N-Scale Rewards Program Off to Strong Start

Published: 2016-04-12 - By: Jenna
Last updated on: 2016-04-12
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Thanks to the efforts of our Rewards participants, in less than two weeks, our n-scale database has grown by more than 1,900 trains and now includes over 12,700 locomotives and rolling stock.

Thank you to all of our participants who have added reference data on old and new trains from different manufacturers, including Atlas, MicroTrains and Trainworx.

Thus far, Rewards participants have earned a variety of trains, including rolling stock from MicoTrains (weathered / graffiti) and engines from Kato. With the help of Rewards participants and other contributors to the n-scale database, we are committed to creating a comprehensive listing of all n-scale trains (by road name / road number), which we believe will be an invaluable resource for train enthusiasts. We know we have a ways to go before reaching this goal. After all, by our estimate, somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 total items have been produced since the 1960s. Maybe more once you count European and Japanese models, which we hope to include in the n-scale database soon (hint, hint to any collectors of European and Japanese trains).

Share and Earn
A number of Rewards participants are already working towards earning additional trains and some are in the process of entering data to receive their first trains. We encourage more n-scale enthusiasts to take part in this program and share their expertise and earn free trains to boot! To that end, we tried to make participating in the Program as easy and attractive as possible. Click here to see what two Program participants posted on the model train forum, TrainBoard, about entering train reference data.

Click here to learn more about this Program.

For directions on how to enter reference data, please click here.