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N Scale Model Trains Database

Engines, Rolling Stock, Structures, and Accessories

The Annual ARS Show in West Springfield MA draws many N Scale Enthusiasts
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First Image Brand Stock Number Road or Company Name Reporting Marks Road or Reporting Number Prototype Original Retail Price Market Release Date ID
American Model Builders 631 Undecorated Branchline Station Branchline Station $16.95 E:$16.95 170112
Atlas 2850 Railroad Structures Old Time Station $2.00 E:$35.00 H:$9.10 1971-01-01 123804
Bachmann 7407 Railroad Structures Freight Station Freight Station $2.50 E:$6.95 H:$12.37 147170
Blair Line 078 Railroad Structures Blairstown 2-story Depot 2 story Depot $39.95 E:$31.89 H:$30.42 1998-01-01 139742
Blair Line 085 Railroad Structures C&O Depot C&O Standard No. 1 Depot $38.95 E:$31.97 H:$39.98 1998-01-01 139762
Blair Line 088 Railroad Structures Leeton Depot Small Depot $38.95 E:$31.99 H:$39.99 1998-01-01 139864
Blair Line 093 Railroad Structures Boston Depot Small Depot $38.95 E:$22.77 H:$28.48 1998-01-01 139744
Blair Line 095 Railroad Structures Gerald Depot Small Depot $39.95 E:$31.97 H:$32.48 1998-01-01 139858
Blair Line 1004 Undecorated Walnut Grove Depot $39.95 H:$35.99 1998-01-01 128439
Heljan b640 Railroad Structures Station Sandy River Building H:$14.00 146357
Heljan b641 Railroad Structures Station Freight Depot Building E:$15.00 H:$4.81 152942
Heljan b642 Railroad Structures Engine House Two Stalls Engine House 152945
Heljan b653 Railroad Structures Coaling Tower Coaling Tower E:$9.25 H:$4.00 152954
Heljan b654 Industrial Structures Bakery Coaling Tower E:$29.99 152956
Heljan b670 Agricultural Structures Grain Mill Grain Mill E:$13.67 152957
Heljan b671 Industrial Structures JB Smith & Son Foundry & Machine Works Machine Works 152951
Heljan b673 Industrial Structures Meat Packing Plant Meat Packing Plant E:$8.00 152952
Heljan b676 Industrial Structures Machine Works Machine Works 152950
Kato 23-122 Railroad Structures Overhead Transit Station Overhead Station 4,968¥ E:$46.70 H:$55.86 2007-10-15 132283
Kato 23-123 Railroad Structures Overhead Transit Station Expansion Set Overhead Station 2,700¥ H:$45.36 2007-10-15 132284
Kato 23-125 Railroad Structures Viaduct Station Set Station $99.98 E:$71.70 148928
Kato 23-126 Railroad Structures Suburban Station for Double Track Plate Suburban Station 7,884¥ H:$112.64 143564
Kato 23-200 Railroad Structures Overhead Station Overhead Station 1,620¥ E:$1.94 H:$17.31 2007-10-15 132285
Kato 23-210 Railroad Structures Station Entrance Station Entrance E:$5.67 H:$8.43 2007-10-15 132497
Kato 23-211 Railroad Structures Suburban Station (Green roof) Passenger Station $85.00 E:$76.79 H:$50.77 143417
Kato 23-220 Railroad Structures Rural Station Rural Station 5,184¥ E:$35.37 H:$48.62 143567
Kato 23-229 Railroad Structures Steam Engine Service Facility Set Railway Station 3,024¥ E:$33.95 H:$24.86 143587
Kato 23-233 Railroad Structures Wood Station Building Set Un-numbered Passenger Station 3,996¥ 135146
Kato 23-245B Railroad Structures Swiss Train Station Station Entrance 39.90€ E:$38.94 H:$37.64 132517
Minitrix 66330 Railroad Structures Gare Auvers sur Oise Station 85.49€ E:$93.08 2016-01-01 160133
Model Power 1551 Railway Station Wayside Station Wayside Station $17.98 E:$3.99 H:$20.97 132586
N Scale Architect 10049 Railroad Structures New York Central Lines West Station Station $89.98 E:$89.95 2019-08-01 163418
Osborn Models RRA-3119 Railroad Structures Paul’s Depot General Purpose Station $14.99 E:$21.95 170116
Sylvan Scale Models N-2003 Grand Trunk Western Stockbridge, MI, GTW Station 140044
Vollmer 47502 Railroad Structures Moritzburg Station 0.00€ E:$71.70 168379
Vollmer 47505 Railroad Structures Baden Baden Station Baden Baden station 0.00€ E:$72.50 168376
Vollmer 47506 Railroad Structures Alstadt Station 0.00€ E:$49.83 168377
Vollmer 47521 Railroad Structures Reith Station 0.00€ E:$28.29 168380
Vollmer 47522 Railroad Structures Neuffen Station 0.00€ E:$48.99 H:$52.49 168381