8 Reasons to Check out the N Scale Enthusiast/TroveStar Classifieds

Published: 2018-03-06 - By: Jenna
Last updated on: 2021-01-06
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The NSE / TroveStar Classifieds is a peer-to-peer, fixed-price marketplace for n-scale folks who want to buy and / or sell locos, rolling stock or accessories.

  1. Peruse more than 1,165 items for offer

  2. Find a variety of new and used items, including collector’s items (Special Runs by MTL, Atlas, Deluxe Innovations, N. Am. Railcar and InterMountain) commissioned by the NSE

  3. Enjoy “one-click listing” functionality. Sellers (NSE Members) list items by simply using the reference data, descriptions and images from an existing database item on TroveStar

  4. Be part of a the n-scale marketplace that more and more sellers join on a regular basis

  5. Find items for sale as low as $3.00

  6. Take advantage of pricing that is a significant discount versus eBay.

  7. No fees for buyers; NSE members get to list their first 25 items as part of their membership benefits (further listings cost dramatically LESS than eBay)

  8. Participate in a marketplace that continues to grow (hundreds more items will be listed in coming weeks)

You can learn more about the the NSE / TroveStar Classifieds when you read N-TRAK Newsletter's Q&A with N-Scale Enthusiast’s George Johnsen about the NSE / TroveStar Classifieds (November/December 2017).