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Year ImageURL Name Medium Edition Size Artist Proofs Suite ID
1964Birmingham Race Riot, II.3Silkscreen on Paper5001029187
1964Campbell's Soup Can on Shopping Bag, II.4Silkscreen on Paper300029200
1966Campbell's Soup Can on Shopping Bag, II.4ASilkscreen on Paper0029201
1966Jackie I, II.13Silkscreen on Paper2005029324
1966Jackie II, II.14Silkscreen on Paper2005029325
1966Jackie III, II.15Silkscreen on Paper200029326
1967Lincoln Center Ticket, II.19Silkscreen on Paper200029368
1967Marilyn Monroe, II.21Silkscreen on Paper100029391
1967Marilyn Monroe, II.22Silkscreen on Paper2502629392
1967Marilyn Monroe, II.23Silkscreen on Paper2502629393
1967Marilyn Monroe, II.24Silkscreen on Paper2502629394
1967Marilyn Monroe, II.25Silkscreen on Paper2502629395
1967Marilyn Monroe, II.26Silkscreen on Paper2502629396
1967Marilyn Monroe, II.27Silkscreen on Paper2502629397
1967Marilyn Monroe, II.28Silkscreen on Paper2502629398
1967Marilyn Monroe, II.29Silkscreen on Paper2502629399
1967Marilyn Monroe, II.30Silkscreen on Paper2502629400
1967Marilyn Monroe, II.31Silkscreen on Paper2502629401
1967Paris Review, II.18Silkscreen on Paper150029441
1968Beef, II.49Silkscreen on Paper2502629181
1968Black Bean, II.44Silkscreen on Paper2502629188
1968Chicken Noodle, II.45Silkscreen on Paper2502629208
1968Consomme (Beef), II.52Silkscreen on Paper2502629214
1968Cream of Mushroom, II.53Silkscreen on Paper2502629216
1968Green Pea, II.50Silkscreen on Paper2502629298
1968Onion, II.47Silkscreen on Paper2502629432
1968Pepper Pot, II.51Silkscreen on Paper2502629444
1968SAS Passenger Ticket, II.20Silkscreen on Paper250029480
1968Tomato, II.46Silkscreen on Paper2502629542
1968Vegetable, II.48Silkscreen on Paper2502629552
1969Cheddar Cheese, II.63Silkscreen on Paper2502629206
1969Chicken 'N Dumplings, II.58Silkscreen on Paper2502629207
1969Golden Mushroom, II.62Silkscreen on Paper2502629284
1969Hot Dog Bean, II.59Silkscreen on Paper2502629318
1969New England Clam Chowder, II.57Silkscreen on Paper2502629428
1969Old Fashioned Vegetable, II.54Silkscreen on Paper2502629431
1969Oyster Stew, II.60Silkscreen on Paper2502629434
1969Scotch Broth, II.55Silkscreen on Paper2502629482
1969Vegetarian Vegetable, II.56Silkscreen on Paper2502629553
1970Flowers, II.64Silkscreen on Paper2502629245
1970Flowers, II.65Silkscreen on Paper2502629246
1970Flowers, II.66Silkscreen on Paper2502629247
1970Flowers, II.67Silkscreen on Paper2502629248
1970Flowers, II.68Silkscreen on Paper2502629249
1970Flowers, II.69Silkscreen on Paper2502629250
1970Flowers, II.70Silkscreen on Paper2502629251
1970Flowers, II.71Silkscreen on Paper2502629252
1970Flowers, II.72Silkscreen on Paper2502629253
1970Flowers, II.73Silkscreen on Paper2502629254
1971Electric Chair, II.74Silkscreen on Paper250029222
1971Electric Chair, II.75Silkscreen on Paper250029223
1971Electric Chair, II.76Silkscreen on Paper250029224
1971Electric Chair, II.77Silkscreen on Paper250029225
1971Electric Chair, II.78Silkscreen on Paper250029226
1971Electric Chair, II.79Silkscreen on Paper250029227
1971Electric Chair, II.80Silkscreen on Paper250029228
1971Electric Chair, II.81Silkscreen on Paper250029229
1971Electric Chair, II.82Silkscreen on Paper250029230
1971Electric Chair, II.83Silkscreen on Paper250029231
1972Mao, II.90Silkscreen on Paper250029378
1972Mao, II.91Silkscreen on Paper250029379
1972Mao, II.92Silkscreen on Paper250029380
1972Mao, II.93Silkscreen on Paper250029381
1972Mao, II.94Silkscreen on Paper250029382
1972Mao, II.95Silkscreen on Paper250029383
1972Mao, II.96Silkscreen on Paper250029384
1972Mao, II.97Silkscreen on Paper250029385
1972Mao, II.98Silkscreen on Paper250029386
1972Mao, II.99Silkscreen on Paper250029387
1972Sunset, II.85Silkscreen on Paper632029536
1972Sunset, II.86Silkscreen on Paper632029537
1972Sunset, II.87Silkscreen on Paper632029538
1972Sunset, II.88Silkscreen on Paper632029539
1972Vote McGovern, II.84Silkscreen on Paper250029557
1974Flowers, II.100,(Black&White)Silkscreen on Paper100029235
1974Flowers, II.101,(Black&White)Silkscreen on Paper100029236
1974Flowers, II.102,(Black&White)Silkscreen on Paper100029237
1974Flowers, II.103,(Black&White)Silkscreen on Paper100029238
1974Flowers, II.104,(Black&White)Silkscreen on Paper100029239
1974Flowers, II.105,(Black&White)Silkscreen on Paper100029240
1974Flowers, II.106,(Black&White)Silkscreen on Paper100029241
1974Flowers, II.107,(Black&White)Silkscreen on Paper100029242
1974Flowers, II.108,(Black&White)Silkscreen on Paper100029243
1974Flowers, II.109,(Black&White)Silkscreen on Paper100029244
1974Man Ray, II.148Silkscreen on Paper100029376
1974Man Ray, II.149Silkscreen on Paper100029377
1974Untitled 12, II.120Silkscreen on Paper1001329550
1975Frederick Weisman, II.123Silkscreen on Paper10029266
1975Ladies and Gentlemen, II.126Silkscreen on Paper150029347
1975Ladies and Gentlemen, II.127Silkscreen on Paper2505029348
1975Ladies and Gentlemen, II.128Silkscreen on Paper1252529349
1975Ladies and Gentlemen, II.129Silkscreen on Paper1252529350
1975Ladies and Gentlemen, II.130Silkscreen on Paper1252529351
1975Ladies and Gentlemen, II.131Silkscreen on Paper1252529352
1975Ladies and Gentlemen, II.132Silkscreen on Paper1252529353
1975Ladies and Gentlemen, II.133Silkscreen on Paper1252529354
1975Ladies and Gentlemen, II.134Silkscreen on Paper1252529355
1975Ladies and Gentlemen, II.135Silkscreen on Paper1252529356
1975Ladies and Gentlemen, II.136Silkscreen on Paper1252529357
1975Ladies and Gentlemen, II.137Silkscreen on Paper1252529358
Total items in selection (/database): 341 (/407) - Showing: 1 - 100 - Pages:
Items 1 - 100
Items 101 - 200
Items 201 - 300
Items 301 - 341
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