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Arts and Crafts Furniture Database

Stickley, Roycroft, etc.

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Image Maker Catalog ID Type Description ID
Roycroft Magazine Stand Little Journeys Table 29587
Roycroft 0108 Dresser Dresser, Swinging Mirror 24728
Roycroft 0111 Dresser Commode 24755
Roycroft 0113-A Dresser Chiffonier, Ash 94814
Roycroft 0113-M Dresser Chiffonier, Mahogany 94813
Roycroft 0113-O Dresser Chiffonier, Oak 94815
Roycroft 0116 Bookrack Bookrack 24729
Roycroft 0117 Bookrack Bookracks 24730
Roycroft 018-A Sideboard Rectalinear Cellarette, Ash 94817
Roycroft 018-M Sideboard Rectalinear Cellarette, Mahogany 94818
Roycroft 018-O Sideboard Rectalinear Cellarette, Oak 94816
Roycroft 019 A Sideboard Ash Cellarette 94494
Roycroft 019 M Sideboard Mahogany Cellarette 94495
Roycroft 019 O Sideboard Oak Cellarette 94493
Roycroft 02 Sideboard Sideboard 24733
Roycroft 03 Cabinet Sideboard 24784
Roycroft 047 Footrest Footstool, Leather Top, One Drawer 24785
Roycroft 048 Footrest Footstool, Leather Covered 24732
Roycroft 049 Small Table Tabouret 24710
Roycroft 050 Small Table Tabouret 24782
Roycroft 050 1/2 Small Table Tabouret 24783
Roycroft 051 Arm Rocker Arm Rocker, Leather Cushions, Spring Seat 24778
Roycroft 052 Settle Davenport, Leather Cushion and Back, Spring Seat 24775
Roycroft 053 Settle Davenport, Leather Cushions and Back, Spring Seat 24776
Roycroft 054 Settle Davenport, Leather Cushions, Spring Seat 24774
Roycroft 055 Cabinet China Cabinet 24711
Roycroft 055 Cabinet Chafing Dish Cabinet 24708
Roycroft 06-A Cabinet China Cabinet, Ash 94820
Roycroft 06-M Cabinet China Cabinet, Mahogany 94819
Roycroft 06-O Cabinet China Cabinet, Oak 94821
Roycroft 063 Cabinet Music Caninet 24780
Roycroft 07 1/2-A Cabinet China Cabinet 94477
Roycroft 07 1/2-M Cabinet China Cabinet 94479
Roycroft 07 1/2-O Cabinet China Cabinet 94478
Roycroft 070 Lamp Table Lamp, Gas 24709
Roycroft 078-A Magazine Stand Small Magazine Rack, Ash 94481
Roycroft 078-M Magazine Stand Small Magazine Rack, Mahogany 94482
Roycroft 078-O Magazine Stand Small Magazine Rack, Oak 94480
Roycroft 079 Magazine Stand Magazine Rack 24756
Roycroft 08-A Sideboard China Cabinet and Serving Table, Ash 94810
Roycroft 08-M Sideboard China Cabinet and Serving Table, Mahogany 94811
Roycroft 08-O Sideboard China Cabinet and Serving Table, Oak 94812
Roycroft 080-A Magazine Stand Tall Ash Pedestal Shelf 94475
Roycroft 080-M Magazine Stand Tall Mahogany Pedestal Shelf 94476
Roycroft 080-O Magazine Stand Tall Oak Pedestal Shelf 94474
Roycroft 084-A Bookcase Ash Bookcase, 5 Foot 94484
Roycroft 084-M Bookcase Mahogany Bookcase, 5 Foot 94485
Roycroft 084-O Bookcase Oak Bookcase, 5 Foot 94483
Roycroft 09 Sideboard Combination Serving Table and Buffet 24781
Roycroft 096 Chest Carved Mahogany Chest 24731
Roycroft 097 Chest Bride's Chest 24758
Roycroft 098 Chest Bride's Chest, Copper Trimmed 24757