Northeast N-TRAK Exhibits at Scottish Rite Museum

Published: 2017-02-22 - By: Jenna
Last updated on: 2021-01-04
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Tour of Northeast NTRAK Modules

On February 19th and 20th, the Northeast N-TRAK Club exhibited at the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library, Lexington, MA.

This is an unusual show because the operating train displays are the one and only attraction, which results in less foot traffic but a more focused and enthusiastic crowd.

Broadway Ltd E7 Boston & Maine pulling
Rapido Trains Inc. Osgood Bradley lighted coaches

Case in point: One young boy came to the show both days. He enjoyed taking the controls and running Rapido Trains Inc. Osgood Bradley lighted coaches pulled by a Broadway Ltd E7 Boston & Maine while the train traveled along a wide array of layouts, including scenic Canyons & Bridges, Disney Land, a U.S. Army Base, an auto-train (pre-Amtrak) depot, a cityscape with an active fire, a feed mill and a Seattle skyline.

On Sunday, this young boy returned to run another passenger service, this time one based in France: Kato Lemke TGV Lyria SNCF passenger service trains.

This show was a great way for train buffs and young train enthusiasts to connect.

The museum even provided foot stools for these young attendees!