InterMountain to Release Tier4 GEVOs

Published: 2017-08-15 - By: gdm
Last updated on: 2018-01-18
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Due to personal reasons, Fox Valley is handing off production of the T4 GEVO's that they announced last July (2016) to InterMountain. The release has an order deadline of September 30th with an expected delivery of Spring 2018.

Although it will use the same mechanism as the Fox Valley GEVO, the shell is a completely new tooling. The release will consist of six paint schemes each with six road numbers. Each road number will be available in DC, DCC and DCC with Sound configurations.

This prototype is also being produced by so it will be interesting to see who does the better job. The InterMountain version will use the same proven mechanism from Fox Valley's earlier GEVO release so we expect both models to be of fairly high quality. See our earlier blog article on the T4 GEVO.

Click here for the press release.