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Warships Throughout Time

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Warship Class:
Total items in database: 1485. Total items on page 183.

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Image Nationality Name Pennant/Designation Warship Class Type ID
United States USS Augusta (CA-31) CA-31 Northampton Cruiser 167056
United States USS Bagley (DD-386) DD-386 Bagley Destroyer 157139
United States USS Baltimore (CA-68) CA-68 Baltimore Cruiser 157140
United States USS Biloxi (CL-80) CL-80 Cleveland Cruiser 167872
United States USS Birmingham (CL-62) CL-62 Cleveland Cruiser 167866
United States USS Birmingham (CS-2) CS-2 Chester Cruiser 158211
United States USS Bogue (CVE-9) CVE-9 Bogue Carrier 163101
United States USS Boston (CA-69) CA-69 Baltimore Cruiser 158788
United States USS Boyle (DD-600) DD-600 Benson Destroyer 157602
United States USS Bunker Hill (CV-17) CV-17 Essex Carrier 157143
United States USS California (BB-44) Tennessee Battleship 157144
United States USS Chester (CA-27) CA-27 Northampton Cruiser 167053
United States USS Chester (CS-1) CS-1 Chester Cruiser 158209
United States USS Cincinnati (CL-6) CL-6 Omaha Cruiser 158202
United States USS Cleveland (CL-55) CL-55 Cleveland Cruiser 157145
United States USS Colorado (BB-45) BB-45 Colorado Battleship 165999
United States USS Columbia (CL-56) CL-56 Cleveland Cruiser 157146
United States USS Concord (CL-10) CL-10 Omaha Cruiser 158205
United States USS Dayton (CL-105) CL-105 Cleveland Cruiser 158931
United States USS Detroit (CL-8) CL-8 Omaha Cruiser 158204
United States USS England (DE-635) DE-635 Buckley Destroyer 168847
United States USS Enterprise (CV-6) CV-6 Yorktown Carrier 157148
United States USS Farragut (DD-348) DD-348 Farragut (1934) Destroyer 159235
United States USS Flasher (SS-249) SS-249 Gato Submarine 158409
United States USS Flint (CL-97) CL-97 Atlanta Cruiser 158078
United States USS Floyd B. Parks (DD-884) Gearing Destroyer 157778
United States USS Franklin (CV-13) CV-13 Essex Carrier 163442
United States USS Gridley (DD-380) DD-380 Gridley Destroyer 157551
United States USS Hancock (CV-19) CV-19 Essex Carrier 166378
United States USS Helm (DD-388) DD-388 Bagley Destroyer 171629
United States USS Honolulu (CL-48) CL-48 Brooklyn Cruiser 158089
United States USS Houston (CL-81) CL-81 Cleveland Cruiser 194487
United States USS Louisville (CA-28) CA-28 Northampton Cruiser 167054
United States USS Mackerel (SS-204) SS-204 Mackerel Submarine 159702
United States USS Manchester (CL-83) CL-83 Cleveland Cruiser 194489
United States USS Marblehead (CL-12) CL-12 Omaha Cruiser 157169
United States USS Marlin (SS-205) SS-205 Mackerel Submarine 159703
United States USS Maryland (BB-46) BB-46 Colorado Battleship 157170
United States USS Memphis (CL-13) CL-13 Omaha Cruiser 158207
United States USS Minneapolis (CA-36) CA-36 New Orleans Cruiser 158785
United States USS Mississippi (BB-41) New Mexico Battleship 157173
United States USS Mobile (CL-63) CL-63 Cleveland Cruiser 167867
United States USS New Orleans (CA-32) CA-32 New Orleans Cruiser 157181
United States USS Oakland (CL-95) CL-95 Atlanta Cruiser 158076
United States USS Omaha (CL-4) CL-4 Omaha Cruiser 158199
United States USS Pasadena (CL-65) CL-65 Cleveland Cruiser 167869
United States USS Patterson (DD-392) DD-392 Bagley Destroyer 157561
United States USS Portland (CA-33) CA-33 Portland Cruiser 158780
United States USS Providence (CL-82) CL-82 Cleveland Cruiser 194488
United States USS Quincy (CA-71) CA-71 Baltimore Cruiser 157188
