Where are the Special Runs on TroveStar?

Published: 2018-06-17 - By: Alain LM
Last updated on: 2021-07-21
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Where are the Special Runs on TroveStar?

Those folks who are familiar with the TroveStar N scale database might have noticed that as of today, June 17, 2018, there are no more 'Micro-Trains Special Run', 'Atlas Special Run' or any 'brand Special Run' in the 'Brands' list on the landing page.

So where have they gone, and how do you find them?

A few weeks ago, we added a new field called 'Production Type' for all items. This field specifies whether an item is a 'Regular production' or a 'Special Run.' This very same field can also take additional values such as 'Custom' (if you wish to enter a custom model of yours), or 'Announced' (for items announced but not yet released) or 'Canceled' (for those items announced that never saw the light of day). Thanks to this new field, we thinks it's unnecessary to keep a distinction at brand level between regular and special runs.

So, what does all of this mean for you?

I'll use an InterMountain Special Runs example to help explain. Previously, when you selected 'InterMountain Special Run' from the main (landing) page, then chose a 'Body Style,' you ended up like this:
Selection of InterMountain Special Runs, before the change
If you had selected the regular InterMountain, and then the same 'Body Style,' you would have gotten something like this:
Selection of InterMountain regular production, before the change
So now, what do you do? Select the brand you want, as before - regardless of 'Special Run'.

Then in the selection drop-down list, you'll find an additional choice called 'Production Type.' Click on it, and you are given the choice to select between 'Regular Production' or 'Special Runs' or others if they exist for that brand and body style.

Selection of Production type, after the change
Here you go; now you have selected the Special Runs from Intermountain for that particular body style.
Selection of Special Runs, after the change

We recognize that this requires one more click compared to the previous method; but we believe that this gives folks even more flexibility in sorting items in the database. As a result, we have decided to adopt this change.

Click here to see all InterMountain Special Runs on TroveStar. From there you can select other special runs, just by changing the brand.

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Alain is an avid n-scale modeler who collects North American rolling stock with a focus on Canadian railroads and BNSF and all its predecessors. He occasionally purchases other models from European railroads. He has been using DCC since it's been available and successfully mixes North American and European DCC equipment. Alain regularly contributes to the TroveStar N Scale Model Trains Database (code, data and blogs), as well as to JMRI. By day, Alain works for a world-class railway signaling firm as an automation and real-time industrial computing engineer. This Frenchman lives near Paris.