When to Create a New Vehicle, and when not to.

Published: 2018-11-04 - By: gdm
Last updated on: 2022-02-07
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The Make, Model, Year and Variation Rules for this database.

So you need to know whether to create a new entry in the vehicle database and when not to. We only need one Chevrolet Corvette. Period. We don't need one for every body modification or convertible vs hard top. But we do need more 'generic' categories when the model is supplied without sufficient detail such as my "Autmobile, Fiat" example. Hence every Make&Model is welcome. Make*Model&Year is not. Make&Model&Variation is not. Sometimes it is a judgement call.

Here are some tips:


  • Automobile, Sedan (needed for when nothing is specified on package and user is not a car-nut and has no clue tof the make and model)
  • Automobile, Fiat, Sedan (needed when manufacturer is lazy and doesn't bother to add the model to the packaging)
  • Automobile, Fiat 131 (Make & Model - perfect!
  • Automobile, Fiat, Mirafiori (Fiat uses both 131 and Mirafiori to describe same car. However, if this model is already in the database as the 131, then don't add the Mirafiori as well.)

Not acceptable:

  • Automobile, Fiat, Sedan 131 1975 (Year is not welcome)
  • Automobile, Fiat, Sedan 131 Familiare (Variation is not welcome)
  • Automobile, Fiat, Sedan 131 1975 Familiare (year & variation is a double faux pas.)