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Warships Throughout Time

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Warship Class:
Total items in database: 1485. Total items on page 183.

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Image Nationality Name Pennant/Designation Warship Class Type ID
United States USS Albacore (SS-218) SS-218 Gato Submarine 158382
United States USS Arizona (BB-39) BB-39 Pennsylvania Battleship 157137
United States USS Arkansas (BB-33) Wyoming Battleship 163128
United States USS Astoria (CA-34) CA-34 New Orleans Cruiser 158784
United States USS Beale (DD-471) DD-471 Fletcher Destroyer 157365
United States USS Blue (DD-387) DD-387 Bagley Destroyer 171628
United States USS Chicago (CA-29) CA-29 Northampton Cruiser 167055
United States USS Edsall (DD-219) DD-219 Clemson Destroyer 157147
United States USS Helena (CL-50) CL-50 St. Louis Cruiser 157153
United States USS Henley (DD-391) DD-391 Bagley Destroyer 171632
United States USS Hornet (CV-8) CV-8 Yorktown Carrier 157156
United States USS Houston (CA-30) CA-30 Northampton Cruiser 157157
United States USS Indianapolis (CA-35) CA-35 Portland Cruiser 157159
United States USS Jarvis (DD-393) DD-393 Bagley Destroyer 171634
United States USS John C. Butler (DE-339) DE-339 John C. Butler Destroyer 157162
United States USS Juneau (CL-52) CL-52 Atlanta Cruiser 157164
United States USS Laffey (DD-459) Benson Destroyer 157595
United States USS Lexington Lexington Carrier 156755
United States USS Nevada (BB-36) Nevada Battleship 157179
United States USS New York (BB-34) BB-34 New York Battleship 166369
United States USS Northampton (CA-26) CA-26 Northampton Cruiser 157183
United States USS Preston (DD-379) DD-379 Mahan Destroyer 157547
United States USS Quincy (CA-39) CA-39 New Orleans Cruiser 158783
United States USS Ralph Talbot (DD-390) DD-390 Bagley Destroyer 171631
United States USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413 John C. Butler Destroyer 165379
United States USS Saratoga (CV 3) CV-3 Lexington Carrier 157194
United States USS Scamp (SS-277) SS-277 Gato Submarine 158437
United States USS St. Louis (CL-49) CL-49 St. Louis Cruiser 158080
United States USS Stack (DD-406) DD-406 Benham Destroyer 157575
United States USS Trippe (DD-403) Benham Destroyer 157572
United States USS Vincennes (CA-44) CA-44 New Orleans Cruiser 158787
United States USS Vincennes (CL-64) CL-64 Cleveland Cruiser 167868
United States USS Wasp (CV-7) CV-7 Wasp Carrier 157205
Germany Admiral Scheer Deutschland Cruiser 156832
Germany Bismarck Bismarck Battleship 156853
Germany Deutschland/Lutzow Deutschland Cruiser 156874
Germany Jaguar Type 24 Destroyer 172290
Germany Karlsruhe Königsberg Cruiser 157021
Germany Leberecht Maass Z1 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 163611
Germany Max Schultz Z3 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 163612
Germany Scharnhorst Scharnhorst Battleship 157093
Germany Tirpitz Bismarck Battleship 157118
Germany Z32 Z Class German Destroyer Destroyer 157226
France Brestois l'Adroit Destroyer 163077
