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Stickley, Roycroft, etc.

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Image Maker Catalog ID Type Description ID
Life-Time104ChairDining Chair, Leather Seat and Back102529
Life-Time104 1/2Arm ChairArm Chair, Leather Seat, Pad Back102527
Life-Time113ChairDining Chair, Leather Slip Seat102571
Life-Time113 1/2Arm ChairArm Chair, Leather Slip Seat102570
Life-Time116ChairDining Chair, Leather Slip Seat102476
Life-Time116 1/2Arm ChairArm Chair, Leather Slip Seat102479
Life-Time117ChairDining Chair, Leather Seat102466
Life-Time117 1/2Arm ChairArm Chair, Leather Seat102468
Life-Time119ChairDining Chair, Leather Spring Seat102475
Life-Time119 1/2Arm ChairArm Chair, Leather Spring Seat102473
Life-Time240Small TableTea Table102308
Life-Time241Small TableSmoking Stand102295
Life-Time244Small TableSmoking Stand102363
Life-Time251Magazine StandMagazine Rack102366
Life-Time253Magazine StandMagazine Rack102285
Life-Time257Small TableTabouret102373
Life-Time259Small TableCellarette102294
Life-Time260BookrackBook Trough102368
Life-Time262Small TableCellarette102280
Life-Time263Small TableCellarette102275
Life-Time264Magazine StandMagazine Rack102360
Life-Time271Desk ChairDesk Chair, Leather Seat102382
Life-Time272Desk ChairDesk Chair, Wood Seat102392
Life-Time273Desk ChairDesk Chair, Wood Seat102385
Life-Time274Desk ChairDesk Chair, Leather Seat102378
Life-Time289Desk ChairDesk Chair, Wood Seat102388
Life-Time313Arm RockerArm Rocker, Spring Seat102456
Life-Time313 1/2Arm ChairArm Chair, Spring Seat102457
Life-Time400StoolStool, Loose Leather Cushion, Reversible102270
Life-Time4006ChestChest, Cedar Lined102455
Life-Time4007 1/2MirrorMirror102461
Life-Time401StoolStool, Loose Leather Cushion102290
Life-Time403StoolFoot Stool, Loose Leather Cushion, Reversible102436
Life-Time428Umbrella StandUmbrella Stand102444
Life-Time429Umbrella StandUmbrella Stand102450
Life-Time508MirrorHall Glass102437
Life-Time508 3/4SettleHall Settee, Box under Seat102438
Life-Time510MirrorHall Glass102446
Life-Time510 3/4SettleHall Settee, Box under Seat102448
Life-Time511MirrorHall Glass102449
Life-Time511 3/4SettleHall Settee, Box under Seat102451
Life-Time512MirrorHall Glass102443
Life-Time512 3/4SettleHall Settee, Box under Seat102445
Life-Time5127SideboardBuffet Server102578
Life-Time514MirrorHall Glass102440
Life-Time514 3/4SettleHall Settee, Spring Cushion Seat102442
Life-Time5160SideboardBuffet Server102520
Life-Time5279SideboardBuffet Server102465
Life-Time5292 1/2SideboardBuffet102464
Life-Time5295 1/2SideboardBuffet102532
Life-Time530CouchCouch, Spring Seat Cushion102281
Life-Time5344SideboardBuffet Server102526
Life-Time5345 1/2SideboardBuffet, Two Sliding Removable Trays102525
Life-Time5346SideboardBuffet Server102480
Life-Time5347 1/2SideboardBuffet102530
Life-Time5347 3/4MirrorHanging Glass102533
Life-Time5349SideboardBuffet Server102535
Life-Time5350 1/2SideboardBuffet102531
Life-Time5351SideboardBuffet, Two Sliding Removable Trays102569
Life-Time567Morris ChairMorris Chair, Spring Cushion Seat and Back102359
Life-Time568Morris ChairMorris Chair, Spring Cushion Seat and Back102365
Life-Time569Morris ChairMorris Chair, Spring Cushion Seat and Back102358
Life-Time570Morris ChairMorris Chair, Spring Cushion Seat and Back102364
Life-Time571Morris ChairMorris Chair, Spring Cushion Seat and Back102369
Life-Time573Morris ChairMorris Chair, Spring Cushion Seat and Back102362
Life-Time583Morris ChairMorris Chair, Spring Cushion Seat and Back102361
Life-Time584Morris ChairMorris Chair, Spring Cushion Seat and Back102370
Life-Time607Arm RockerArm Rocker, Spring Cushion Seat102346
Life-Time607 1/2Arm ChairArm Chair, Spring Cushion Seat102347
Life-Time614 3/4SettleSettee, Spring Cushion Seat102229
Life-Time616 3/4SettleSettee, Spring Cushion Seat102225
Life-Time623 1/2Arm RockerArm Rocker, Spring Cushion Seat102349
Life-Time623 1/2Arm ChairArm Chair, Spring Cushion Seat102348
Life-Time623 3/4SettleSettee, Spring Cushion Seat102345
Life-Time624Arm RockerArm Rocker, Spring Cushion Seat102303
Life-Time624 1/2Arm ChairArm Chair, Spring Cushion Seat102304
Life-Time624 3/4SettleSettee, Spring Cushion Seat102302
Life-Time6327CabinetChina Closet102567
Life-Time6341CabinetChina Closet102579
Total items in selection (/database): 294 (/1683) - Showing: 1 - 100 - Pages:
Items 1 - 100
Items 101 - 200
Items 201 - 294
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