Why Do We Require a Google ID

Published: 2020-01-04 - By: gdm
Last updated on: 2020-01-04
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Question: Is there some way to become a registered user on TroveStar without having a Google account?

Answer: I'm afraid that the short answer is no, there is no other way than to go through a Google account for signing in to our site.

The longer answer is that we have decided to use the strong authentication system provided by Google, that is much (much) more secure than anything that we could have designed by ourselves; it also is a warranty for our users that their credentials will not be compromised should our site be hacked, as we do not store any!

You can easily and freely create a dedicated Google account to connect to TroveStar and use it only for that purpose; this would be similar to creating a dedicated account for our site, should we have implemented our own authentication system.

Once connected to TroveStar, you can disconnect from Google in your browser; you will remain connected to TroveStar, but Google will not track anything else from your browser.

For communication with us or for messages sent by our site, you can provide any email address of your choice; you don't have to use any Google/gmail address.

So your interaction with Google will be very minimal and the only thing that Google will know about you is that you connect to our site, which is probably not a very critical information.