A Letter to TroveStar

Published: 2023-06-27 - By: gdm
Last updated on: 2023-06-27
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The following is a letter sent to us by a new user, George Morten. Helping people like George is the whole reason we created TroveStar and it is really awesome when we get feedback like this.

I found TroveStar while researching numerous N scale freight cars that I purchased almost 50 years ago after I abandoned HO scale. I was living in an apartment then (in my 20s) and decided N scale was the way to go. Most of my collection from that time was Con-Cor and Kadee, with a smattering of Atlas, MRC, and an odd Trix or two.

The database has been very useful in providing missing information about many of the cars, and in some cases, it helped me identify basic info about several cars. I had foolishly discarded the plastic boxes that all the cars came in, using them instead for small spare parts, nails, screws, and the like.

Fifty years later, I'm trying to locate plastic boxed to safeguard my old collection. (Thankfully I kept the cases and nests for the locomotives!) Unfortunately, I have virtually no spare space to set up a layout, not even a small one. Hope spring eternal, though....