JTC Announces New N Scale Body Style: NSC 53 foot Well Car

Published: 2019-11-13 - By: gdm
Last updated on: 2019-11-13
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JTC announced several items at Trainfest 2019 which included:
  • 40' standard height schemes in two different body styles (1960's - 1990's)
  • The next schemes for 40' chassis, will be sold in two packs for $31.95
  • Display of future release items of 40'HC and 20'std. containers
  • National Steel Car (NSC) 9 post 53' well car MSRP $44.95 features below:
    • Diecast body
    • 9 post NWF13A
    • Etched stainless steel walk ways at the end, which include step and grab bar for durability
    • Body mounted MT couplers
    • MT 100 ton trucks
    • IBC pin holes for JTC 20' containers
    • IBC pin holes (elongated) to accept other manufacturer's containers that might have IBC pins (JTC containers preferred)
    • Prototype built in 2006