Atlas Announces New Tooling: N Scale SD60E Loco

Published: 2018-01-11 - By: Jenna
Last updated on: 2018-01-18
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On January 11, 2018, Atlas announced a new loco tooling: the SD60E Locomotive. This model is based on Norfolk Southern's efforts to get more life out of their SD60 fleet.

This item has a pre-order date of February 14, 2018. We could not find an estimated delivery date.

Similar to other engine product announcements from Atlas over the past year, this loco will be available with and without built-in DCC-Sound functionality.

Produced under Atlas' Master® Line Locomotives brand, this release will include both Atlas Master Silver (MSRP $149.95) and Atlas Master Gold (MSRP $259.95) versions. The Silver version will be a DC powered mechanism while the Gold version will be DCC with Sound.

This engine will be available undecorated and come in the Southern Pacific road name / paint schemes and 5 road numbers.

Some product features include: AccuMate® magnetic knuckle couplers, operating front and rear ditch lights and PTC Antenna Array.

Here is a link to the Atlas website.

This engine is a modified Southern Pacific SD60 loco. Here is a link to Atlas SD60 Locomotives on TroveStar.