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N Scale Model Trains Database

Engines, Rolling Stock, Structures, and Accessories

The Annual ARS Show in West Springfield MA draws many N Scale Enthusiasts
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Total items in database: 81762. Total items on page 42.

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First Image Brand Stock Number Road or Company Name Reporting Marks Road or Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
Downtown Deco DD2000 Commercial Structures Addams Av. Part I Structure, Building $39.95 H:$19.95 145345
Downtown Deco DD2001 Commercial Structures Addams Av. Part II Structure, Building $39.95 145363
Downtown Deco DD2002 Commercial Structures Addams Av. Part III Structure, Building $39.95 145362
Downtown Deco DD2003 Commercial Structures Blue Comet Manufacturing Structure, Building,Factory,Warehouse 181318
Downtown Deco DD2004 Commercial Structures Diamante Shipping Structure, Building,Factory,Warehouse E:$29.95 181317
Downtown Deco DD2006 Commercial Structures Bingo's Pool Hall Structure, Building $34.95 E:$26.00 145361
Downtown Deco DD2007 Commercial Structures Blair Ave. Part II Structure, Building $39.95 145360
Downtown Deco DD2008 Commercial Structures Randy's Burgers Structure, Building $34.95 145359
Downtown Deco DD2009 Commercial Structures Trackside Tavern Structure, Building $39.95 H:$19.00 145358
Downtown Deco DD2010 Commercial Structures Shipping Warehouse Structure, Building $69.95 E:$40.40 H:$10.50 145357
Downtown Deco DD2011 Commercial Structures Patterson Hardware Structure, Building $34.95 145356
Downtown Deco DD2012 Commercial Structures Luci's Tattoo Emporium Structure, Building $34.95 E:$26.39 145355
Downtown Deco DD2013 Commercial Structures Metals Bank Structure, Building $34.95 E:$31.96 145354
Downtown Deco DD2014 Commercial Structures Sisters of Mercy Thrift Store Structure, Building $34.95 E:$31.96 145353
Downtown Deco DD2015 Commercial Structures Kitty Korner Strip Club Structure, Building $34.95 E:$27.96 145352
Downtown Deco DD2017 Commercial Structures First Timer Bar Structure, Building $24.95 145350
Downtown Deco DD2019 Commercial Structures Boobie Hatch Strip Club Structure, Building $34.95 E:$40.40 145349
Downtown Deco DD2020 Commercial Structures Pussy Kat Club Structure, Building $19.95 151877
Downtown Deco DD2021 Commercial Structures Morticians Structure, Building $19.95 E:$19.95 151878
Downtown Deco DD2022 Commercial Structures Easy Come Easy Go Structure, Building $34.95 E:$34.95 151879
Downtown Deco DD2023 Commercial Structures Atomic Cafe Structure, Building $39.95 E:$39.95 145348
Downtown Deco DD2024 Commercial Structures Lindsey’s Grocery Structure, Building $39.95 E:$19.95 2018-06-01 145347
Downtown Deco DD2025 Commercial Structures Von Eerie's Restaurant Structure, Building $34.95 E:$34.95 2018-06-01 145346
Downtown Deco DD2026 Commercial Structures Ramones Storage and Salvage Structure, Building,Warehouse $119.95 2020-12-01 181320
Greenmax 33 Railroad Structures Shops Set Japanese Shops 1,728¥ E:$3.60 143680
Greenmax 47-7 Commercial Structures Gate and Fence Walls and Gates 1,080¥ 143679
KenRay PD028 Undecorated 1930's Gas Pumps Accessories, Commercial, Gas Pump $4.00 183121
Pola 228 Commercial Structures Dresdner Bank E:$31.95 H:$15.76 161053
Pola 263 Commercial Structures Building on fire E:$50.00 180269
Pola 296 Commercial Structures Town Row Buildings 180250
Pola 307 Commercial Structures Shell Gas Station Gas Station E:$20.00 H:$9.99 180120
Woodland Scenics AS5321 Painted/Unlettered Hall & Duke Vehicle $15.99 E:$9.99 H:$12.49 2015-06-01 146409
Woodland Scenics AS5324 Painted/Unlettered Wayne Recker's Tow Service Vehicle $25.99 E:$17.95 H:$18.95 2015-06-01 146491
Woodland Scenics AS5329 Painted/Unlettered Mickey's Milk Delivery Vehicle $19.99 E:$14.90 H:$14.61 2015-06-01 146408
Woodland Scenics AS5332 Painted/Unlettered Pickem' Up Truck Vehicle $15.99 E:$12.99 H:$13.99 2015-06-01 146484
Woodland Scenics AS5335 Painted/Unlettered Henry's Haulin' Vehicle $19.99 E:$14.95 H:$17.17 2015-06-01 146468
Woodland Scenics AS5338 Painted/Unlettered Ike's Ice Cream Truck Vehicle $19.99 E:$15.59 H:$13.90 I:$13.90 2015-06-01 146481
Woodland Scenics AS5340 Painted/Unlettered Carburetor Chaos Vehicle $18.99 E:$13.99 H:$14.45 2015-06-01 146467
Woodland Scenics AS5342 Painted/Unlettered Pit Stop Vehicle $18.99 E:$16.80 H:$14.09 2015-06-01 146455
Woodland Scenics AS5343 Painted/Unlettered Tim Burr Logging Vehicle $24.99 E:$19.32 H:$17.95 2015-06-01 146426
Woodland Scenics AS5345 Painted/Unlettered Lumpy's Coal Company Vehicle $29.99 E:$19.99 H:$21.22 2015-06-01 146418
Woodland Scenics AS5346 Painted/Unlettered Paul's Fresh Produce Vehicle $18.99 E:$13.35 H:$14.19 2015-06-01 146419