France Épervier Aigle Destroyer 158017
France Frondeur l'Adroit Destroyer 166514
France L'Adroit l'Adroit Destroyer 166512
France L'Audacieux Le Fantasque Destroyer 157789
France Le Chevalier Paul Vauquelin Destroyer 166440
France Surcouf Surcouf Submarine 157108
Spain C-3 C-3 C Class (Spanish Submarine) Submarine 159836
Spain C-4 C-4 C Class (Spanish Submarine) Submarine 159837
Spain C-5 C-5 C Class (Spanish Submarine) Submarine 159838
Japan Abukuma Nagara Cruiser 163091
Japan Agano Agano Cruiser 156833
Japan Akagi Akagi Carrier 156834
Japan Akishimo Yūgumo Destroyer 163401
Japan Arashio Asashio Destroyer 172068
Japan Asagumo Asashio Destroyer 172061
Japan Asashimo Yūgumo Destroyer 163398
Japan Asashio Asashio Destroyer 163104
Japan Ashigara Myōkō Cruiser 163219
Japan Atago Takao Cruiser 156847
Japan Ayanami Fubuki Destroyer 166379
Japan Chiyoda Chitose Auxiliary 156866
Japan Chōkai Takao Cruiser 164879
Japan Chūyō Taiyō Carrier 168366
Japan Fubuki Fubuki Destroyer 163167
Japan Furutaka Furutaka Cruiser 156887
Japan Haguro Myōkō Cruiser 156898
Japan Haruna Kongō Battleship 156900
Japan Hatsukaze Kagerō Destroyer 156901
Japan Hayanami Yūgumo Destroyer 163396
Japan Hiei Kongō Battleship 156903
Japan Hiryū Hiryū Carrier 158343
Japan Hiyō Hiyō Carrier 156904
Japan I-15 B1 Class Submarine 159350
Japan I-400 STO Submarine 157008
Japan Ise Ise Battleship 157013
Japan Kaga Kaga Carrier 157020
Japan Kako Furutaka Cruiser 168371
Japan Kinugasa Aoba Cruiser 157024
Japan Kirishima Kongō Battleship 157025
Japan Kisaragi Mutsuki Destroyer 171547
Japan Kiso Kuma Cruiser 159223
Japan Kongō Kongō Battleship 157028
Japan Kuma Kuma Cruiser 159220
Japan Kuroshio Kagerō Destroyer 163392
Japan Maya Takao Cruiser 157047
Japan Michishio Asashio Destroyer 172067
Japan Mikuma Mogami Cruiser 156828
Japan Mogami Mogami Cruiser 157049
Japan Mutsu Nagato Battleship 157056
Japan Mutsuki Mutsuki Destroyer 163183
Japan Naganami 119 Yūgumo Destroyer 160040
Japan Nagara Nagara Cruiser 157060
Japan Nagato Nagato Battleship 157061
Japan Noshiro Agano Cruiser 158011
Japan Ōi Kuma Cruiser 157065
Japan Ōshio Asashio Destroyer 172066
Japan Oyashio Kagerō Destroyer 163393
Japan Oyodo Oyodo Cruiser 157071
Japan Sakawa Agano Cruiser 158012
Japan Shinano Shinano Carrier 157098
Japan Shiranui Kagerō Destroyer 163391
Japan Shōhō Zuiho Carrier 157100
Japan Shōkaku Shōkaku Carrier 157101
Japan Suzuya Mogami Cruiser 157109
Japan Taiyō Taiyō Carrier 157113
Japan Takanami Yūgumo Destroyer 160039
Japan Takao Takao Cruiser 164878
Japan Tama Kuma Cruiser 159221
Japan Tatsuta Tenryū Cruiser 172112
Japan Tone Tone Cruiser 157119
Japan Un'yō Taiyō Carrier 168367
Japan Yahagi Agano Cruiser 157215
Japan Yamato Yamato Battleship 157217
Japan Yayoi Mutsuki Destroyer 171548
Japan Yūgumo 119 Yūgumo Destroyer 160041
Japan Zuikaku Shōkaku Carrier 157231
The Netherlands Hr. Ms. Banckert Admiralen Destroyer 165376
The Netherlands Hr. Ms. Kortenaer Admiralen Destroyer 165374
The Netherlands Hr. Ms. Piet Hein Admiralen Destroyer 165375
The Netherlands Hr. Ms. Van Ness Admiralen Destroyer 165377
