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Image Maker Catalog ID Type Description ID
Limbert0ChairDining Chair101796
Limbert0609ChairShort Arm Diner, Spring Seat101986
Limbert0639ChairShort Arm Chair, Saddle Seat101968
Limbert0683ChairShort Arm Diner, Morocco Leather Seat101446
Limbert1ChairDining Chair, Slat Seat101789
Limbert10Magazine StandNewspaper File101957
Limbert100TableTable, Octagon Top101795
Limbert101TableTable, Octagon Top, Plain White Oak, Bolted Construction, Weatherproof Finish any color101794
Limbert105TableTable, One Drawer, Copper Trimmings101716
Limbert106TableTable, One Drawer101691
Limbert107TableTable, Three Drawers, Copper Trimmings101559
Limbert108TableDrop Leaf Table, Six Leg101692
Limbert109TableCopper Top Table101958
Limbert110TableTable, Copper Top101595
Limbert111TableTable, Octagon Top101801
Limbert1128TableTable, One Drawer101826
Limbert1129TableTable, One Large Drawer101897
Limbert113TableTable, Two Drawers, Copper Trimmings101536
Limbert1131TableTable, Desk Drawer with Lid101881
Limbert1132TableTable, Desk Drawer with Lid101888
Limbert1133TableTable, Desk Drawer with Lid101866
Limbert1136TableChild's Table101946
Limbert1137 1/2TableCard Table, Four Card Drawers101969
Limbert1140TableTable, One Drawer101889
Limbert1141TableTable, Two Drawers101882
Limbert1142TableTable, Two Drawers101833
Limbert1143TableTable, Three Drawers101846
Limbert1144TableDrop Leaf Table101883
Limbert1145TableDrop Leaf Table, Oval Top102092
Limbert1146TableDrop Leaf Table, Oval Top101875
Limbert1148TableDrop Leaf Table102105
Limbert1151TableTable, Four Drawers101856
Limbert1152TableTable, Five Drawers101834
Limbert1161TableTable, Two Drawers101867
Limbert1163TableTable, Two Drawers101847
Limbert1164TableTable, Five Drawers101839
Limbert1165TableTable, Six Drawers101813
Limbert1168TableTable, One Drawer101933
Limbert1192TableCafe Table101971
Limbert12ChairFolding Chair101793
Limbert120TableTable, Octagon Top101596
Limbert120 1/2TableTable, Octagon Spanish Leather Top101597
Limbert121 1/2TableTable, Top Covered in Genuine Natural Grain Spanish Leather101552
Limbert122TableHall Table, Copper Trimmings101779
Limbert123TableHall Table101772
Limbert124TableHall Table, Copper Trimmings101782
Limbert125TableHall Table101773
Limbert126TableHall Table101943
Limbert130TableTable, Desk Drawer with Lid101896
Limbert132TableTable, One Drawer101911
Limbert135TableTable, Five Drawers, Copper Trimmings101567
Limbert136TableTable, Desk Drawer with Lid101921
Limbert139TableTable, Octagon Top101645
Limbert1403Small TableSide Table102106
Limbert1404Small TableSide Table102083
Limbert1405 1/2Small TableSide Table, Plain French Mirror101992
Limbert1405 1/4Small TableSide Table101993
Limbert1406Small TableSide Table102093
Limbert1407Small TableSide Table102013
Limbert1408Small TableSide Table102005
Limbert141TableTable, Desk Drawer with Lid101887
Limbert1413Small TableSide Table101997
Limbert1414Small TableSide Table101980
Limbert142TableTable, Desk Drawer with Lid101912
Limbert144TableTable, Two Drawers, Copper Trimmings101582
Limbert1443 1/2SideboardBuffet, Plain French Mirror101998
Limbert1443 1/4SideboardBuffet101999
Limbert1444 1/2SideboardBuffet, Plain French Mirror101981
Limbert1453 1/2SideboardBuffet, Plain French Mirror102107
Limbert1453 3/4SideboardBuffet, Plain French Mirror102108
Limbert1454 1/2SideboardBuffet, Plain French Mirror102084
Limbert1454 3/4SideboardBuffet, Plain French Mirror102085
Limbert1455 3/4SideboardBuffet, Plain French Mirror101994
Limbert1456 3/4SideboardBuffet, Plain French Mirror102094
Limbert1458 1/2SideboardBuffet, Plain French Mirror102006
Limbert146TableTable, Oval Top101618
Limbert1463CabinetChina Cabinet, Adjustable Shelves102109
Limbert1464CabinetChina Cabinet102086
Limbert1465CabinetChina Cabinet, Adjustable Shelves101995
Limbert1466CabinetChina Cabinet, Adjustable Shelves102095
Limbert1467CabinetChina Cabinet, Adjustable Shelves102015
Limbert1468CabinetChina Cabinet, Adjustable Shelves102007
Limbert1473CabinetChina Cabinet, Adjustable Shelves102000
Limbert1474CabinetChina Cabinet, Adjustable Shelves101982
Limbert148TableTable, Round Top101619
Limbert1480-C-54TableExtension Table, Round Top101996
Limbert1487-B-60TableExtension Table, Round Top102079
Limbert1489-B-54TableExtension Table, Round Top102008
Limbert1489-C-54TableExtension Table, Round Top102087
Limbert1499-A-54TableExtension Table, Round Top101987
Limbert15-7SwingSwing Frame101804
Limbert153TableTable, Large Blind Drawer101620
Limbert158TableTable, Oval Top101684
Total items in selection (/database): 612 (/1683) - Showing: 1 - 100 - Pages:
Items 1 - 100
Items 101 - 200
Items 201 - 300
Items 301 - 400
Items 401 - 500
Items 501 - 600
Items 601 - 612
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