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Image Maker Catalog ID Type Description ID
Gustav Stickley409TableLibrary Table, Hard Leather Top26001
Gustav Stickley607TableRound Table25722
Gustav Stickley611TableSquare Table25729
Gustav Stickley613TableLibrary Table, Wood Top25830
Gustav Stickley614TableLibrary Table, Wood Top25825
Gustav Stickley614LTableLibrary Table, Hard Leather Top25826
Gustav Stickley615TableLibrary Table, Wood Top25827
Gustav Stickley615TableLibrary Table, Wood Top25828
Gustav Stickley615LTableLibrary Table, Hard Leather Top25829
Gustav Stickley616TableLibrary Table, Wood Top25823
Gustav Stickley616LTableLibrary Table, Hard Leather Top25824
Gustav Stickley619TableLibrary Table, Wood Top25838
Gustav Stickley619LTableLibrary Table, Hard Leather Top25839
Gustav Stickley622TableDining or Library Table25842
Gustav Stickley623TableTable25834
Gustav Stickley624TableHexagonal Library Table, Wood Top25835
Gustav Stickley624TableLibrary Table, Wood Top25844
Gustav Stickley624LTableHexagonal Library Table, Hard Leather Top25837
Gustav Stickley626TableTable25746
Gustav Stickley626LTableTable25747
Gustav Stickley631Table8' Director's Table25846
Gustav Stickley631 1/2Table6' Director's Table25847
Gustav Stickley632TableRound Table, 5-Leg, Extensible (5 versions)25875
Gustav Stickley633TableLibrary Table, Wood Top25744
Gustav Stickley633LTableLibrary Table, Hard Leather Top25745
Gustav Stickley634TableRound Dining Table25852
Gustav Stickley637TableLibrary Table, Wood Top25832
Gustav Stickley637LTableLibrary Table, Hard Leather Top25833
Gustav Stickley638TableDrop-Leaf Table25910
Gustav Stickley639TableChild's Table25945
Gustav Stickley640TableChild's Table25936
Gustav Stickley644TableTable25756
Gustav Stickley645TableTable25757
Gustav Stickley646TableTable25758
Gustav Stickley647TableLunch Table25831
Gustav Stickley649TableTable25752
Gustav Stickley650TableTable25751
Gustav Stickley651TableTable, Wood Top25753
Gustav Stickley651LTableTable, Leather Top25754
Gustav Stickley652TableLibrary Table25759
Gustav Stickley653TableLibrary Table25760
Gustav Stickley656TableRound Table, 4 Sizes (48" - 60")25873
Gustav Stickley658TableChild's Table (Round)25937
Gustav Stickley667TableTable25742
Gustav Stickley668TableTable25743
Gustav Stickley669TableTable25741
Gustav Stickley671TableRound Drop-Leaf Table25749
Gustav Stickley672TableRound Drop-Leaf Table25750
Gustav Stickley673TableRound Drop-Leaf Table25748
Gustav Stickley675TableTable, Wood Top25840
Gustav Stickley675LTableTable, Hard Leather Top25841
Gustav Stickley907TableDressing Table with Mirror25920
Gustav Stickley914TableToilet Table25917
L&JG Stickley103TableDressing Table with Mirror35302
L&JG Stickley504TableTable24716
L&JG Stickley505TableTable24717
L&JG Stickley506TableTable24718
L&JG Stickley509TableTea Table, Drop Leaf26065
L&JG Stickley510TableTable24719
L&JG Stickley511TableTable24720
L&JG Stickley517TableTwo-Drawer Console Table31328
L&JG Stickley518TableTable Desk35346
L&JG Stickley519TableFolding Table31329
L&JG Stickley520TableTable26335
L&JG Stickley521TableLibrary Table, Single Drawer26336
L&JG Stickley522TableLibrary Table, Two Drawers26337
L&JG Stickley523TableLibrary Table, Two Drawers26338
L&JG Stickley524TableLibrary Table, Three Drawers26339
L&JG Stickley529TableLibrary Table26285
L&JG Stickley530TableLibrary Table26286
L&JG Stickley531TableLibrary Table with single long drawer26287
L&JG Stickley532TableLibrary Table with two drawers26289
L&JG Stickley532LTableLibrary Table with two drawers26288
L&JG Stickley533TableLibrary Table with three drawers26290
L&JG Stickley539TableRound Lunch Table26087
L&JG Stickley544TableRound Lunch Table26089
L&JG Stickley544LTableRound Lunch Table26088
L&JG Stickley545TableRound Table26090
L&JG Stickley552TableDrop-Leaf Table, Square31326
L&JG Stickley553TableDrop-Leaf Table31325
L&JG Stickley563TableHexagonal Table26859
L&JG Stickley581TableRound Table24767
L&JG Stickley582TableOctagonal Table31324
L&JG Stickley584TableLunch Table35345
L&JG Stickley588TableTip Table31327
L&JG Stickley593TableTrestle Table with Shelf31383
L&JG Stickley594TableTrestle Table with Shelf31386
L&JG Stickley595TableTrestle Table with Shelf31384
L&JG Stickley596TableTrestle Table with Shelf31385
L&JG Stickley597TableTable with Blind Drawer24769
L&JG Stickley598TableTable with Blind Drawer24770
L&JG Stickley599TableTrestle Table26938
L&JG Stickley599TableKeyhole Trestle Table31382
L&JG Stickley713TableRound Extensible Pedestal Table32767
L&JG Stickley716TableRound Extensible Pedestal Table32740
L&JG Stickley717TableRound Dining Table, Pedestal, Extensible35259
L&JG Stickley718TableRound Table with Five Legs32523
L&JG Stickley720TableRound Dining Table32581
L&JG Stickley722TableRound Dining Table32499
L&JG Stickley87TableDressing Table with Mirror35293
Total items in selection (/database): 260 (/1683) - Showing: 1 - 100 - Pages:
Items 1 - 100
Items 101 - 200
Items 201 - 260
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