full interior and underbody detail
  • End diaphragms with etched metal end gates
  • “Easy-Peasy” battery-operated interior lighting
  • Six car numbers plus un-numbered available per paint scheme