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N Scale Model Trains Database

Engines, Rolling Stock, Structures, and Accessories

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Total items in database: 83342. Total items on page 48.

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First Image Brand Stock Number Road or Company Name Reporting Marks Road or Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
Bar Mills 02002 Railroad Structures Horizontal Fuel Tanks Structure, Railroad , Fuel Tank $12.95 E:$12.82 184823
BLMA 601 Undecorated Out House Structure, Out House $5.50 2016-04-01 184821
Classic Metal Works 21000 Coca-Cola Coke Roadside Billboard $7.99 2019-06-01 173017
Classic Metal Works 21001 Billboard Hostess Cup Cakes Roadside Billboard $7.99 E:$8.46 2019-06-01 178532
Classic Metal Works 21002 Planters Planters Peanuts Roadside Billboard $7.99 E:$11.79 2019-06-01 173018
Faller 222154 Industrial Structures Coaling Station Coaling Station 26.99€ E:$28.28 177791
Faller 222176 Industrial Structures Loading Crane with Freight Loading Crane 10.99€ E:$13.80 177792
Faller 222199 Railroad Structures Gantry Crane Gantry Crane 17.99€ 173070
Faller 232532 Industrial Structures Loading Crane Crane 8.99€ E:$14.77 177922
Greenmax 34 Residential Structures Row of Houses House 175473
Model Power 8579 Exxon Gas Station Signs $0.00 E:$7.00 166431
Motrak Models 13000 Commercial Structures Danielson Building Structure, Commercial $35.00 E:$35.00 175040
Motrak Models 13003 Commercial Structures Consolidated Auto Parts Co. Structure, Commercial $65.00 E:$59.99 175041
Motrak Models 13004 Commercial Structures Andis Sandwich Shop & Newsstand Structure, Commercial, Newsstand $20.00 175043
Motrak Models 13006 Municipal Structures Alton Fire Station Structure, Municipal, Fire Station, Firehouse $45.00 175046
Motrak Models 13400 Commercial Structures Valley Hardware & Plumbing Supply Structure, Commercial $45.00 175045
Motrak Models 13401 Railroad Structures Watch Tower Structure, Railroad, Watch Tower $15.00 175042
Motrak Models 13402 Commercial Structures Countryside Winery Structure, Commercial,Winery $50.00 E:$44.99 175044
Motrak Models 17001 Railroad Structures Industrial Water Tank Structure, Railroad, Industrial, Water Tank $15.00 175047
Motrak Models 17001 Railroad Structures Outhouse Structure, Outhouse $8.00 175048
Osborn Models RRA-3004 Railroad Structures Crossing Signals Cross Bucks, Canadian,United States $3.75 170381
Osborn Models RRA-3009 Railroad Structures Transition Cross Bucks Cross Bucks, Canadian $3.75 170377
Osborn Models RRA-3010 Railroad Structures Current Cross Bucks Cross Bucks, Canadian $3.75 170378
Osborn Models RRA-3031 Railroad Structures Bilingual Crossbucks Cross Bucks,Bilingual,French Canadian $3.75 E:$3.99 170379
Osborn Models RRA-3037 Railroad Structures First Generation Cross Bucks Cross Bucks, Canadian $3.75 170376
Osborn Models RRA-3042 Railroad Structures Out House Wood Out House $6.75 170400
Osborn Models RRA-3043 Railroad Structures Loading Dock Branch Line Loading Dock $7.75 170176
Osborn Models RRA-3059 Railroad Structures Canadian National Swatch Posts Switch Stands $6.99 170399
Osborn Models RRA-3060 Railroad Structures Canadian Pacific Switch Posts Switch Stands $6.99 170398
Osborn Models RRA-3061 Railroad Structures U.S. Cross Bucks Cross Bucks, United States $3.75 170380
Osborn Models RRA-3066 Railroad Structures Water Tower Wood Water Tower $9.99 170402
Osborn Models RRA-3081 Railroad Structures Gazebo Wood Gazebo $7.75 170401
Osborn Models RRA-3086 Railroad Structures General Purpose Switch Stand Switch Stands $6.99 170397
Osborn Models RRA-3109 Railroad Structures Mainline Electrical Boxes Electrical Box $6.75 E:$9.99 170374
Osborn Models RRA-3110 Railroad Structures Branch Line Electrical Boxes Electrical Box $4.75 170375
Osborn Models RRA-3114 Railroad Structures Crossing Gates Crossing Gate $3.75 170382
Pola 241 Industrial Structures Saw Mill Saw Mill E:$23.95 177686
Tomytec 301035 Industrial Structures Oil Refinery Distillation Tower Oil Refinery Distillation Tower $19.98 174700
Tomytec 301066 Industrial Structures United Oil Refinery Guard House Oil Refinery Guard House $12.98 174701
Tomytec 301165 Railroad Structures Pedestrian Overpass Pedestrian Overpass $15.98 174702
Vollmer 47543 Municipal Structures Water Tower Structure, Municipal, Water Tower $40.99 184094
Vollmer 47668 Residential Structures Swimming Pool Structure, Residential, Swimming Pool $19.99 184064
Vollmer 47749 Undecorated Hunting Tower Structure, Hunting Tower $14.99 183901
Vollmer 47811 Railroad Structures Tunnel Portal Signal Structure, Railroad, Tunnel Portal Signal $6.99 184107
Vollmer 47812 Railroad Structures Double Track Tunnel Portal Structure, Railroad, Tunnel Portal $8.99 184083
Vollmer 47813 Railroad Structures Double Track Tunnel Portal Structure, Railroad, Tunnel Portal $9.99 184098
Vollmer 48271 Railroad Structures Signal Cove Structure, Railroad, Signal Cove $25.99 184120
Vollmer 48601 Railroad Structures Retaining Wall Structure, Railroad, Retaining Wall $29.99 184111