Resources & Links - Winter overhaul

Published: 2020-01-08 - By: Alain LM
Last updated on: 2020-01-12
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What's this ?

You may already have noticed in the Database menu an option named Resources, now renamed Resources & Links for clarity.

Did you already visit this page? If not, well you should!

We have made a serious overhaul of the resources pages for all Model Trains databases lately.
All Query Pages that were only available for N scale model train database, are now all available for Z and HO model train databases.
The Query Pages are links to special pages, created for a given database, that will give you information specific to that database, essentially listing that you could not get using the regular interface.

For Model Trains, let's mention:
  • List of Body Styles, list of empty or broken body styles (for curators to take care of)
  • Duplicates, for curators to take care of (by deleting real duplicates)
  • List of Locomotives or Rolling Stock per Road Name
  • List of Roadnames, showing those used and those not used (remember, Roadnames is a separate database called 'Companies')
  • ... and our new model train search pages.


The Resources & Links also contains several links (depending on database) to various pages or sites of interest for this database.
It is important to understand that any registered user to that database can add and fix links.

So please don't hesitate to add your own links of interest or to fix (or delete) broken links.

Direct links to the model trains Resources & Links pages:

Direct links to the model trains Search pages:

Our new trains Search page is a specialized search page focusing on the following search terms:
Stock number - Brand - Road Name - Road Number
Note that you will get direct access to the model trains Search page from the regular Search page, as soon as you select a model train collection.

Of course, if this is not fitting your search criteria, you can still use our Advanced Search page.