Contributing a Blog Article

Published: 2022-03-05 - By: gdm
Last updated on: 2022-03-05
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You can either send us your article (Word or plain text) and photos by email, or post it directly in our blog section (HTML formatting), after your have requested a user permit for the N scale collection.

Who can write reviews / articles?

Anyone interested in n-scale. You don’t need to be a professional writer or reviewer. Your grammar and spelling can be off. We will edit it.

What can I review / write about?

  • Prototype articles: information about a prototype. Articles about prototypes must have an n-scale equivalent.
  • Product Reviews: Information about an n scale model. Reviews of rollingstock and locos should be about items that have been released or re-released within the last two years.
All articles must include a photo of the prototype (for prototype articles), or a model (for review articles). You may include a picture you have taken or any picture in the public domain. Photos taken from Wikipedia should be noted as such.

What information should be in a Product Review?

  • Who made it
  • How much did it cost
  • What kind of couplers does it use (if any). Are they truck-mount or body mount
  • Wheels: metal or plastic
  • Physical detail commentary: brake wheels, roof walks, underframe
  • For locomotives, does it run well and does it support DCC
  • Are you happy with the model - reasons why or why not
Things to include in a Prototype article:
  • When was it made
  • Who made it
  • What was it specifically designed for
  • Was it popular or a flop
  • What makes it interesting (if anything)
How long should the review / article be?
  • Long (minimum of 500 words)
  • Short (minimum of 250 words)