Athearn to Re-release its N-scale Thrall High Side Gondola

Published: 2018-04-18 - By: Jenna
Last updated on: 2018-04-19
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In late March 2018, Athearn announced that it will re-release its n-scale thrall high side gondola (individual $24.98 and 3-pack $69.98). Orders are due April 27, 2018 with an estimated delivery of March 2019.

In brief, this release includes:
  • Two new road names: RJ Corman and Midwest Car
  • New road numbers for Santa Fe
  • New Paint Schemes for Herzog and Wisconsin Electric
  • Perhaps the most interesting part of this release is the Commonwealth Edison road name. Athearn is appealing to folks who want to model prototypically correct road names and will be producing Commonwealth Edison in billboard (with "Commonwealth Edison" and an image of a light bulb) and so-called intermediate versions, which are very plain, featuring data only.
Similar to previous Athearn releases, this product will feature body mount couplers and metal wheels. For more information about this re-release, here is a link to the Athearn pdf for this product.

Here is a link to other Athearn n-scale n-scale thrall high side gondolas on TroveStar.