United Kingdom HMCS Keith D59 A and B Class Destroyer 159547
United Kingdom HMS Acasta H09 A and B Class Destroyer 159537
United Kingdom HMS Achates H12 A and B Class Destroyer 159538
United Kingdom HMS Acheron H45 A and B Class Destroyer 159544
United Kingdom HMS Ardent H41 A and B Class Destroyer 159542
United Kingdom HMS Codrington D65 A and B Class Destroyer 157242
United Kingdom HMS Courageous 50 Courageous Carrier 158774
United Kingdom HMS Eagle 94 Eagle Carrier 163109
United Kingdom HMS Exeter York Cruiser 156942
United Kingdom HMS Gallant H59 G-H-I Class Destroyer 163072
United Kingdom HMS Gipsy H63 G-H-I Class Destroyer 163075
United Kingdom HMS Glorious 77 Courageous Carrier 158775
United Kingdom HMS Gloucester C62 Town Cruiser 168117
United Kingdom HMS Glowworm H92 G-H-I Class Destroyer 156946
United Kingdom HMS Grafton H89 G-H-I Class Destroyer 163076
United Kingdom HMS Grenade H86 G-H-I Class Destroyer 163083
United Kingdom HMS Grenville H03 G-H-I Class Destroyer 163084
United Kingdom HMS Greyhound H05 G-H-I Class Destroyer 163085
United Kingdom HMS Hardy (H87) H87 G-H-I Class Destroyer 163088
United Kingdom HMS Harvester H19 G-H-I Class Destroyer 163139
United Kingdom HMS Hermes 95 Hermes Carrier 156948
United Kingdom HMS Hood 51 Admiral Battleship 156949
United Kingdom HMS Jaguar F34 J-K-N Class Destroyer 163362
United Kingdom HMS Janus F53 J-K-N Class Destroyer 163364
United Kingdom HMS Jersey F72 J-K-N Class Destroyer 163365
United Kingdom HMS Juno F46 J-K-N Class Destroyer 163363
United Kingdom HMS Jupiter F85 J-K-N Class Destroyer 163366
United Kingdom HMS Lively G40 L and M Class Destroyer 163185
United Kingdom HMS Punjabi L21 Tribal Destroyer 181627
United Kingdom HMS Repulse Renown Battleship 156968
United Kingdom HMS Southampton C83 Town Cruiser 168113
United Kingdom HMS Thames N71 River (Submarine) Submarine 168081
United Kingdom HMS Truculent T Class Sub (UK) Submarine 156981
United Kingdom HMS Undaunted R53 U and V Class Destroyer 158763
United Kingdom HMS Upholder P37 U Class Sub (UK) Submarine 156984
Australia HMAS Perth D29 Leander Cruiser 156912
Australia HMAS Sydney D48 Leander Cruiser 156915
Greece Elli Chao Ho Cruiser 170684
Greece Kilkis Mississippi Battleship 157022
Greece Lemnos Mississippi Battleship 157237
Italy Alberto da Giussano Condottieri Cruiser 159599
Italy Amalfi Pisa Cruiser 158033
Italy Ascari Soldati Destroyer 164118
Italy Bolzano Bolzano Cruiser 156855
Italy Foca Foca Submarine 159663
Italy Guglielmo Marconi MN Marconi Submarine 179090
Italy Michele Bianchi BH Marconi Submarine 179091
Italy Pietro Orseolo Andrea Gritti Auxiliary 159527
Italy Trento Trento Cruiser 159596
Italy Trieste Trento Cruiser 159597
Italy Zara Zara Cruiser 157228
Norway HNoMS Eidsvold Eidsvold Cruiser 163573
Norway HNoMS Norge Eidsvold Cruiser 156989
Romania SMR Dacia Dacia Auxiliary 159700
Soviet Union Engels L67 Orfey Destroyer 164393
Soviet Union K-3 K-3 K-Class (Sub) Submarine 159494
Argentina ARA General Belgrano C-4 Brooklyn Cruiser 164121
Brazil Sao Paolo Minas Geraes Battleship 165266
Brazil Tamandare C-12 St. Louis Cruiser 158081