United States USS Raleigh (CL-7) CL-7 Omaha Cruiser 158203
United States USS Randolph (CV-15) CV-15 Essex Carrier 163444
United States USS Ranger (CV-3) Ranger Carrier 161192
United States USS Reno (CL-96) CL-96 Atlanta Cruiser 158077
United States USS Richmond (CL-9) CL-9 Omaha Cruiser 157189
United States USS Salem (CS-3) CS-3 Chester Cruiser 158212
United States USS Salmon (SS-182) SS-182 Salmon Submarine 158472
United States USS San Diego (CL-53) CL-53 Atlanta Cruiser 157192
United States USS San Juan (CL-54) CL-54 Atlanta Cruiser 158075
United States USS Sangamon (CVE-26) CVE-26 Cimarron Carrier 160964
United States USS Santa Fe (CL-60) CL-60 Cleveland Cruiser 167865
United States USS Savannah (CL-42) CL-42 Brooklyn Cruiser 158086
United States USS Smith (DD-378) DD-378 Mahan Destroyer 171635
United States USS Springfield (CL-66) CL-66 Cleveland Cruiser 167870
United States USS Tennessee (BB-43) BB-43 Tennessee Battleship 157199
United States USS Ticonderoga (CV-14) CV-14 Essex Carrier 163443
United States USS Topeka (CL-67) CL-66 Cleveland Cruiser 167871
United States USS Trenton (CL-11) CL-11 Omaha Cruiser 158206
United States USS Tucson (CL-98) CL-98 Atlanta Cruiser 158079
United States USS Tuscaloosa (CA-37) CA-37 New Orleans Cruiser 158786
United States USS West Virginia (BB-48) BB-48 Colorado Battleship 157206
United States USS Wichita (CA-134) CA-134 Wichita Cruiser 158782
United States USS Wichita (CA-45) CA-45 Wichita Cruiser 158781
Canada HMCS Chaudière G-H-I Class Destroyer 163133
Canada HMCS Ottawa G-H-I Class Destroyer 163087
Canada HMCS Quebec Crown Colony Cruiser 165675
Canada HMCS Restigouche H00 C and D Class Destroyer 164914
Canada HMCS Saguenay D79 A and B Class Destroyer 156920
Canada HMCS Sioux R64 U and V Class Destroyer 158617
Canada HMCS St. Laurent H83 C and D Class Destroyer 156921
Germany Emden Emden Cruiser 156880
Germany Gneisenau Scharnhorst Battleship 156894
Germany Richard Beitzen Z4 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 163613
France Arromanches Colossus Carrier 169219
France Basque l'Adroit Destroyer 166513
France Dumont d'Urville Bougainville Destroyer 167874
France Jean Bart Richelieu Battleship 157015
France Le Malin Le Fantasque Destroyer 157787
France Le Triomphant Le Fantasque Destroyer 157790
France Mogador Mogador Destroyer 159843
France Paris Courbet Battleship 164394
France Richelieu Richelieu Battleship 157088
Spain Isaac Peral C-1 C Class (Spanish Submarine) Submarine 159835
Japan Aoba Aoba Cruiser 156842
Japan Hōshō Hōshō Carrier 156992
Japan Hyūga Ise Battleship 157003
Japan Jun'yō Hiyō Carrier 157018
Japan Kitakami Kuma Cruiser 159222
Japan Suzutsuki Akizuki Destroyer 163118
The Netherlands Hr. Ms. Marnix G-H-I Class Destroyer 163074
The Netherlands Hr. Ms. Tromp Tromp Cruiser 156998
The Netherlands MV Gadila Rapana Auxiliary 158006
United Kingdom HMS Active H14 A and B Class Destroyer 159539
United Kingdom HMS Anson 79 King George V Battleship 160455
United Kingdom HMS Antelope H36 A and B Class Destroyer 159540
United Kingdom HMS Anthony H40 A and B Class Destroyer 159541
United Kingdom HMS Argus K-3 Argus Carrier 159496
United Kingdom HMS Arrow H42 A and B Class Destroyer 159543
United Kingdom HMS Birmingham C19 Town Cruiser 168115
United Kingdom HMS Clyde N12 River (Submarine) Submarine 168080
United Kingdom HMS Devonshire 39 County Cruiser 185032
United Kingdom HMS Furious 47 Courageous Carrier 158776
United Kingdom HMS Glasgow C21 Town Cruiser 168114
United Kingdom HMS Grenville R97 U and V Class Destroyer 158616
United Kingdom HMS Halcyon J42 Halcyon Auxiliary 163145
