Another SD40-2 announced by Broadway Limited Imports

Published: 2018-06-26 - By: Alain LM
Last updated on: 2018-06-26
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Broadway Limited Imports just announced a new model that will add to their N scale locomotive range: the EMD SD40-2.
The model with be available in July 2018.
It will come only in DCC/DC/Sound version with BLI Paragon 3 decoder technology.
MSRP: $249.99 - already discounted 30% in on-line stores
Roadnames : ATSF, BNSF, Chessie System, CN, Conrail, CSX, NS, UP and unpainted.

The market is going to be very cluttered with no less than 3 types of SD40-2 currently available from Kato, Intermountain and now BLI.
One can question the rationale for BLI to release another SD40-2 only 18 months after Intermountain released its own SD40-2 with a much larger number of roadnames and variants (high hood SP, snoot nose ATSF).
So we'll need to see when we have the BLI in hands if this is a major breakthrough compared to the Intermountain, the quality of which being largely improvable.