Atlas to Re-release N Scale GP-30 Loco in Sound-enabled Version

Published: 2017-11-16 - By: Jenna
Last updated on: 2021-01-06
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Atlas GP-30 Locomotive

Earlier this month, Atlas announced it will produce new paint schemes and road numbers for its GP-30 loco, based on the prototype built in the 1960s by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors.

These locos have an expected ship date of 2nd quarter 2018 with a pre-order date of December 6, 2017.

Similar to other engine product announcements from Atlas, this release will feature factory-installed sound capabilities.

Produced under Atlas' Master® Line Locomotives brand, this release will include both Atlas Master Silver (MSRP $129.95) and Atlas Master Gold (MSRP $239.95) versions. The Silver version will be a DC powered mechanism while the Gold version will be DCC with Sound. Unlike InterMountain's locomotive releases there will be no DCC-Without-Sound option.

The GP-30 Phase 1 loco will come with and without a nose headlight and feature 2 new paint schemes (Kansas City Southern and Rio Grande). Six new road numbers (3 for Burlington Northern and 3 for B&O) will also be available.

The GP-30 Phase 2 loco will come with and without a nose headlight. It will feature 2 new paint schemes (Reading & Northern and Rio Grande). Three new road numbers each will be available for Pennsylvania and Union Pacific.

Some engine features include: golden-white LEDs, directional lighting, and dual brass flywheels. Atlas Master® Gold version features ESU Exclusive “Full Throttle” features for ultimate realism in prototype running. The Atlas Master® Silver version is Sound Ready and equipped with speaker for easy conversion to DCC sound.

Here is a link to the Atlas website.

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