See DB Content by Brand, Type and Body at a Glance

Published: 2016-06-17 - By: Jenna
Last updated on: 2021-07-21
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At latest count, our n-scale train database now includes more than 17K engines, rolling stock, vehicles and other model train-related items. Whether it’s keeping up with recent releases (listing Micro-Trains’ most recent weathered car releases (June 2016) for example), expanding the breadth of our listings to include more than North American prototypes (for instance, adding the Toyamako line /Japanese light-rail trams that service the coastal city of Toyama, Japan) or including Southern Pacific / Lark series passenger cars (one of our Rewards Program participants hails from the Golden State), we add more items to the db every day.

To make it easier to get a quick overview of what’s included in this 17K+ item n-scale db, our trains home page now lists items in three different categories: Brand, Type and Body. At a moment’s glance, you can now readily see the following:
  1. the more than 45 manufacturers / brands featured (spanning the alphabet from Atlas Model Railroad, Rapido Trains to Wheels of Time)
  2. the 55+ Types (for example, autorack, caboose and tank car) included and
  3. the hundreds of Body types (for instance, Athearn Caboose Bay Window and Con-Cor Autorack Tri-Level Enclosed, and Rapido 37 Foot Meat Packers Reefer) listed in this growing db.