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Arts and Crafts Furniture Database

Stickley, Roycroft, etc.

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Image Maker Catalog ID Type Description ID
L&JG Stickley100MirrorMirror31321
L&JG Stickley101DresserDresser with Mirror35300
L&JG Stickley102DresserChiffonier35299
L&JG Stickley103TableDressing Table with Mirror35302
L&JG Stickley104BedBed35297
L&JG Stickley105Small TableNightstand35295
L&JG Stickley106DresserChest of Drawers35301
L&JG Stickley110Small TableNightstand35262
L&JG Stickley111DresserChiffonier35310
L&JG Stickley112WardrobeWardrobe35311
L&JG Stickley114BedBed35263
L&JG Stickley115BedBed with Posts35264
L&JG Stickley1313ChairDesk Chair, 3 Vertical Slats31405
L&JG Stickley1340ChairChair, Leather Seat24763
L&JG Stickley1341RockerRocker, Leather Seat24764
L&JG Stickley1342Arm ChairArm Chair, Leather Seat24765
L&JG Stickley1342 1/2Arm ChairDining Arm Chair32582
L&JG Stickley1343RockerArm Rocker, Leather Seat24766
L&JG Stickley1350ChairDining Chair with Leather Seat24721
L&JG Stickley1351RockerRocking Chair with Leather Seat24722
L&JG Stickley1352ChairArm Chair with Leather Seat24723
L&JG Stickley1352 1/2ChairArm Chair with Leather Seat32519
L&JG Stickley1353Arm RockerArm Rocker with Leather Seat24724
L&JG Stickley1356ChairDining Chair, Single Wide Vertical Slat32493
L&JG Stickley1358Arm ChairDining Arm Chair32494
L&JG Stickley20Waste BasketWaste Basket31827
L&JG Stickley203SettleSettle, Wood Seat24726
L&JG Stickley204SettleSettle, Wood Seat24771
L&JG Stickley205SettleSettle, Leather Seat24727
L&JG Stickley206SettleSettle, Leather Seat24772
L&JG Stickley207SettleHall Seat, Drawer under Seat102804
L&JG Stickley208SettleHall Seat, Drawer under Seat102805
L&JG Stickley21Small TableAsh Tray26617
L&JG Stickley214SettleSettle, Leather Seat26616
L&JG Stickley215SettleSettle, Leather Seat, Slat Back31303
L&JG Stickley216SettleSettle, Leather Seat, Slat Back31295
L&JG Stickley217SettleSwing Settle, Leather Seat, Slat Back31302
L&JG Stickley218SettleSwing Settle, Leather Seat, Slat Back31301
L&JG Stickley22Small TableDrink Stand26937
L&JG Stickley220SettlePraire Settle, 84 Inches Wide26861
L&JG Stickley221SettleSettle, Even Arm31314
L&JG Stickley222SettleSettle, Even Arm31308
L&JG Stickley223SettleSettle, Even Arm31313
L&JG Stickley225SettleSettle, Vertical Slat Back, Spring Cushion Seat25986
L&JG Stickley226SettleHall Bench, Horizontal 3-Slat Back25997
L&JG Stickley227SettleHall Bench, Leather Back26005
L&JG Stickley23Small TableCellarette31311
L&JG Stickley232SettleSettle, Leather Seat, Slat Back31294
L&JG Stickley234SettleSettle, Prairie Style with Spindles31296
L&JG Stickley24Small TablePlant Stand26061
L&JG Stickley248SettleSettle, Sole Leather Seat and Back26936
L&JG Stickley25Small TablePlant Stand, 22"26063
L&JG Stickley26CabinetSmoker's Cabinet31315
L&JG Stickley260SettleDrop-Arm Settle, 48"26093
L&JG Stickley261SettleDrop-Arm Settle, 60"26094
L&JG Stickley262SettleDrop-Arm Settle, 72"26095
L&JG Stickley263SettleSettle, High Back with Leather Seat31297
L&JG Stickley265SettleSettle, 78" Wide26284
L&JG Stickley266SettleSettle, High-Back, Bow-Arm, 6 Foot, Leather Seat and Back.26860
L&JG Stickley27Small TablePedestal26180
L&JG Stickley275SettleSettle, Even Arm, Paneled31312
L&JG Stickley28Small TablePedestal26181
L&JG Stickley280SettleSettle, Even Arm31309
L&JG Stickley281SettleSettle, Even Arm31307
L&JG Stickley285BedDavenport Bed31310
L&JG Stickley291CouchChaise Lounge29582
L&JG Stickley292CouchDay Bed, Slat Ends29581
L&JG Stickley295CouchChaise Lounge29580
L&JG Stickley296CouchDay Bed, Spindle Ends29579
L&JG Stickley323ChairDining Chair, 6 Vertical Slats35233
L&JG Stickley324Arm ChairDining Arm Chair, 6 Vertical Slats35232
L&JG Stickley346ChairQuad Vertical Slat Dining Chair32766
L&JG Stickley348Arm ChairQuad Vertical Slat Dining Arm Chair32765
L&JG Stickley360ChairLadderback Dining Chair32763
L&JG Stickley362Arm ChairLadderback Dining Arm Chair32764
L&JG Stickley383FootrestStool26858
L&JG Stickley384ChairChair, Sole leather seat and back.26939
L&JG Stickley386Desk ChairDesk Chair, No Arms31824
L&JG Stickley387Desk ChairDesk Chair with Arms31825
L&JG Stickley388Arm ChairArm Chair, Sole leather seat and back.26940
L&JG Stickley389FootrestStool26843
L&JG Stickley394FootrestStool26835
L&JG Stickley395FootrestStool26840
L&JG Stickley396FootrestStool26845
L&JG Stickley397FootrestStool26844
L&JG Stickley40Magazine StandMagazine Stand31837
L&JG Stickley400Arm ChairArm Chair, Leather Back26850
L&JG Stickley401Arm RockerArm Rocker, Leather Back26849
L&JG Stickley404Arm ChairArm Chair, Leather Back26214
L&JG Stickley405Arm RockerArm Rocker, Leather Back26215
L&JG Stickley407Arm RockerArm Rocker, Leather Back26211
L&JG Stickley408Arm ChairArm Chair, Leather Back26614
L&JG Stickley409Arm RockerArm Rocker, Leather Back26615
L&JG Stickley41Magazine StandMagazine Stand31838
L&JG Stickley410Morris ChairMorris Chair, Leather Back26836
L&JG Stickley411Arm ChairArm Chair, Leather Back26611
L&JG Stickley412Morris ChairMorris Chair, Leather Back26610
L&JG Stickley413Arm RockerArm Rocker, Leather Back26612
L&JG Stickley416Arm ChairPrairie Arm Chair26862
L&JG Stickley420Arm ChairArm Chair, Leather Back26608
Total items in selection (/database): 348 (/1683) - Showing: 1 - 100 - Pages:
Items 1 - 100
Items 101 - 200
Items 201 - 300
Items 301 - 348
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