United Kingdom HMS Hawkins D86 Hawkins Cruiser 156947
United Kingdom HMS Illustrious 87 Illustrious Carrier 156950
United Kingdom HMS Implacable R86 Implacable Carrier 168119
United Kingdom HMS Indefatigable R10 Implacable Carrier 156951
United Kingdom HMS Javelin F61 J-K-N Class Destroyer 156953
United Kingdom HMS Jervis F00 J-K-N Class Destroyer 163360
United Kingdom HMS Lance G87 L and M Class Destroyer 163188
United Kingdom HMS Ledbury Hunt Destroyer 156957
United Kingdom HMS Liverpool C11 Town Cruiser 158327
United Kingdom HMS London C69 County Cruiser 185033
United Kingdom HMS Nelson 28 Nelson Battleship 156962
United Kingdom HMS Newcastle C76 Town Cruiser 168112
United Kingdom HMS Norfolk 78 County Cruiser 163180
United Kingdom HMS Renown 72 Renown Battleship 156967
United Kingdom HMS Resolution Revenge Battleship 158008
United Kingdom HMS Revenge 06 Revenge Battleship 158007
United Kingdom HMS Severn N57 River (Submarine) Submarine 168082
United Kingdom HMS Ulster R83 U and V Class Destroyer 158761
United Kingdom HMS Ulysses R69 U and V Class Destroyer 158762
United Kingdom HMS Undine R42 U and V Class Destroyer 158764
United Kingdom HMS Urania R05 U and V Class Destroyer 158767
United Kingdom HMS Urchin R99 U and V Class Destroyer 158766
United Kingdom HMS Ursa R22 U and V Class Destroyer 158765
United Kingdom HMS Vanguard 23 Vanguard Battleship 160457
United Kingdom HMS Venus R50 U and V Class Destroyer 157240
United Kingdom HMS Verulam R28 U and V Class Destroyer 158768
United Kingdom HMS Vigilant R93 U and V Class Destroyer 158769
United Kingdom HMS Virago R75 U and V Class Destroyer 158770
United Kingdom HMS Volage R41 U and V Class Destroyer 158772
Australia HMAS Adelaide Birmingham Cruiser 156905
Australia HMAS Arunta I30 Tribal Destroyer 156907
Australia HMAS Hobart D63 Leander Cruiser 158934
Greece Adrias L67 Hunt Destroyer 164190
Italy Atropo Foca Submarine 159664
Italy Caio Duilio Andrea Doria Battleship 156858
Italy Conte Di Cavour Conte di Cavour Battleship 156870
Italy Leonardo da Vinci Conte di Cavour Battleship 163846
Italy Littorio Littorio Battleship 157039
Italy Vittorio Veneto Littorio Battleship 157211
Italy Zoea Foca Submarine 159665
New Zealand HMNZS Leander 75 Leander Cruiser 156926
Soviet Union Admiral Makarov Leipzig Cruiser 158325
Soviet Union Arkhangelsk Revenge Battleship 156846
Soviet Union Kaganovich Kirov Cruiser 169217
Soviet Union Kalinin Kirov Cruiser 169218
Soviet Union Leningrad Moskva Carrier 163440
Soviet Union Maxim Gorky Kirov Cruiser 169216
Soviet Union Murmansk Omaha Cruiser 158201
Soviet Union Petropavlovsk Admiral Hipper Cruiser 157075
Soviet Union Prochnyy Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 165465
Soviet Union Stalingrad Z15 Condottieri Cruiser 159598
Soviet Union Valerian Kuybyshev Orfey Destroyer 169211
Soviet Union Voroshilov Kirov Cruiser 169215
Turkey TCG Cerbe S 341 Gato Submarine 159224
Turkey Yavuz Moltke Battleship 159531
Argentina ARA Nueve de Julio C-5 Brooklyn Cruiser 158030
Brazil Almirante Barroso CL-11 Brooklyn Cruiser 158085
Brazil Greenhalgh M3 Marcílio Dias Destroyer 165132
Brazil Marcílio Dias M1 Marcílio Dias Destroyer 165130
Brazil Mariz e Barros M2 Marcílio Dias Destroyer 165131
Brazil Minas Geraes Minas Geraes Battleship 165265
Brazil Tamoio T3 Tupi Submarine 165352
Brazil Timbira T2 Tupi Submarine 165351
Brazil Tupi T1 Tupi Submarine 165350
Chile Capitán Prat CL-03 Brooklyn Cruiser 158088
Chile O'Higgins CL-02 Brooklyn Cruiser 158083
Venezuela Falcon D-22 Allen M. Sumner Destroyer 158032
India INS Delhi C74 Leander Cruiser 158935