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N Scale Model Trains Database

Engines, Rolling Stock, Structures, and Accessories

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Total items in database: 89179. Total items on page 42.

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First Image Brand Stock Number Road or Company Name Reporting Marks Road or Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
N Scale Kits NS010 48' 5-car spine car Kit TTX Company Container Car, Spine $49.99 2007-04-02 106983
N Scale Kits NS011 53' 5-car spine car Kit TTX Company Container Car, Spine $49.99 2007-04-02 106984
N Scale Kits NS013 48' 5-car container only spine car Kit TTX Company Container Car, Spine $47.99 2007-04-02 106985
N Scale Kits NS015 Undecorated 48' Log Bunk Spine Car $13.99 I:$31.54 2006-04-02 148941
N Scale Kits NS016 Undecorated 25ft Logging Spine Cars $11.99 2006-04-02 169464
N Scale Kits NS020-40 5-car Kit TTX Company Container Car, Well $53.99 2007-04-02 106840
N Scale Kits NS020-48 5-car Kit Various Container Car, Well $53.99 2007-04-02 106839
N Scale Kits NS021 2 car Kit Various Container Car, Single Well, Gunderson Husky Stack 48 $33.99 2007-04-02 106849
N Scale Kits NS023 3-Car Kit TTX Company DTTX Container Car, Well $39.99 2007-04-02 106838
N Scale Kits NS032 N/A Container Chassis - 20' to 53' Lengths $21.99 169459
N Scale Kits NS035 Logging Flatcar Kit TTX Company 25' Flatcar, Logging $11.99 2007-04-02 169465
N Scale Kits NS036 Logging Flatcar Kit N/A 35' Flatcar, Logging $11.99 2007-04-02 169466
N Scale Kits NS060 kit Undecorated 60' Flatcar $19.99 2007-04-02 106587
N Scale Kits NS061 kit Undecorated 60' Container Flatcar $20.99 2007-04-02 106828
N Scale Kits NS062 kit Undecorated 60' Bulkhead Flatcar with log bunks $23.99 2007-04-02 106830
N Scale Kits NS062 kit Undecorated 60' Bulkhead Flatcar $22.99 2007-04-02 106829
N Scale Kits NS065 Undecorated 60' Finger Rack Flatcar I:$1.00 148942
N Scale Kits NS068 Department of Defense Flatcar, Heavy Duty, DoDX Flat Deck Car $23.99 2006-04-02 106586
N Scale Kits NS070 195t 8 axle Flatcar Kit TTX Company Flatcar, Heavy Duty, 8-Axle 195 Ton $20.99 2007-04-02 106498
N Scale Kits NS072 Undecorated Flatcar, Heavy Duty 174775
N Scale Kits NS076 Undecorated Flatcar, Heavy Duty 174777
N Scale Kits NS080 Flush Sided Car Kit TTX Company 89' Flush Side TOFC $21.99 2007-04-02 169460
N Scale Kits NS081Channel Sided Car Kit TTX Company Flatcar, 89 Foot, TOFC $21.99 2007-04-02 169461
N Scale Kits NS082 "Triple 53" Cars Undecorated 89' Long Runner Draw-bar, Triple 53' Trailers $42.99 2007-04-02 169449
N Scale Kits NS083-Upgrade Kit Undecorated Upgrade Kit for Con-Cor Auto Racks $7.99 2007-04-02 169452
N Scale Kits NS084 "Triple 57" Cars Undecorated 89' Long Runner Draw-bar, Triple 57' Trailers $42.99 2007-04-02 169450
N Scale Kits NS086 Z Sill Car Kit TTX Company 89' Z Sill TOFC $21.99 2007-04-02 169462
N Scale Kits NS102 Kit ECDC Environmental FCA Articualated Trash Spine $17.99 2007-04-02 169448
N Scale Kits NS109 Kit Boston & Maine PRR F33 Heavy Duty Wellcar $10.99 2011-04-02 169454
N Scale Kits NS110 Clejan Intermodal Kit Various Clejan Intermodal Spine F-50-17 $20.99 2007-04-02 169467
N Scale Kits NS111 Undecorated Auto Carrier 174778
N Scale Kits NS113 Undecorated Flexi-Van Autocarrier 175745
N Scale Kits NS115 Undecorated 40' Log Bunk Spine Car $13.99 2006-04-02 169458
N Scale Kits NS116 Kit Boston & Maine 36ft Heavy Duty wellcars $10.99 2011-04-02 169453
N Scale Kits NS133 Kit TTX Company DDTX Trinity RWG33A 53' Double Stack Wellcars, 3-Car Articulated $39.99 2015-04-02 169446
N Scale Kits NS137 Kit TTX Company FCA 'Dynastack'® Double Stack Wellcar $53.99 2015-04-02 106982
N Scale Kits NS140 Kit Florida East Coast Greenbrier Gunderson AP53 Well Car $33.99 2011-04-02 106981
N Scale Kits NS145 Kit Pennsylvania PRR FD2 'Queen Mary' $31.99 2007-04-02 169455
N Scale Kits NS146 Department of Defense Thrall Nuclear Flask M-140 Van $29.99 169463
N Scale Kits NS163 Kit TTX Company Container Car, Well $17.99 2011-04-02 169447
N Scale Kits NS171 Undecorated Flatcar, Heavy Duty 174776
N Scale Kits NS178 TTX Company Flatcar, Heavy Duty, QTTX Flat Deck Car $23.99 2006-04-02 106556